I sat down dedicated some time and read the first chapter that came out and overall, its a decent first chapter. Do i think it is the best first chapter? I have ever read for a new manga and weekly shonen jump. No, but do i think it is a solid first chapter. Definitely and do i think that the series has potential? Definitely will the series survive, the shonen jump axe thats left to be seen well. Well see where that one goes, because we know how shauna jump likes to just chop the head off before the series really even gets to go anymore before it gets his literal head popped out of the ground or whatever they just chop it off. So we got ta see we got ta see if super smartphone can really establish itself amongst the crowd and be able to be something unique and so lets talk about it. Lets talk about the first chapter lets talk about what it does with its first chapter whats. The potential for the series and if this series can compete with the other series and the magazine, because one of the big things that people seem to forget when it comes to these series within the weekly shonen jump magazine this series isnt just trying to stand up On its own and be something unique, its having to compete in the rankings against all these other established series that have hundreds of chapters potentially on top of it.

So because of that, a series is always pretty much struggling for air right at the start. Theyre, like theyre, getting submerged in the water, their head pushed down by these big colossal series, like one piece, bleach, black clover, etc and its trying to struggle to the top to really stand out. Even though people already probably have a huge list or catalog that theyre already reading, so can the series survive that thats, like i said, left to be seen now? First, chapter whats it about well, as the title suggests, it is about a smartphone or a super smartphone called google, which is just im just going to call it. A google smartphone im just going to call it that for ease, because i just still like calling it goo, goo just sounds hilarious and uh. Just doesnt roll off the tongue as well im just gon na be honest, so yeah anyways. The actual story is about this smartphone that is able to pretty much know all information in on the planet pretty much like. If i was to have this said smartphone and i was to say what is written in my diary across the room that nobody else has seen, but only i know of the smartphone can actually pull that. That actual warning from lets say my diary and show it to me on the screen, even though ive never written it online or anything its on just a physical book or whatever. It would be able to tell me what it is pretty much demonstrating that this phone, if you narrow down the searches, etc, it could tell you anything that you want so its a very powerful device.

You could definitely discover a lot of information that youre not necessarily supposed to know which our mc does, throughout the first chapter, for instance, finding out if there was like alien contact. You know with the president of the united states. You know different things like that, so its clear as day that the series is definitely trying to let you know that this phone is capable of a lot. However, there is limitations once again. If your search request, isnt, you know specified, it might not be able to understand, for instance, if you were to say where did i drop my money today and all that, like you know, can you locate or heres a better question? Can you locate the money i dropped today? It wouldnt be able to know, but it would be able to you know, list all the known money locations that was dropped that day so pretty much. It would actually know where you dropped it if you didnt specify like, if i told you it was on a certain street, it would know, but if i say i just dropped money today in this area, it would you know, list the different parts of the tower Moneys just laying so that shows you its limitations. It comes down to the search results and how you request the search and all that, if its able to find something or not so you can already see that this phone could definitely be put to some sinister uses.

If it is used by the wrong person like as an example, if the individual is a bad person, they probably could figure out passwords, they probably could figure out a way to get inside stores that theyre not supposed to probably find secret exits, maybe even win the Lottery if theyre uh, you know, know how to tamper with it or mess with it. Theres different things like that, so the overall device itself can definitely be used against uh others. For instance, it could be an evil device or it could be a benevolent device depending on how you use it, and obviously your mc uses it in a way thats able to help others around him. For instance, he finds a missing child that was kidnapped and actually finds their location, and you know kind of tells the authorities where the child is the child gets saved and thats pretty much the main gist of the chapter. But obviously there is a lot more going on, so the mcs overall established personality hes incredibly intelligent, like incredibly intelligent. Like an all a student. However, at a very young age he had a brother that was the exact opposite and even though wasnt as bright as him, he had he his brother constantly asked him questions like you know. What is this? What is this, and you know obviously intelligent mc? Would you know tell them, but you know the little brother wasnt able to understand that. However, as things went on, it was a happy time.

One day the brother went missing, nobody could find the brother, the brothers gone and you could kind of assume the brother was kidnapped now about seven or so years or whatever have passed within the story, and because of that, you could assume that if the boy was Kidnapped hes, probably dead thats, the best you could probably assume you could probably assume thats the case, and so because of that you know rmc, with the phone tries to request that information tries to figure out what happened to his brother if his brothers still alive etc. But the phone denies his request like no, you need to gain more google points or whatever, which pretty much proves that the phone is denying him accessed, for he can continuously use the phone gain points and then eventually, at one point, it will allow him access to What he truly wants, so there is some interesting themes and stuff with the mc his overall personality, how he uses it and that he needs to keep using this phone to be able to get what he actually wants. So we have the the character personality established. The in game goal already established the device and some mysteries around it established, and on top of that, we have, you know many different directions. The story can go now, obviously, with this super smartphone and points etc and collecting them. The first thing that my mind gravitates, towards when i hear that is a death battle or a battle royale type series like.

I cannot be the only one that thinks of lets say you know future diary or whatever, when i think of a phone points, etc. Thats exactly what i think, when i see super smartphone, that this series is going to turn into a death battle type story. Now i could be wrong about this obviously, but that is the general assumption im getting from the first chapter. However, there is one thing to point out, and that is that the phone makes it very clear that it is able to only know information from the planet earth and with this very unique establishment. It makes me wonder if theres other planets that have lets say these phones on it, and so this series might go into a little bit more of a sci fi territory, which wouldnt be really that far fetched with a device. Thats able to know pretty much. Everything or, if its going to turn into a series with extra dimensions, different dimensions. Stuff like that, because i mean with one of our big questions that are mc asked about the start about aliens and all that it implies that. Maybe there is actual aliens in this storyline and that they might play a part in the future, maybe theyre the reasons why this device exists in the first place – and i doubt its the only device as well, that exists thats able to have all this information, which Speaking of the device, the device was given a name at the end of the chapter called kimi and this device kimi, apparently from the way they directed their overall response to the mc.

They said that they dont have an actual personality. You know they dont, but we know its definitely a lie. Its 100 percent aligned advice even specifies early on that it cannot lie, but it definitely can theres no way it cant, because access was denied, etc. Theres a lot of suspicion on the device and, if i had to assume it probably is an ai or maybe its an individual that was turned into an ai. This is a type of storyline that has happened throughout the series like many different stories and stuff. So i could definitely see like a person being turned into an ai of some sort or a copy replica, whatever clone, and they may be forced into the tablet, slash, google tablet or whatever. That is my assumption, as you can see, a lot happened now. Do i think that its the best series ever no, but because of how it establishes everything it did in the first chapter in an organic way? I think that this series can get its boots off the ground. I do think that it actually could survive, but obviously, if uh, i know myself and how i usually curse the story. When i review a series or do a first impressions of the series thats relatively new in weekly shonen jump, it tends to get the the axe. Its head gets chopped off, so i hope that is not the case, because i actually enjoy the first chapter, but its not going to be for everyone.

I i definitely could say that this series wont be for everyone. I know that theres already comparisons that people are making saying is this just being reincarnated in another world with a smartphone. I see people making that comparison, and i understand that but uh. The point, though, is, is that i dont think its that serious. I think that this is obviously a little bit different. One thing i do want to clarify is that this series right here super smartphone, is the second attempt by the story writer of the series, because apparently back in 2018, there was a series right here, as you can see, on screen that was written for weekly, showing A jump it lasted for about 15 chapters, it didnt do so hot. It obviously got axed, and so this isnt, the first time like the offer, has written a series. Her weekly shonen jump this isnt technically a full on green horn, someone thats completely new. This is someone that has already written something in the past and maybe since its been so long since they really have written a manga, you know they might have had time to really work on what they want to do. And maybe there is a lot of plans for super smartphone, so that is some food for fought to mention. Since you know this offer is making this new series, but yeah give it a read if you want to check it out its an interesting first chapter, like i said well, have to see if it sticks around and well see, but anyways guys.

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