11S infinix is really reliable. Premium smartphone brand in affordable price range videos, 15, 000., 8gb, 128gb, so stay tuned and watch the video till the end: Music Applause, Music, a smartphone note, 11 special edition free fire edition. It is written here, side of the box packet is written here. This smartphone is still with endless certified in low blue light software solution and in safe, faster system back side of the box pack. Some highlighted features about this phone has been written here: 8gb 128gb variant, mediatek helio g96 gaming, processor 6.95 inch fsd, plus ultra smooth display 5000 milliamp hour battery with 33 watt supercharged triple rear camera with 50 megapixel main sensor 16 megapixel in display selfie camera with dual Led flash cinematic dual speaker with dds processing mrp of the product is written here, 18 999. But i have got this product only at 14, 500 rupees from flipkart lets quickly cut the seal to reveal the monster watt fast charger which can charge the smartphone from 0 to 100 in 80 minute usb 2 type c data cable of sufficient length x club app Welcome note from infinix sim ejection tool, user manual and warranty card back cover with free fire logo. You know this is a special edition free fire edition. Finally, the screen guard can a hair box name buffer, lets peel off the stickers quickly and go to the main unit. Note 11s: this smartphone is available in three colors. This is cn the company says symphonician the in hand, feel of the smartphone is really good and balanced weight distributions.

Also back panel is made up of plastic, so scratch us companys back. Cover is well fitted with smooth edge and also looks great with the smartphone bottom side of the smartphone contains dts speaker with speaker, grill type c port primary microphone and point five millimeter audio port left side contains the sim tray, though sim or a micro sd card Is synthetic at the top side it lacks the secondary microphone company should provide the secondary microphone at this price range, slightly elevated camera bump with triple camera, with primary sensor of 50 megapixel and with quad led flash right hand, side of the smartphone contains volume, rocker and Power button with fingerprint sensor unlock the smartphone within 0.3. Second, really instantaneous, you just watch. The phone is booting first time the smartphone runs on the customized android screen developed by infinix, named as xos version 10, which is really upgraded in all sense. With respect to the previous version now come to the display of the smartphone, this is really big: 6.95 fsd plus ips lcd display with in display punctual camera of 16 megapixel with dual led flash. This smartphone comes with maximum of 120 hertz refresh rate actually subscribe. It will really work for playing high end game with higher fps surfing the web pages and scrolling the smartphone pages. You can see here battery smooth experience. You will feel when you enable this 120 hertz refresh rate with that display also comes with 480 nits of peak brightness, which really work in outdoor situation.

Watch it carefully. Six point: nine five inch border display honeybee is the mass. Only two hundred and ten grams distribution is really uniform and balanced. Smartphone uh only eight point: seven millimeter in thickness and the screen is protected by energy dynamics. Glass protection smartphone contains one undetectable 5000 milliampere hour battery with 33 watt, supercharged adapter, which is already in the box pack, so you dont have to buy it separately. Supercharge will be enabled within a few moments. You see this one. If you visit about phone in the settings menu, you will get so many information about this smartphone like xos version 10 infinix, x698, android version, 11, helio, g96 front and rear camera specification. Ram, 8gb, plus 3gb 3gb, is the virtual ram. Total ram is 11 gb. Inbuilt storage is 128 gb, expandable up to 512 gb via a micro sd card. It supports usb otg. Also. I have connected the 32 gb pendrive, with this smartphone via an adapter. This is the rear camera module with slightly elevated bump 50 megapixel main sensor bokeh lens depth sensor. This is nothing quad, led flash. I have captured few outdoor images to the rear camera. Camera quality is really great, captured this image by macro camera. Really, fine superb photos are with all details and with good color contrast. Quality does not decrease when zoomed out watch the camera interface on screen. In note 11s default. Camera mode is ai cam. Several useful modes are available here.

You can see, like short, video video beauty, mode, super night mode documents mode and many more like pro. Also now let us take a picture in document mode. You see, picture captured in document mode is clear, crisp and vivid in the video mode. Upto 2k video. You can capture 720p, 2k and 1080p resolution. Electronic video stabilization is also there. This is ultra steady. You will be able to enable the macro camera by just touching the flower icon and super night mode is also there, so you can able to capture the photo in night. Also, these are some important settings in the camera menu you can see here. So many options are there. Also you can enable the fingerprint, as shutter plate bgmi in the smartphone, without any lag or frame drop in hd, graphic and high frame rate. It lacks white one l1 certification. It only has l3 certification. That means netflix and amazons high quality content. You cannot enjoy one of the demerits of this smartphone is it comes with so many bloatware which you cannot uninstall, but of course you can disable all this watch carefully. How i am doing all these things? One of the great feature of this smartphone is front flash how to enable the front flash rear, flash and 360 flash just watch the video carefully. This is 360d flash mode that means up front and rear. Both flashes are working simultaneously watching youtube. Video cinema movie in big screen and fsd display will be a great cinematic experience.

You can feel this experience will be highly enhanced with a dual dts processing speaker in the next part of the video we will introduce. The dta sounds offered by the smartphone just experience this one Applause main speaker with gts processing. This is the secondary speaker also with dts processing Applause. This smartphone is equipped with all type of sensors. Like g sensor e compass, gyroscope proximity fingerprint ambient light sensor. Overall, you can go with this smartphone without any hesitation. Thank you for watching my video do like share and subscribe my channel.