Everyone is supported. Im the face behind your favorite reviewer. In this video ill, be telling you about three phones. One has been launched: two hasnt, the first one is the influx note. 12. yep and i wouldnt advise to go for it at all. Not even if you have money to spend its bad terrible like our mom was even nodding his head. He just distracted me but anyways. The highlight of this video ive made emphasis on the second phone, the infinix note 12 vip. What would be their first limited edition device and its really cool, supposedly their first limited edition flagship device. But unfortunately, you think that its a limited edition device, so i would advise that you go for it after going through the specification of the phone and what the phone will actually be like when it comes out. Well, i wouldnt and then to the steel of this video, the infinix new 12 pro its actually good, and i would recommend it so with how much i do lets get it like sk all right. Welcome back. So, to begin with the infinix note, 12, it was launched and reviewers are very, very mad. Do you know why? Because its basically, the infinix note 11 put on the new body of the information talk literally, everything is the same. Expect for spec, like from the design to the screen to the resolution battery charging speed everything. The only difference is that it runs on a higher slightly higher software, skin, the the higher higher software skin and its very, very negligible like when you go into both devices.

Its very very negligible and that the neutral is more expensive like thats, literally just it and its its. It has really upsetted a lot of reverse. I am mad myself. If you have money to spare even to waste, dont go for the new 12 to add to why i am mad. If you take the note 10 and the note 11 and the number 12. do, you know that they all run on android 11., when even the hot 12 runs on android 12 out of the box. This is just crazies very, very annoying. Even the note 11. Its a better buy than the 12. can you imagine, i dont even know why they did that they probably just want to sell more units its its a piss off. If you ask me, but then enter the infinix new 12 vip, their limited edition device – okay, so it has been announced by the guys from gsm arena and they are telling us that this phone will come with eight gigs of ram and either the option of 126 Gig zoom or 256, which is really cool, which comes with a super amoled display just like all of them, and it is supposedly supposed to come with 108 mega pixel camera main lens. So that would be interesting, especially to test it when it comes out when reviewers are reviewing it, and i would also love to invite to make that possible. A sub to the channel will be vip.

Anyways the downside to the vip edition, the limited edition of the new 12 and the reason why im not advised that you go for it is that the chipset is the helio g86, not the dynasty chipset. So it will not be a 5g device and a new 12 device that is not 5g doesnt make any sense, especially when its coming with 108 megapixels main shooter. I dont know why theyre doing that, its just another marketing gimmick. If you ask me its almost annoying and apparently the limited edition, the vip limited edition will also come with 120 watts fast charger to be capable of 120 watts fast charging. Oh, we will see how things will pan out. That is supposedly supposed to charge your phone from 0 to 100 in less than 20 minutes. Unbox therapy has already tried. This one has has already tried the review in it when you use the concept device, so the 120 watts fast charging is warmly welcome. We havent seen a lot of devices in africa that have 122 hours charging and anyways today, im shooting on the xiaomi, 11 t and yeah. Tell me what you think about it. I previously shoot on my infinix a sasa, my iphone 12 x, but anyways thats it for this video till i see you in the next one.