5 by 75.9 by 9.6, millimeters, 207 grams, 6.5, inches ips lcd 720 by 1, 600 pixels, 60, hertz, 570 nits positive points. One dual sim negative points: one heavy and thick 2.; no official waterproof certificate; 3., medium material, plastic, 4., no screensaver, 5., poor screen resolution 6.; smash that subscribe button, Music performance and connectivity leo g85, mali, g52, 4 gigabytes, 64, 128 gigabytes, android, 11, realm ui, 2.0, antutu, 176184 valen and gps bluetooth, 5.0 usb type c 2.0. Usb fingerprint rear mounted Music positive points, 1. accelerometer, gyro, compass, 2., microsdxc dedicated slot negative points, one no radio, two, no nfc, three, no 5g, four poor hardware, camera cameras triple wide 50 megapixels macro 2 megapixels depth, 2 megapixels led flash hdr panorama; video main camera 1080p. At 60fps, selfie 8 megapixels video selfie 1080p at 30fps, Music camera review main camera. It has autofocus the image. Quality is very good. Good, dynamic, color and range low light images, have low noise and satisfactory quality macro, not good quality depth. Portrait photos are good. Unfortunately, it does not have an ultra wide camera selfie. The quality of the photos is good image. Noise is low in dynamic range and detail are good video recording. You cannot record 4k movies. You can record slow motion movies at up to 60 frames per second in this price range. The quality of the recorded videos is satisfactory, smash that like and subscribe button sound and battery loudspeaker, yes, capacity, 6000 milliampere hours fast, charging 18 watt reverse charging positive points.

1.. Medium sound quality, 2., 3.5 millimeters jack 3., superb battery life negative points. One charging speed is very slow. Two, no stereo speakers, Music, conclusion positive points: one superb battery life, 2., very good, main camera; 3. good selfie, camera, 4., 3.5, millimeters jack, Music Applause, negative points, one heavy and thick 2.; no official, waterproof certificate; 3., no screen saver 4. for screen; 5., no 5g and Nfc 6. poor hardware, seven, no ultra wide camera. Eight charging speed is very slow: Music alternatives, realm narzo 58 prime xiaomi redmi 10 prime xiaomi redmi, note 11 samsung, galaxy m12 xiaomi redmi 10c realm narso, 50, oppo, a15s, vivo y12g rate this phone from 1 to 10..