So this is the vivo t1 pro 5g. Now, today, in this video lets go ahead and unbox the vivo t1 pro 5g in our super chill way. Music first off lets go ahead and remove the plastic of the box all right. It says vivo t1 pro over here and on the right side. There are some specifications written, for example, it comes with a 66 watt charger inside the box itself, its called flash charge. It comes with the snapdragon 778 5g processor. It has a 6.44 inches amoled display and also has a 64 megapixel ai triple camera. Ive got the turbo black color with 6 gb of ram and 128 gb of internal storage lets go ahead and open up the box all right. First off inside we have a little sleeve which says vivo inside this sleeve. We have some paperwork, which is always boring, and we also have a clear, transparent case, so its good to see that vivo is also providing things inside the box, whereas other brands out there are removing things from the box. That is very annoying anyway. Next up we have the smartphone itself. I am going to keep it aside for a moment. Apart from the smartphone, we have the 66 watt power, brick inside the box itself, so again, good to see that vivo is providing the 66 watt brick inside the box. Then we have the usb type c cable and finally, we have the sim card.

Ejector tool now ill, keep everything inside and well get back to the smartphone its now time to remove the plastic of the smartphone all right. As far as my initial impressions go, this smartphone looks absolutely stunning in this black color. Also it has a matte texture on the back panel, which i am a fan of. I really like matte textures, glossy textures are very bad, like matte ones are way way better. Let me quickly go ahead and switch on the smartphone now, while the phone is switching on. Let me quickly tell you about the camera setup on the right side over here. By the way, this camera module looks absolutely stunning like it stands out, and i do like that, so it comes with a triple camera setup on the rear side, a 64 megapixel primary camera, eight megapixel, ultra wide angle, camera and then a two megapixel useless camera. So yeah basically two cameras, 64 megapixel primary and 8 megapixel ultrawide and on the front side of things you get a 16 megapixel selfie shooter. Let me quickly go ahead and set up this smartphone. It is now time to set up the fingerprint sensor. It comes with an in display fingerprint sensor, which i really appreciate, especially for this price. All right, fingerprint sensor is done and the setup has been complete now. Let me quickly go into settings and check the android version, so well go to settings well scroll down to about phone android version and, as you can see, it comes with android 12 out of the box.

So that is a good thing that it comes with. Android 12 out of the box, so job well done to the vivo team. Now, if you talk about the skin over android, it comes with fun. Touch os 12 on top of android and fun touch. Os is um. Okay, its like i have not been a fan of fun touch os in the past, but im open to change. I am going to be using this smartphone and then ill. Give my final wording so make sure youre subscribed to the channel because you dont want to miss future videos about this smartphone. Now, if you talk about the display over here, it is a 6.44 inches full hd, plus 90hz amoled display. Yes, it does come with a 90hz refresh weight and if we go to settings and then display, we will see that 90hz refresh rate so display and brightness will go to screen refresh rates, and here we go by default. It is on smart switch. Basically, it will automatically change the refresh rate, but i would recommend you to force it to 90 hertz every single time, because that will give you the best experience so thats exactly what ive done over here. It will always be at 90 hertz. Now one thing about the display that i did not like is this: teardrop notch. This teardrop notch is very old school. It should have been a whole bunch cut out were living in 2022 and this teardrop notch kind of seems outdated.

But anyway, if you talk about the display quality itself, it is top notch, really good, colors, great viewing angles, and you will have an excellent times in terms of consuming media on the smartphone. So yeah you get that amoled display with 90 hertz refresh rate, and that is an excellent thing. Now lets quickly go ahead and click some photos with the camera. All right, let me quickly get my trusted. Planter lets go one of the box, because that is something that we always do: maybe some selfies as well, because that is important and time to review the photos. As far as my initial impressions go, this camera is shooting some really good photos. Vivo has been doing a very good job in terms of their cameras, and this smartphone is no exception to that. The photos are detailed with really good dynamic range. The colors are natural and the overall image is pleasing to the eye so yeah. As far as my initial impressions go, those are positive about the camera setup on the smartphone same goes for the selfie camera as well. Really good selfies skin tones are natural, they are detailed and yeah. I do like the selfie camera too, but please make a note that these are only my initial impressions. I will be making my full review about this smartphone very soon, so stay tuned for that video. Apart from that, this smartphone does not come with the headphone jack. So the headphone jack will be dearly missed over here.

I would have loved to see the headphone jack, but nope you do not get the headphone jack. All in all for the price of rupees, 24 000 vivo has put together a very good package. Smartphones have been getting expensive, weve seen that in the market and considering todays market. This smartphone is a good option out there. If you want to buy it, i will make sure to drop a link to it in the description box below so anyway. Thats been it. This was my super chill unboxing and recent impressions about the vivo t1 pro 5g. Do let me know how you feel about this video in the comment section down below if you like, this content, go hit that like button, if you havent already, please subscribe to the channel to mean the world to me, my name is punjabi and ill.