That was not my intention, then. I just hope this video doesnt get cut ready for that sound. That was an accident ill, just plug it in, like i, wasnt ready to keep it quiet anyway. As i said, im reviewing the newest manga russian job weekly by weekly. As i said, its a weekly show and jump new chapter rises sunday. So i go. I can review it early next week. Sorry thats w so were introduced to herbert. So the series was a protagonist q, suga, sagarada or q for sure or has his nickname q. You know because his name q sounds like the letter q. Some people calling q as well so this is gon na be q, is an ordinary high schooler with a high iq, basically hes that hes, basically the type of character whos that, unlike light, who was one who doesnt stack up in a story just a good achiever. You know just a regular high school kid whos, a smart guy. Now q is different right im just saying there are some similarities to definite in a way in like some ideas in a way. Well, some mistake: wow its not not much similarities, theyre, just saying this slightly somewhere, like these, you can make it out of yourself. Anyway, hey kills her friend doesnt like that hes slacking off. You know his studies and stuff wants to take. It most wants him to take it more seriously. You know this is thats gon na be useful banter, but then so then i hear talk of some girls talking about a young girl rico or we yeah rico, kawaii thats literally her last name.

Last night i knew justins the cute a young little girl around four or five, but still he went missing. I mean youtubers starts talking about that skeleton. What happened to his younger brother um? Oh, i was just deep again. Is your brother? Oh yes, yes, a younger one named shu, who seven years ago, went missing. He was only five years old see he was a smart kid, but it was a good person really loved. His his brother was really interested in the weapons so funny moments. Now they were playing, hide and seek. You saw his brother going to the bath going to a hot bath home on the plane, but he realizes that his brothers been about being there for a long time, but he and his friend decided to mess it and discover that he went missing and told the Police everything they havent found him for seven years. Its been that long. No one knows what happened. Sorry, when kyoku, when kyo got home from school, he opened up his bag to find that im, stevies small smartphone opinion. This is why about the ai theres, an i havent had an ai in it. I think its a she doesnt say ill just go horseshoe for now easier. You know ill get something later. Okay, she explains that shes, a super smart phone that has something called a special search, video called google, Music, thats ridiculous name by the way google thats pretty its.

What they get a stupid name. Oh see, did you mention google, by the way, all right? It concert uh google map by the way saying this um its a its a special search for the search for anything, so kill twice, try some things out and still work, but can we do certain things so the ais says that he has to use it to Get more points saying that he was chosen to use it, but, ladies and gentlemen, i speak where she speaks sometimes starts to get a little suspicious, yeah thats, really getting me hooked on the series. Its all right is it. I have to thinking he sees his mother in the living room. You know looking at the news about the girl, reminding him of shoe so kyo starts to do so q size to do something he tries different ways to search for the missing girl, globine gps locations. All that type of stuff runs in a certain way, because again it certainly does this differently. Anyone thinking of what else to try to search. Remember it was uh searching for the clothing first, you know and he realized that chloe would have been tossed, so he searches or he well. He said just for any shops. Certain shops that were bought their box will go close on the exact day and located one located on the vision of a man, a man with no child buying kids clothes. So he managed to fight him and check.

I managed to check his corners and kicked off the police. The man was arrested, so the man was arrested for a team for kidnapping. They see kidnapping us because he wanted a child of his own. You can see what type of things he was going to be doing. This is not. This is kind of like the mystery of, unlike like death notes as battle wits. This is different. This also causes you to think as well, like definitely with its high intellectual style. You know some smart things so cue. Is this happy to go safe all right? He also starts to name the aiki me kimi, yeah anyway. Youve also tried to find this brother whos been missing seven years, but kimi tells him to get more points. That makes himself be suspicious. You know choice, he decides to get more points to try, but so he could find his brother. So the series is going on him solving cases with a super smartphone. This is a unique idea showing how much of a good person he is to help fight hes going to help find some people either dead or alive, so hes gon na find them. This is gon na be interesting and thats, where the first chapter ends its easy. Suspicious all right so yeah, okay lets im on the wicket on the wikipedias, so the series was created by hiroki tommy sarah, who worked on what hes the writer on the series and kentau hidano.

Is the artist see im, not the only one who says it has a similarity to the death note: a genius medalist uses everyday item that is johnny pogba, oh see, thats the sim thats. What i was talking about so yeah ill read what this says here: hiroki tomisawa is a writer ken tao hidano from zika is the artist. Those two are not familiar with by the way: senko, no kanojo and zeke i dont look. Those up later must be some molecule. They worked on prior to this one it is, it is this artist is a thriller, it is a thriller. It shares some surroundings with death, note, which also a weekly, show and jump series involving a genius protagonist who uses an everyday item that is extraordinarily powerful. Both the death note and google have limitations on what they can do, so both light and q need to find ways around to maximize their their objectives, abilities, thats, always down right here and ill read the description on top for the story. Hmm super smartphone follows the story of cues, sir garada, who was in his first year of high school one day. He finds a toy smartphone in his bag that here, that has the google search engine. He realizes that google can search if its like conversational information like where people drop money through his those habits, limitations. Q then uses google in order to solve a case, as the series goes on may find a way to use the rise to find this missing low balancer, who disappeared years ago, thats the description but again theres a slight spoiler for the people who want to check.

But if you count the shonen jump app, you could go check it out. It is a good story and i hope the series gets to continue because sean just recently had some problems with cancer learning. Some good series, yeah theyve, been normal vocabularies on some good series. Recently, its also available, it is media. So if you have any of those manga, you could get so go check it out its a good story and i cant wait to check out the second chapter. I hope the series goes on the next big shoulder jump. The next big series of shonen jump, unlike other series that sadly got cancelled, even though they were good okay anyway. What you guys think are you interested in checking the manga out? Let me know in the comments below – and i thank you guys for watching enjoyment and if you like, this hit the thumbs up button once you subscribe the channel and click the notification bell, everyday all the videos that will come out in the future and i cant Wait to do more chapter reviews id be cant, wait, not just showing jump by the way um any kind of manga that im curious to check out that being released soon and more sean john mark. I want to check out on the on on the phones as well anyway.