Look at how it focuses when i half press and then takes the picture, were gon na, compare it against the two flagships from the other big smartphone manufacturers, the samsung galaxy s22 ultra and, of course, the iphone 13 pro max. It has a pro mode with totally manual controls, even 30. Second exposures, if thats what you want, so it really unlocks a lot of creativity that smartphones, like the iphone, hide away under computational photography. It gives me that control that a photographer wants. Okay enough talk, lets, go, take some pictures with it and see how it does. Music were in devils, hop yard state park and theres an osprey in that tree over there. So im gon na test out all the telephoto lenses and maybe well get to see it. Try to catch a fish apples really lagging behind in the telephoto lenses and samsung is clearly winning lf on the sony. I can use the volume buttons to zoom in and out that lets me keep my hands in this position, holding the camera really steady and then, when im ready, i can just snap a picture with a shutter button like a real physical shutter button. Oh, its diving lets, try it out and you can see what the 20 frames per second provides you its the ability to catch. That split second moment. Does this compare to my 20 000 sony wildlife rig no but theres enough to see that the osprey didnt catch a fish and wont be eating at least not right, now, im taking pictures of these tiny little flowers to see the macro capabilities of the camera and It looks like the widest lens is letting me do that at 0.

7 times zoom, so im trying to focus on these little things and then im also adjusting the exposure to make sure that theyre properly exposed theyre. So small and bright, the wind moved the flowers too much. So we repeated the test at home in the upper left. The sony just couldnt get close at all. The samsung here got very close and exposed the flower beautifully. The iphone didnt expose it as well, but actually got the closest with the ultra wide lens, so for macro, its a narrow win for the iphone, but a pretty big loss for the sony im. Just testing out the brightness of the screens right now, because when youre taking photos in full sun like today, sometimes it can make the screen unusable. It can be difficult to see all of them. Look pretty good theyre all bright. The samsung is definitely the brightest but theyre all usable and look good now test the wide and ultra wide angle. Lenses with this bridge here im also going to be shooting in raw. So we can see if we can pull up some of those shadows. Comparing the ultrawide lenses we can see. The iphone is a little bit wider than the sony lets zoom in the iphone here is way over sharpened. Like look at the way. All of these edges glow the sony clearly looks better heres, the normal wide lenses we can see. The processing on the sony is again more natural, while the iphone is over saturated here.

I think its about a tie, though the iphone seems to have more detail because its over sharpened, comparing their telephoto lenses, the color and processing, seems about identical lets. Zoom in here i see just a little bit more in detail out of the iphone when you dont have to crop. Now, comparing the samsung to the sony we can see. The samsung is significantly wider than the sony, but the sony offers substantially more detail. The normal wide lenses, its going to be tough for the sony, because the samsung has a 100 megapixel mode lets check out the details. Wow way more detail from the 12 megapixel sony than the 100 megapixel samsung. How is this possible? Well, 100. Megapixels is mostly fake. It generates a huge file, but it doesnt show you more detail and thats the reason its not turned on by default, its bogus for normal day to day shooting like this, the sony produced the best images. Hey our osprey came back to show off the fish he caught. I didnt bother trying the iphone sad telephoto lens, but check out the detail from the samsung. This is like national geographic, stuff, Music up next i took some portraits of chelsea under the bridge. Each smartphone has a portrait mode where it generates fake bokeh, simulating a big fat lens on a mirrorless camera lets check out the results compared to the iphone. The more telephoto lens on the sony was a big advantage.

Also, i hate the way the iphone renders faces. Like it just made her face kind of orange and brightened her eyes up too much, it just looks unnatural speaking of a natural lets zoom in and check out the fake bokeh okay windy day with lots of stray hairs, is playing on hard mode for both cameras. But well theyre both pretty bad. In this case, maybe the iphone is a little bit smoother. However, i like that the iphone recovered some of the background in different lighting. We see the same thing: the iphone over processes, the face, but recovers the background more. But here the sony actually did a better job of blending in the bokeh, the samsungs portrait mode, isnt nearly as tight as the sony. The sony is definitely better for things like headshots, like the other two smartphones, the samsung really struggled with the bokeh transitions. All right were going to take the sony phone to the waterfall and were going to take long exposures, because the shutter speed can go as slow as 30 seconds, but were going to have to do a lot of voiceover because its extremely loud there so lets go. Even though we have big traditional cameras that we would normally use for something like this, its so powerful to know, you can use your smartphone, which fits in your pocket, making it easy to hike with and if it slips in the water theyre totally waterproof. The iphone was the easiest to use, because magsafe allowed me to attach it to the tripod magnetically, with no clamps that often block the buttons attaching the nd filter to the xperia was really hard because of the odd shape of the lens.

Hopefully, somebody makes filters specifically for the experience soon i loved using manual mode on the xperia to dial in the perfect settings, but notice that the user interface doesnt rotate vertically its like sony, thinks nobody takes vertical pictures. The xperia will use infrared, focusing, in other words it transmits infrared, and that was bouncing off the filter, which got kind of ugly here, its less visible here, but it still added a bit of a purple tinge to these rocks. This shot was overexposed, but i can actually bring that down because i was shooting raw. The xperias raw file gave me about a stop and a half of highlight recovery. Zooming in we see its capable of a real proper long exposure photographers can use the iphones live photo feature to make it a long exposure. Its not perfect. You can see some repeating patterns here, but overall it does a pretty good job, like the xperia, the samsungs raw files. Allow you to recover about a stop and a half of blown out highlights. I love that i can do these long exposures with smartphones now to test the front facing cameras. We took a selfie near the waterfall, the iphone and the samsung, both performed heavy processing on the faces to lift the shadows up, and that does make the eyes pop more. The sonys is more neutral notice that the samsung selfie camera is very crowded. It just isnt as wide angle – and i prefer those from the sony and the iphone zooming in on chelseas face – shows just how much the iphone raises the shadows Music after sunset, i put all the cameras on a tripod and took the best night exposures.

I could the sonys manual mode was extremely useful. I used it to manually focus on the stars and set the longest 30. Second exposure with a manual iso heres. The images after editing lets zoom in on the stars. You can see the image from the sony is cleaner than the iphone. The stars are shown more clearly too. The iphone has ugly artifacts like this, that the sony renders much better. The two smartphones shot, this image fundamentally different. The sony did a proper 30 second exposure. Like a traditional camera, while the iphone used computational photography and that computational photography introduced some flaws, especially on this windy night, look how the iphone rendered this tree that was moving in the wind. It looks weird the sony rendered it more. Naturally, the sony beat the night mode on the s22 ultra by even more. This is the same section of sky, but the sony shows far more stars and samsung has a lot of ugly over sharpening artifacts. This was a big win for the sony. Okay, so lets summarize those results. The sony camera has amazing, clear advantages: its got the sharpest photos and portraits, and its zoom lens up to 125 millimeters was the sharpest. So if youre looking to take photos relatively far away, this is the winner. But if you get into wildlife, photography, birds, astrophotography things like the moon, the samsungs telephoto lens – is absolutely amazing. That cannot match this 200 millimeters for extremely far things, but up to 125 millimeters.

The sony was better than either of these two phones in just about every condition, yeah, and i also want to say i really appreciate the processing on the sony, because i often think that they way over bake the iphone photos. They do too much hdr. For me, it makes the skin look unnatural. This looks more like what i see when i take a photo with my camera and i know im going to be pulling everything into post process anyway before i share, so i prefer the results of this and i love that it had manual controls built right into The camera the samsung has that too, but the iphone you have to open up another app and its just kind of clumsy and as a result, i never end up using it. The physical shutter button. On that too, i found myself really liking to use it as well as being able to zoom with the volume button so overall for creators for people taking stills and video. I think thats the best camera ive used, especially for sony shooters, because its similar to using a sony camera. You half press down the button and you see the autofocus box come up and it feels more familiar and natural. Whereas sometimes i feel like something like the iphone is trying to do its trying to think too much for me and i dont want it to. I want to do my old, familiar habits. I think another thing that professionals and enthusiasts will appreciate about the sony is that it has a headphone jack.

So if you want to monitor sound while youre taking video, you can do that or if youre a gamer, you can use the headphone jack its got. A micro sd card, so if you want an sd card, you have that option here it has a 4k screen and its 1600 pretty pricey yeah, but all these are pricey were professional, photographers and youtubers. And if you want to learn that you should check out our book stunning digital photography at northrop.photo, we have a sale going on now, also subscribe to our channel tons of reviews and tutorials. All the stuff creators need yeah. We do the artsy stuff. We talk about composition, we do the science nerdy stuff. We do photo news. So if youre interested in photography check us out, i dont think were going to disappoint you bye. I should not have trusted obstacle.