Now, vivo, malaysia just launched their flagship devices, the x80 series, and that came in the form of the x80 as well as the x80 pro now. I actually already covered the entire story about the x80 and you can find that in my full review, ill put the links down below somewhere. If you want to know all about this device, but in todays video were going to be focusing mainly on the flagship that is the x80 pro now just in terms of pricing. Let me just refresh your memory once more. If you dont already know it, the x80 is coming in at a price of rm3499 and the x80 pro here, the more expensive one is coming in at rm 4999. So for that price hike or that price difference of 1500 ringgit. What are you really getting on? The x80 pro is it really worth your money and is it as good as a mobile camera, as so they call it lets find out in todays video now, first things. First, i want to start off with just focusing mainly on the camera, so were going to talk about that right now. If you take a look at the back panel here, its quite a lot of things going on, and let me explain to you very briefly so first things: first, you do have a 50 megapixel main sensor. This is actually one of the a custom made sensor from vivo. It is made by samsung and it is actually a quite large sensor if you compare it to other flagships today, like the samsung s22 ultra, you know iphone 13 pro max its, not the largest in the industry uh just to let you know, but it is one Of the larger ones, so you can expect some pretty impressive pictures coming out from there following that.

You also have a 48 megapixel ultrawide sensor. This is a sony sensor. Apart from that, you also have a portrait lens. This is a 12 megapixel portrait lens and last but not least, if you look down below, we do have this square shape. You know periscope kind of thing that is actually an 8 megapixel telephoto lens. That actually does you know five times: optical zoom and 60 times. Digital zoom, so those are just in terms of the sensors uh, the hardware that you get on the back here now, apart from that, if you notice that we do have the zeiss t star logo at the back there again and what this t star means again, If you dont already know it means that it has this coating on it that actually prevents you know, ghosting of images, or you know, image flare coming from your lights and all that ill put a very quick image side by side with an iphone devices. So you can actually see how this t star actually helps to reduce those ghosting effects and how it creates those really really nice and crisp photos that you can take at night of you know leds or lighting effects thats. What im going to show you right now, apart from that, if you move down further into the device itself, this is actually housing, vivos latest v1 plus chip. Now the chip itself is said to be able to help the device itself to take even better low light.

Photography all right so now that weve done talking about the sensors lets talk about the real world use and how it actually feels like to take pictures with the vivo x80 pro now, when taking photos its worth mentioning that the x80 pro also comes with a very Quick zeiss button shortcut when you tap the shortcut. What it does is that you will automatically reduce the saturation levels from the camera by negative 20.. So again, these are a couple of photos taken during the day. You can see that they do have very, very good dynamic range. They come with a lot of detail. Everything looks very, very clear and sharp on these images here, the colors again, i wont comment too much on the colors here. I would say that if you turn on the zeiss function, you will be able to get very true to live kind of coloring. But again that is down to your personal preference. If you want a more saturated approach, just turn off the zeiss, you know function other than that uh daytime photos really really look very, very good here again, this is one of the best that is coming out of vivos uh entire flagship devices. So this is what you can expect on the x80 pro now moving on to night images. This is where i wanted to see how good it is in terms of night images and again, these are a couple of samples that i took during a very very dark night, now bear in mind that this these buildings at the back here might look like they Are very bright, but that is actually because the phone itself is doing a heavy job there of brightening the entire image.

I noticed that again for night images, we are seeing very, very low amount of noise. There is a lot of detail in the picture itself, but sometimes it does tend to be a little bit more brighter than what i would actually like. So it did not actually retain the very very original look, but it created a slightly brighter look now again. This is down to your personal preference, some people they want to see a very bright image and that is actually better to them. So if you fall into that category, you will be very pleased with the night uh the night images coming from the x80 pro, because it does a great job at brightening, the entire scenery all right so uh again, apart from that lets, move on to the next Thing and talk a little bit about the videos now videos taken on the x80 pro here is very, very good. I would say its almost excellent, because you know the stabilization is a little bit better than the x80. I found it to be a little bit more stable, as you can see from this very quick clip here. All right guys so were currently at the vivo x80 series launch and theyve got a couple of cars lined up here. So i thought this would be a great opportunity to test out the video test of the x80 pro were going to walk around here and just walk around and lets see the stabilization how good it is again im just holding this with one hand – and this is The kind of audio that you can expect from the microphone of the vivo x80 pro all right.

I think, im going to start, maybe walking a little bit faster, all right quite fast. Now. Let me know again: if you can hear my voice clearly, i am using one hand to hold this x80 pro all these cars. Most of them have their engines on very, very nice cars around here, okay, so yeah. That is pretty much it. We have just walked from the front all the way to the back and again. This is just a very quick test on the vivo x80 pro look at these cars man, wow and moving on to the night one very quickly as well, and you can see that it was able to capture a lot of detail even at night guys. I think i was uh most surprised by the nine videos captured by the vivo x80 pro. Not only was it able to create a very minimal noise kind of night video, but also you can see theres a lot of detail being captured, and you know the colors are also very very true to the original color ill, beat it being a little bit more Saturated so again, im very pleased with the kind of videos coming out from the x80 pro. If you are very into you, know, mobile videography. This is something that you definitely want to check out now, of course, you also still have those uh four portrait. You know zeiss filters and yeah im just going to show you a very quick uh picture, just side by side.

If you like that kind of thing, you know the really nice round bokeh kind of background, the vivo x80 pro also has that uh. It was carried over from the x70 series, so yeah its still here today, all right guys so thats pretty much it about the cameras. Moving on lets talk a little bit more about other stuff that i like uh. I want to talk about the display, because the display here is a fantastic display guys. What were getting here is a 2k display uh. It is a dynamic amoled display. That means its ltpo3. By the way that means it can vary its refresh rates, all the way down to one hertz to actually help you to save on battery. I know you wont really feel it already see it. You know in the background, but it is there to help you save a little bit more on battery, but the main thing that i love here is in terms of the color accuracy. It looks so good guys, i think, its even better than maybe some of these samsung amoled panels out there, but yeah e5 display panel very, very good, very good brightness as well. 1. 500 nits. I think this is definitely one of the best displays that you can see here, but there is also something that you might not like, and that is it comes with the curved sides. You know so you know, even when youre playing games, you might actually accidentally hit the sides there and that might actually disrupt your game but yeah.

It is a fantastic display, just in terms of the contrast, saturations brightness and all that so very, very good display on the x80 pro um moving on lets talk a little bit about the performance. Naturally, you guys already know this is powered by the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. Again, if you are familiar with the processor, you will know that it does get very hot when playing games, and that is a similar case here with the vivo x80 pro. I did a couple of benchmark tests which im going to show you guys and in terms of comparing it against other snapdragon 8 gen 1 devices. I noticed that the scores were either more or less the same, but in terms of the 3d live you know the wildlife extreme testing. Now that is a really really extreme test on the graphics. I noticed that the x80 pro here did a very, very good job. At maintaining the stability, so you are going to get very decent performance here, but notice that the temperatures do get very high, yeah thats what you can expect here, maximum performance. But again, if you are looking for maximum performance, you can get that on the x80 pro. I just want to remind you that, just like all other snapdragon 8 gen 1 devices, it will tend to heat up a little bit all right now. Moving on lets talk a bit about the battery. In the back. We do have a 4700 mah battery uh.

It supports 80 watt fast charge. That means it will do zero to 100 in, like i think, slightly more than 30 minutes, but whats interesting here is that it does support wireless charging guys i mean you dont, really see that very often on a lot of android devices, so happy to see that We have wireless charging on x80 pro uh other than that the design itself yeah. It looks like this. I think it looks quite nice as well. I prefer this design compared to the last years. X70. Very, very neat design here. The camera bump is not that huge. Apart from that, it is also ip68 rated. That means you can submerge it into water. You dont have to worry about the rain splashing on your device, so its protected in that sense uh other than that. I think it is uh thats pretty much what i can share with you guys uh its a very, very solid device here coming from the from vivo. The x80 pro is definitely worthy of that flagship name uh, whether or not it is worth rm. Four. Nine. Nine. Nine again, this is really down to your personal uh opinion uh. I think that if you are someone like myself who focuses a lot on mobile photography or even if you like, a lot of mobile videography uh, the vivo x80 pro here is doing an excellent job. At all those, so this is something that you might want to check out.

Uh again, vivo will be giving out a couple of freebies if you place a pre order for either the you know, x80 or x80 pro ill put up some information on the screen here. So you can see them if you want to pre order those devices but yeah again im very, very happy to see you know phone manufacturers keep pushing forward to get. You know even better in terms of the smartphone photography, and i appreciate the fact that we do have the vivo x80 pro here, regardless of whatever its price is all right, guys thats it for todays video. I hope you enjoyed todays video uh dont forget to drop a like sub to the channel.