So it is called the doogie s98 and well, as we know, the market seems to have an interest for these devices, and i think i know why that is well. They have amazing batteries. This one in particular, comes with a 6 000 milliamp battery. Second, the body is super rugged thats why theyre called rugged phones, they are very thick and yes, they are water, resistant, dustproof and shockproof as well, but now this one goes a little bit above that and thats. Why i like this device, so much ive been using it as my primary phone for the past two weeks approximately. So this one comes with the new helio g96 processor. It has eight gigabytes of ram gigabytes of internal memory. A 6.3 inch display but check this out. Now we have a true 1080p display with corning gorilla glass protection on the front, so lets go ahead and open it and see what we have. So this is what the box looks like when you open it for the first time, so we get the phone, we get the sim ejector tool and it looks like this thats because you dont have to pop anything out. You simply pull it. We have a 33 watt charger, but unfortunately, this charger doesnt work here in the usa, unless you get the adapter, which makes it very bulky. So i just happen to use my own charger, but right here we can see the specifications, a 33 watt charger and it does have wireless charging as well at 15 watts.

So we get the usb cable here. It is a usbc device. Then we get here. The manuals and some screen protectors as well. We get the start guide and we get some cleaning solution here for the screen protector and thats everything we get inside of the box. Okay, now lets go ahead and unwrap here the doogie s98. As i said before, this device comes with a 6.3 inch display. We have a water drop camera on the front side, which is a 16 megapixel. We also get a notification led light right here on the upper right hand, side corner. We have the little ear speaker right here on the middle side. Unfortunately, this doesnt have sterile speakers just like with many rugged devices out there in the market. Instead, we get one loudspeaker here towards the bottom side. Then we get the microphone where this little dot is, and we have the usb c charging port and the body is made of a combination of metal here towards the side. And then we have like little bumpers on the edges and these are made out of rubber. We get a dedicated shortcut button and check this out. We get a sim tray, but this time the sim tray, it is a true dual sim and then you can also install a tf card as well, which is really really nice. So we also get here a little rubber material on the edges of the sd card. So that it keeps water and moisture out of the phone, giving us an indication that this is truly an ip68 certified device towards the top.

You have absolutely nothing if you guys observe here throughout the whole entire phone, you dont have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. That was a little bit of a disappointment, but then i think about it and i hardly ever use anything with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack anyway, so it doesnt really impact me. But what it does have, as i said before, is 15 watt wireless charging and it does support nfc and it comes with a 6 000 milliamp power battery the edges here of this secondary lcd display. Yes, you heard that correctly. It has a second lcd display here, and this looks like a smartwatch display, so this piece around it is actually made of metal, and if you look here closely, i already chipped the paint a little bit. So i would recommend that if you guys can get a case, i believe they are available on amazon, but they come directly from china. Just buy it and yeah. You guys wont regret it because i already damaged mine a little bit and it was quite a disappointment. So then we have here a triple camera setup. We get a 20 megapixel night vision, camera, we get a 64 megapixel regular camera and we get an 8 megapixel ultrawide camera with two infrared sensors. On the lower right hand, side we get the led light and thats it here for the backside. The camera combination is actually quite good, were going to be seeing that here in just a second, we get the volume rockers up and down with the power key, but now this time the fingerprint scanner is actually located away from the power key.

Normally we have both of them in one. In this particular case, it is located a little bit more towards the lower side of the device. A lot of people may like it. A lot of people may not like it to me its just another fingerprint scanner. I wish that it had it on the actual power key. That way you dont get confused, but it is what it is it works and you guys will be seeing that here in just a second also. This phone comes with android 12 out of the box and, for the most part, its quite clean and snappy. Again, this comes with the helio g96 and the mali g57 for the gpu anyways. Here we are greeted with the lock screen and lets enter here, my passcode. It does have a face id recognition so right now the phone is booting up, as you guys can observe, lets go ahead and use my face recognition and, as you guys can see, it did unlock with my face, but you had to be pointing more directly towards The camera so that it reads it correctly, it wont do it. Since i am recording a video, i have to lift the phone a little bit more than usual, but yes, it does work, and that was something that i truly appreciate. It works, even if i have sunglasses as well so thats, very cool, and here we can see the fingerprint scanner you can do it directly for when the phone is asleep or you can do it when the phone screen is already on by just putting your finger.

So in this case, it was comfortable for me to do the middle finger with the left hand, side or the left hand, and the thumb here with the right hand, it kind of becomes natural for you to unlock your device. Now the display the display colors are absolutely stunning. In every sense i mean the viewing angles: the colors everything and thanks to this corning gorilla glass that we have on top of it, it makes it feel super premium. I do like the display thats, something that i definitely wish that other rugged phones came with, because it makes your experience a lot better, especially being a 6.3 anything above 6 inches. In my opinion, it has to be 1080p, otherwise youre not going to have that full enjoyment that you do with this kind of resolution. Something great about the doogie s98 is that it does come already with all the google applications preset from factory you dont have to do anything to get them. Ive seen many devices out there, especially coming from china that dont come with this and something so basic. A lot of you guys might take it for granted, just because we are spoiled here from the usa with premium devices that you dont even have to think about. That well with some international devices you do because they dont come pre installed, and this one already has it so right here we got things like you know: the youtube music youtube, you name it.

Every google app is on here, including the play store, which is working. Absolutely flawless, no issues here whatsoever. The phone is actually very snappy. The system feels very, very nice and, yes, i did perform the antutu benchmark, in which i got a three hundred thousand three hundred and seven thousand to be specific, and this is considered a good mid range device level. I would say based on the score, i know a lot of people. Dont use this. As a matter of fact, this application has been banned from the play store and well. I do download it from google just to use it as a reference and compare it with other devices based on the score so right here we can see the information of the device android 12 right there. We can see that it comes with the helio g96 and the mali g57 so on and so forth and, yes, thats. Definitely a decent score for the rear display is actually quite easy to get. It enabled i believe that out of the box, it comes already enabled, but you can disable it. If you want to do so, we go into rear, display tab right here. We can see, we can enable it and disable it as well. Right now have it with the option of double tap, to wake it up and we can change the themes as well. We have many to choose from right here so lets say i choose this one.

Now you can see after applying it on the back side. Itll give you a preview of what you selected, which is really cool and, as i said before, if youre getting a phone call, you can answer it directly from here if youre, smart uh. If your alarm excuse me goes off, then you can snooze it directly from here as well, and you have also the option to skip music directly from here, which is really really cool, in my opinion. So, yes, this is definitely a great move again. This is all based on my opinion. You guys might not like it. I do like it and i think its actually quite useful that dougie brought this to this rugged device, which again is really really nice. So anyways lets go here into about device, so we have android 12 right here and reversion. You guys can see it. It is android 12 for sure we can even see that here from the toggles and by the way, if you scroll here to the side, we can see that we do have nfc and if you guys watch my videos about cell phones, you will definitely agree that Nfc and wireless charging is a big thing for me, and a lot of phones dont, carry this and well to me, thats a major disappointment when they dont, because its something that i use on a daily basis. Another great feature about the doogie s98 is that we have this shortcut button in which we can remap to whatever we want to so, for instance, if we go here into settings, then we go into easy key right here.

You can see, i programmed single click to be tick: tock, double click to be the camera and long press to be youtube music. So if we do just that single click, thats uh, tick tock, if we double click, thats, the camera and so on and so forth. So on that behalf, i dont have any complaints. As a matter of fact, it is a feature that im actually getting quite used to, especially using this phone now for the past two weeks, actually a little bit more than that. But lets just say two weeks and it is a very cool feature. The battery on the doogie s98 is actually quite impressive. I was able to get two days and a half before having to charge it because i was at about 20 or 15 percent. So yes, it is a very good phone lets say to rely on a full day battery this device has a six thousand pound million battery, and even if it doesnt last that long, you can still charge it with the fast charger included inside of the box. If you get the adapter and with just about 15 20 minutes, you can get about six to eight hours of usage, which is really really nice. And overall i got ta say the battery on this phone is definitely not disappointing and having wireless charging as well definitely helps, especially with my lifestyle im, always on the run, always doing something, and when i get home i am kind of tired and plugging something simple.

As plugging the phone or finding the wire can be kind of annoying, so having wireless charging is a plus and this phone has it as well. So when it comes to gaming on this device, it does the job quite okay, but keep in mind that this is only a 60 hertz display, which is my main complaint, especially at 360 dollars. I would say thats something that dougie needs to work on on getting higher refresh rates on their displays. That makes it absolutely amazing when playing video games. But yes, i was able to test here, allsport9 also beach, buggy racing 2 and a few other games that i have on here like rebel racing so on and so forth, and everything was great and i didnt feel any uh heating on the back side of the Phone, maybe because it is a super thick device, but yes, overall, it is working great without any issues whatsoever when it comes to the loudspeaker on the doogie s98. Well, that didnt disappoint in the sense that it is loud and it does work quite okay, but it doesnt have sterile speakers, so youre not going to get that immersive. Sound anyways lets go ahead and pause this for a second. It doesnt give you that immersive sound that youre looking for just because it is not stereo, but for a single loudspeaker towards the bottom. I think it sounds quite okay anyways, so here we go since 2008, but its story at this point covers thousands of years need to catch up on the latest.

Developments ah lets just go through the as far as heroes and villains of earth are concerned. The mcu doesnt believe it or not, theres, not a whole lot that happens between the unification of wakanda, the rise of wenwu and the 20th century lets try this one out. I reckon stark i call his valerian, i roman baratheon promise to be faithful to king viserys until hes named it. You guys get the idea. This thing has a lot of clarity. It sounds great, it doesnt sound muffled, but again it is just not a stereo speaker. So with this being said, another thing that were going to talk about here is going to be the camera. So on the back side we have the 20, the 64, the 8 megapixel sensor, camera and, of course, the infrared sensors. So this is the night vision camera and let me tell you on the pitch dark situations. It does work quite well. This is great, i would say for hunters, definitely a feature that i can see a lot of people taking advantage of and not every phone carries. This and it does it quite well, the next one we have here is videos and on videos we can go up to 2k in recording quality. Now it doesnt really have uh any type of uh the stabilization, but it is still much better in the sense that they use uh software to kind of sort of stabilize the video. I took a few videos out there and they didnt look as jumpy as with other devices that i tested recently, especially rugged phones.

So, on the camera side, i think its quite competitive its something that i truly like about this device. It can definitely use some software improvements and they need to start adding optical image stabilization to their devices or at least electronic image stabilization. That will make it absolutely much better so going back here into settings, we got things like anti flicker. We have camera mute in case you dont want to have sound being recorded and again the quality. You can change it here from 2k to full, hd, hd and vga. Then we have things like photo now for photo. We dont have 16 by nine ratio any longer. Here so, if we go here into picture size we can see, we only have the four three, the full screen, which is 19 by nine, then the four three again and then the full at one megapixel and thats, pretty much it. So i was a little bit disappointed to see that, but hey it is what it is and then here we have, of course, portrait mode and depending on what youre shooting at it could do. You know a decent job, taking that portrait so lets go ahead and try here the box, but sometimes you need to have the perfect. You know scenario for this type of thing so right here i mean it did okay, but this is not the right scenario for a portrait picture, but im just trying to give you guys a quick example here and what it looks like.

But yes, it is, you know a usable uh portrait camera, but just dont think that its gon na be something like flagship quality like on the iphones or the samsungs thats, not going to be the case. It is just usable, but not in a professional level. We got here then uh, uhd mode, okay, and we got more and more. We have night mode in which i took a few pictures outside. I took one in regular mode and night mode as well. So that way you can see the differences between both and thats. Pretty much here for the rear facing camera. If you go back here into photos, then we turn the camera around, and this is what the 16 megapixel camera looks like. It is just an ordinary one able to record at 1080p uh 30 frames per second lets. Go into videos and lets go here into settings. Quality right there you can see 1080p is the maximum quality we can get to so there we have it guys for the camera on the doogie s98. It is definitely a lot better than many other rugged devices that ive seen out. There definitely a big improvement, and i think a lot of that has to do because of the software. The helio g96 is definitely no joke. So overall i got ta say i am quite happy with this phone with this being said, let me know down below what you guys think about the doogie s98.