Farah nina miss some of future reviews like this one: an unboxing with nato, Music, so Music savvy senior, iphone 13 pro, but iphone 13 umidigi a13 pro and subscribe button in alongside neuroscience fingerprint scanner, slash power button, then of course power. Uh volume, rocker bubbles, kind of auto jack and, of course, noise, cancelling mic, customizable buttons triple camera setup number one: 40, mp, sony, high clarity, main camera; eight mp ultra wide lens and five mp now macro lens flash. Sixteen m peanut tear drop nuts now selfie camera sim and one micro, sd expansion or the long nano sip now 4g. Now one of the most surprising factor, dito zafo neto, si umidigi a13 pro is very slim shot and i love its uh form factor stylish. Russian iphone 13 pro sliksha and best of all its metal frames and gameto, meaning masmati bite. Okay, somehow plastic in the frames and another winning factor. Numero dito is ag matte glass, meaning its still better than plastic. In your grip net info nato, i love it. The form factor is good hindi, shaman and feeling iphone premium premium is being powered by the unison, t610 octa core shock metadata six gig of ram 120 gigs of storage, number lpddr4x – and surprisingly this is probably the first time heres a channel called my unicycle processor, not Surpassed 200 000 points, antutu benchmark normally pinah mata has the 170, probably 150 and as worse as eighty five thousand points this one, it has exceeded my expectation: okay, unison, now doing all those multitasking vito safoneto from browsing the social media, taking some photos watching some videos Playing some games as far as im concerned: okay, the manchester indiana manchester um flagship phones, but for me its already okay for a price point.

Eight thousand pesos filing co im getting more than what im paying for the tokai a13 pro now. One of the things that gusto here in scania is malachi random, screen 6.7 inch, super large jungle screen plus vivid canon, colors, rich nourish and details when im watching videos. Little so youtube some netflix, okay, okay, i mean its probably more than im asking for for that price range and watching for roughly an hour detour on youtube. I can say: okay, i love the color reproduction and its really nice for binging on your favorite korean novella. On your favorite movies of all nato, while youre staying at home now, i know that this phone only has one speaker, dito seyla lim and normally we love those phones, the mysterious speaker now, of course, having that price point: nato, when youre playing songs on spotify Music Applause now, judging from its sound center projectiles a song nato from youtube, i can see meijo mahina angkainen sounds now uh. Probably you might want to use your favorite headphones, bluetooth, man or wired. It would be better if you use those device rather than using your loudspeaker. Now, speaking of major mahina and sounds, i have here, the plexton g5 now blackstone for me: ive been using it for quite a few years already and ive been happy with their products malachazan. Now i have here the plexton g5 and it looks really nice. This one is a wireless na headphones and its basically made for gamers and um plus uh.

If you want to extend it, he lied along just for people who has bigger hand, so in design now its not so bad. You have mad finish, then informa is made out of synthetic leather and the fill is not so bad, though sometimes papa wizard when youre wearing this. You cannot blame it. Casey filipinas, but theres a few ports down here, majita microphone. Another headphones, then charging port because a wireless shop, bluetooth connected uh volume, down power and volume up. If you want to connect your microphone and nakala with langsha, if you dont need it, just pull it away and pack away simple now right now, either turn on lang. Nathan hold on nothing on power, button power, button, blue red, blue red, meaning its on pairing mode. All you need to do is hit your phone is the umidigi a13 pro turn on nothing on bluetooth. Nothing then well pair a new device, so theres one bt over here im not quite sure so, meaning its already paired. So right now, maggie gaming monetize using this plexton g5. Now wireless gaming, headset and well see how good the sound is on call of duty mobile. So etho on settings, the mero natives are called duty mobile now playing this game. The call of duty, mobile binabaco, continue king settings to new medium settings and i was able to play through this game for around the circulating auras and the game is pretty smooth uh. There are times on my mafia film.

My content lags there are times where you feel my cutting frame drops, but you cannot blame it since its simply just a unisof processor. After all, the touch sensing details of screenato is good and the response is pretty fast. There are times swinging left and right now overall and sounds using the plexton g5 wireless gaming headset, i can see on saturday, but and it probably would be resolved by mention as a cooler place electric fan. Now the sound is pretty nice. Uh nila gekko is going to get gun sounds, and it was able to give me that better feel playing this game. Uh la la lana young loud speaker, ninja, mentioned my kahina answer wireless plexton g5, and it gave me a better experience playing this game now tonight. Corinthos plexton g5 on both spotify and watching youtube. It also gave me a better experience now, its more balanced, not much on the base and in treble is tamala unclaimed, music time kaya up to 36 hours and on gaming time is up to 16 hours. So admiral di palacio fast charge this one can charge twenty percent in 30 minutes now guys in battery touchy a13 pro fifty 5150 prs and to think the major manipu. I was really surprised now. Uh checking cpc mark now benchmarking for uh screen on time. I was able to get roughly 12 and a half hours here, the second rating and for me not bad now for a phone like this one powered by unison.

So i dont really expect the tata butter aroma 18rs, but nevertheless, after using this for roughly one week years in channel using it as my backup phone, i was able to squeeze out a day. This is a full day, though so, starting the day at around. My eight oclock and ending the day at around six or seven at the end of the day, meron paul roughly my thirty percent of battery left little stocking phone, and it was really amazing when the battery is not bad. Even though sabine uh topping up arsenal kind of screwed on time, they bombed the 18 hours, but nevertheless i was happy with it and on charging nato. It is only included with a 10 watson charger, so i was able to use this charger to charge uh this phone from 15 to 100 and well to any of ours. Sometimes if you are charging for that long, really it sucks. It is like i said, its a 48 mp sony imx sensor 8 mp in ultra wide lens and a 5 mp now macro lens, of course, 16 mp kind of front facing camera and pina chalconamento phone outdoors. I was able to gather some ok in the shots. Uh using the rear camera and some of these shots is really nice punchy and some of those are just so so hindi and surprisingly bug that things indoors, a coffee shop. I was able to take some even better shots, tumblers coffee and its a little bit more stand out than i expected to be now.

Checking the front facing camera 16mp outdoor is okay, sharp and vivid and indoors is also okay as long as manukau lightings, not matino guys. If you ask me if mario recommend cotton for nato c humidity, a 13 pro at the price point of 8, 000 pesos. Of course, chambray well im doubt on my mind that i can recommend this one to you. It even looks like an iphone so the premium it is for just eight thousand pesos on filmia its really like an iphone the impact. If you havent really touched an iphone, i can say this: one probably is the closest thing for an iphone at this price point, and i would suggest this to people who like to have a little bit of style. Young t, ponguso maporma. This is definitely something for you if youre a heavy gamer or a hardcore photographer. I would not recommend this to you guys, iphone, looking um pro ill, be posting everything on the description box below checking along and if you like, this video like subscribe and, of course, click bell icon.