So let me ask you a question: have we reached peak smartphone marquez brownlee recently did a video discussing this with a focus on the iphone and rumors about the upcoming iphone 14 lineup. He concluded that there is enough stuff each year, still that kind of shows some innovation. But when i look at this years, samsung galaxy s22 – i just dont, see that this is a great device from start to finish, but objectively theres not a whole lot. Thats new or different, or better than last years s21, and that phone wasnt that much better than the s20. You can say that better by any measurement is still progress, no matter how minor it may be, but its almost negligible at this point barely impacts day to day usage and im, not sure a device like this is worthy of a yearly release cycle anymore, either and Ill also say too that sometimes the changes we do get year over year, arent even better theyre, just different and in some cases theyre. Even a downgrade now mark has mentioned that year over year we should still expect more processing power. More memory higher resolution displays more intelligence across the entire smartphone space, thats, probably true, but in the case of samsungs flagship phones. These last couple of years, thats, actually not true at all sure the processors from qualcomm and snapdragon are still better year over year. Phones are more powerful and capable in that way, but we arent getting more ram.

Weve actually been getting less. The s20 offered 12 gigs, the s21 and s22 have since had eight gigs. We also lost the sd card slot, so less potential for storage. The display resolution is also lower than it once was, and, to be honest, i dont know that my phone has gotten that much smarter in recent years, either, whether that be android or my favorite third party apps again, i want to make it clear that this isnt, A slight towards the s22 specifically theres, nothing wrong with this device, its a powerful, capable feature, packed flagship, smartphone that ive enjoyed having that probably has five or six years of potential use, which makes it a great investment. And if you have a phone thats a few years old, you should get this one. That would be a substantial upgrade, but if you have last years s21 theres definitely no reason to upgrade. I think the year over year must have hype of new smartphones, its just not there anymore and to be completely honest, im, not sure what more samsung could have even added to garner up any sort of hype or make this phone truly objectively excitingly better than the S21 now weirdly enough. One thing that did change with the s22 is actually its size. This year, its a marginally smaller 6.1 inch device. You lose a tiny bit of screen real estate shave off a few millimeters all around its lighter too in the hand, but in a world full of devices larger than 6.

6 inches. This phone is compact, comfortable and a refreshing change, its not only easy to use, but it feels less like im fully engulfed by this big portable display, and it definitely fits better in my pocket too theres a plus version of the s22, of course, but i opted For this regular one, because i wanted to try something that kinda is considered small by todays standards and im glad i did one other thing im glad to have seen or rather felt is the frosted glass around back samsung took the cheap route these last few years. On their most expensive smartphones, adding a plastic rear cover, it was insulting and embarrassing, even if it might have been more durable, a premium glass and metal build is just one of those things you like to see when youre paying this much for a phone and im Glad samsung brought it back and by the way to protect those premium materials. On my s22, these past few months, ive been using some of these ultra slim cases from phoenix and not just because they were kind enough to sponsor this video, but because i genuinely believe they offer a great product that delivers all the protection you need for your Device while making it look like you, dont, even have a case on at all seriously. Its practically invisible phoenix makes cases for minimalists. Those of us who still want the protection but who dont want the phone to be shrouded in a thick hunk of rubber phoenix cases.

Are sleek and slim and add no extra bulk at all and, like i said, you wont even notice its on the phone, at least until you drop it and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it did its job. The cases are, precision cut to give you that perfect fit around the corners edges, cutouts and buttons and youve even got a little extra protection around the camera lenses with a raised edge and around the display. Phoenix cases come in black and matte black for a stealthier. Look and this frosted white, which is my favorite here if youre looking for a slim, minimal case that still offers proper protection check out phoenix cases at the link down below theres a 20 off coupon too. If youre interested and thanks so much again to phoenix for sponsoring this video, so one thing i always go back and forth on when it comes to samsungs flagships is the display. On the one hand, this is one of the brightest most colorful, most pleasing. To look at screen setups that you can buy with the silky smooth 120 hertz refresh rate as the cherry on top its a dynamic amoled panel, so every color pops blacks, look very dark and with the slimmest of bezels surrounding a perfectly flat piece of glass. This is the most distraction, free viewing experience. I think you could ask for the resolution, though, by 2340×1080 or about 425 pixels per inch isnt over the top and for a flagship might actually be a little disappointing with a screen, this small, 6.

1 inches it doesnt really matter, you wont, be picking out any pixels, But samsung used to push the limits with the 1440p screen on the s20. Yes, you had to choose between the higher resolution or enabling 120 hertz back then, and i guess, based on these specs with the s22 now samsung made that choice for us high, refresh rate, lower resolution and no more option to choose the quad hd display and 120 Hertz mode pairing is now reserved for the ultra, but i think its just the principle of the thing. Its an example of a spec thats been objectively downgraded and altogether year over year. The display is also not measurably better either its good great, even but it hasnt been a point of innovation for samsung in recent years. Also, underneath the display is samsungs ultrasonic, fingerprint sensor, which is great too the fastest fingerprint sensor. Ive used no issues really once you figure out the placement, but it too is the same as last year. Now one aspect of the s22 that is objectively measurably, better is the performance, but i think its fair to say that over the last, maybe two or three years performance improvements have been marginal. At best, the new s22 gets the new snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset from qualcomm or samsungs own exynos 2200, if youre outside the us pair, that with 8 gigs of ram and either 128 or 256 gigs of storage. And you get a setup thats more than powerful to obviously handle anything and everything you might ask it to do.

In fact, qualcomms newest chipset inside this phone, i think, is even better than expected. No overheating issues for me: no blips, no instances of noticeable lag yeah there was that whole throttling debacle last month with samsung devices, but a couple software updates should have corrected that and since then im fairly confident, this phone has been running at 100 with every app Game and task i have it, do, however, theres two counterpoints i do want to make when it comes to specs first, while this phone is more powerful than last year, its not that much more powerful and i dont think youll experience any noticeable increase in speed with Your average day to day usage compared to the s21 second eight gigs of ram is fine and is probably about as much as any person needs, but samsung used to offer 12 and 16 gigs of ram options in some of their phones overkill for sure. Maybe they realized people didnt care, didnt, utilize it. Maybe there werent any apps or games. I could ever need it. Maybe it was a cost thing, whatever the reason may be its just another example of something that was taken back all in all. This is still a top tier device, and performance is a non issue, its also a great investment, like i said, multiple years of android updates and security patches to come. But to me this is an area that feels like weve just reached our peak, something that i wish samsung would give in a little bit on with their flagship.

Phones, in particular, is the battery this slightly smaller phone packs in a slightly smaller battery than last year. 3700 milliamps – and this is something that should just never get smaller or worse year over year. In fact, this is probably the aspect of this phone in particular that i had the biggest trouble with. I couldnt always get the s22 to last a full day with my particular usage and thats a shame sure i could bump down the brightness or disable 120 hertz or do some other things to keep the phone happy. But i paid for the whole phone and i want to use the whole phone all the time make the device thicker increase the battery size by 20 or 30 its worth it. People will be more than happy to have that versus a slightly thicker phone samsung crams. Five thousand and six thousand milliamp batteries inside some of their larger international devices anyway, so i know they can do better than this and i dont really understand why they dont they also havent innovated, really when it comes to wired or wireless charging, 25 watt fast charging Isnt really fast by todays standards and that hasnt changed in years same with the 15 watt wireless charging i cant imagine samsung is still hurting from the note 7 fiasco. Maybe they are, but they could still implement even conservative, but noticeable upgrades to the battery and charging the thing that samsung and really most other phone manufacturers have mainly been focusing on in recent years, has been the camera tech and with the s22.

This is where we pretty much see the only substantial upgrade. This phone now offers a 50 megapixel main lens around back paired with a 10 megapixel telephoto shooter and a 12 megapixel ultra wide. The selfie camera doesnt seem to be any different from the last couple of years, at least with the hardware and inside the camera app. This phone doesnt really offer any new standout shooting modes or features or other capabilities. But when you take some pictures and videos with the s22, i think youll notice sharper, looking images overall with noticeably increased details and better low light performance, especially which are both great sort of general improvements across the board. This phone also continues to have an incredible array of capabilities that weve seen before. Like 8k video htr 10 plus support 960 frames per second slo mo high level manual controls and cinematic features, i dont know that the average person would utilize most of that stuff. Even i dont, but its all there and, like i said out of everything thats where most of the focus has been the smartphones in the last couple of years, that camera tech, which is great these, are the best mobile cameras weve ever had for sure. But if thats all we get nowadays, i think that leaves a bit to be desired, like i said already, theres really nothing wrong with the s22 specifically and in fact, i think, its a relatively well rounded decently, specd flagship phone.

That also happens to be a fun size. The problem is just that it isnt new or different or better than the s21 theres, not a single reason, in my opinion, to consider it on top of that im honestly, not sure what i would have wanted out of this phone. That would have made it better. Its not like its lacking anything any features, any specs any abilities and its not like it does anything badly either maybe better battery life, but i dont see any other way to improve it significantly, and i think therein lies the problem. I genuinely think weve reached piques smartphone and this s22 is evident of that. What do you guys think? Is there something here that maybe im missing? Let me know in the comments down below id love, to know your thoughts, of course, but hopefully you guys did enjoy this video be sure to follow tech daily on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel.