This is normal here and in this video we will be doing a detailed review of the new mid range smartphone from vivo, the vivo t1 pro so vivo t1 pro was announced in india for a price starting at 23, triple n for the 6 gigabyte ram variant And you can also get the 8 gigabyte ram variant for 24 triple line, so this device has pretty good hardware. It is having an emulate 90 hertz refresh sheet. It comes with the powerful 778g octa core processor and you get a 4 700 mah capacity. Battery 66 watt charging is supported. You get android 12 out of the box and a good in hand feel as well so lets see how good the device is for the price segment and lets see the pros and cons of the vivo t1 pro, and is it really a worthy device for the 20 to 25k price segment, so thats what were going to talk about in this video so before getting started? If this is your first time on this channel, do with that subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish. So lets begin so first lets have a look at the design and build quality now design wise, the vivo t1 pro looks pretty good. We have the elegant camera unit, its a triple camera setup with larger housing and the primary camera is in the single housing. The second housing uh has the ultra wide angle, camera and the macro sensor.

It is a pretty neat layout along with the flash and you get the vivo branding as well. The bottom section has the sim tray its a hybrid sim card slot. You get a usb type c port, a single speakers included and on the right side you get the power and volume keys, the top, but does not have any openings or slots, and it feels quite good in hand. So, overall, if you look at the design language, it is pretty good and it is pretty compact as well its not a large device, not a heavy device. It feels very good enhanced, especially with the matte finish. It feels really nice now in terms of friend uh panel. You can see that it comes with a water drop notch thats, something which is not acceptable at this price segment about 20k. We dont expect the water drop notch. It should have been punched selfie, camera thats. Probably one of the cost cuttings on this device, so it comes with a water drop notch uh, but otherwise the bezels are kind of okay for the segment. So already we feel design looks quite okay. Now the build quality is again pretty good. Actually, even though its a polycarbonate material, it feels really nice. There is no um, i mean scratches happening on the back panel. It is a matte finish and looks really sturdy as well, so thats the design and build quality overall, we feel, except for the water drop notch.

The design and build quality feels really good on the vivo t1 pro next. Moving on to the display. Now this device comes with an amoled display. Now a amoled display uh means it comes with a pretty good, vibrant, colors, good uh, colors and uh. The brightness levels are also adequate. Now this also comes with a 90 hertz super shade. Now that makes things more smoother. Although a 120 hertz uh display is available at this price segment, you get only a 90 hertz amoled display, but 90 hertz still is quite ok. I would say for the price segment it is being offered and you get a pretty good colors and there is a good detailing the dc. Ip3 color gamut is also available, so it is already a good display in terms of watching movies. Also but uh. There is no support for hdr10 on otd platform. Thats, probably one of the downside well have to confirm whether that is coming in later update. But as of now, we couldnt get uh uh hdr10 support on um uh otd platform, so thats uh the display aspect, but overall we feel its a good display. Uh, probably again, the water drop notch is something which doesnt make the experience that great. But overall we feel the display quality is definitely good on the vivo t1 pro now. There is also short sensation of glass on this, so it does provide a basic protection for that display. Now, moving on to the software experience now, vivo uh has this fun touch os.

This is one of the custom uis available for android. Now. Good thing is that this comes with android, 12 out of the box, so thats one of the good things and uh you get uh a plethora of options: uh the financial is a ui which, where you can do a lot of customizations and there are some additional Options, especially for gamers, you get the game, controlled game, turbo mode, and you also get additional animations and features uh to customize their support for theme. So its a pretty good ui. Overall, i would say uh, although there is a bit more refinement needed for the fonte choice. It is still a good ui overall, and it feels quite nice with the android 12 update as well so thats, the ui experience of the vivo t1 pro now. Moving on to the performance now in terms of performance, we get the qualcomm snapdragon 778g octa core processor, one of the really good mid range chipsets out there, its a 5g enabled chipset and you get uh six gigabyte ram, as well as eight gigabyte ram available. So uh, you are well covered in terms of uh the performance aspect. You also get 5g support now, in terms of day, to day performance. It was a pretty smooth experience, no lags whatsoever, no stutters, and it did the day to day task with ease whatever you throw at it. It performed pretty well, even in terms of gaming. Experience is quite good.

Overall, the 778 is a pretty good chip for gamers and that experience shows up here as well and with the cooling options available for the device it performs pretty well. So gaming is again one of the strong points of this device, so thats the performance side. Now the fingerprint scanner is in display fingerprint scanner again, it works quite well. There is also face unlocking loaded now uh in terms of speaker performance thats, one area where we are quite disappointed because it comes with only a single speaker, the bottom firing speakers. We would have expected a stereo speaker at this pricing, especially beyond that 20 000 price segment, uh stereo speakers should have been provided, but you get only a single speaker thats one of the disappointing aspects. Now. Another thing is that this device misses out on three point: five memory jack: it does not come with a 3.5 memory jack, but you can use the usb type c port to listen to audio or you can use uh via bluetooth. Next uh lets talk about the call quality. Now we have tested with 4g sim card jio and vodafone. We did not see any sort of issues in that call. Quality was good uh. The signal strength also was good. Now there is also 5g support, but we are not sure about how the 5g performance would be, because we dont have a 5g network to test now speaker performance, as i said before its quite adequately loud enough, although uh we would have liked the dual stereo speakers Now next lets move on to the camera, so we have a triple camera setup.

We have a 64 megapixel primary sensor. Then we have an ultra wide angle. Camera then a macro sensor is there you get a 16 megapixel selfie camera. Now the camera performance is pretty good, actually daylight conditions. It was good, actually good, sharpness levels, good color, reproduction, in fact, colors are really natural, great detailing bright and vivid images. So, overall, in terms of daylight condition, it shines the ultra wide angle. Camera looks quite okay, although eight megapixel ultra wide angle doesnt have that kind of clarity of the primary sensor, but its still a usable one uh the close up shots also came out pretty good on this device. Good detailing and color reproduction, the macros were kind of average. I would say because the 2 megapixel sensor, uh doesnt, have that kind of ability. So, overall every every other phone with 2 megapixel sensor doesnt produce that great macros. Now the low light performance of this camera was kind of average. I would say there is still room for improvement, its not bad as such, but uh. There is still room for improvement, especially for a 20 to 25k priced device uh. There is still room for improvement on this device. Now the selfies were very good, actually in fact good detailing in good color, reproduction and overall, it feels really nice and you also get 4k 30 fps with stabilization. All the video formats do support stabilization, which is pretty good, and you also get 1080p 30 and 60 fps.

Overall video quality looks quite okay, i would say so. That was the camera aspect overall, good cameras, slight improvement needed for the low light experience, otherwise its quite a good camera on the vivo t1 pro now moving on to the battery life. So this device comes with a 4700 mah capacity battery and you get a 66 volt charger included. Now the charger takes around 40 45 minutes to charge the device and uh you get a pretty good battery life on the vivo t1 pro, even with the 4700 mah capacity battery, you can easily go more than a day of battery life. Again, that depends upon user. To use a base joint, how you use the device, but still uh on a moderate usage, you can easily get through more than a day of battery life. So again that depends upon app to app. If you play a lot of games, you might get lesser battery, but for casual user with social media and browsing and calls you should be able to last more than a day easily on this device. So that was the detailed review of the vivo t1 pro. So lets just summarize the pros and cons. Now the pros include a good design and build quality. Good display. Android 12 is offered a decent set of cameras, good battery life and good performance. Overall now um the downsides, probably would say the notch display the water drop is water drop. Notch is not expected at this price segment, the low net performance could have been improved and also there is uh, no stereo speakers available, uh thats one of the downsides.

I would say, especially when amoled display and then speaker performance, as i said before, dual stereo speakers would have made a much better experience at this price segment, so that was the pros and cons of the vivo t1 pro now price. It 23 triple nine thats. The pricing for six gigabyte ram variant available on flipkart well share the link in the description with card offers. You can get it as low as 21 500 for the six gigabyte ram and eight gigabyte ram. You can pick it for 20 to 500 with offers. If you dont have offers you have to pay 24, 000 and 25 000, but with the offers you can pick as low as 21 500. For that pricing. We feel this is a pretty good package.