First impressions review, since there is another uh shonen jump title that just has recently released this past sunday. Now, usually, i would wait until the saturday right before the next chapter comes out to have a video about this, but i decided that i have time. Let me just make the video today and ill probably publish it. The day that i recorded this monday or the following day, tuesday, uh may 9th or 10th um and hopefully ill manage to do that. This is technically not part of the uh sci fi month that we have going on. However, it is more or less a sci fi story, so thats cool and today were really going to be talking about super smartphone, which is a horrible title. However, it is actually not a horrible series, so uh yeah, the demographic is obviously shown in. If it came out on the show in japan magazine, it has been uh published in english on the shine jump app and the author here is hiroki, uh tomisawa and the artist is kintaro hidano, and this art style looks very very similar to me. I cant remember from where, but it kind of has a um am my hero, academia, esque style, and i know that i say that a lot, but it just its just a style thats very common nowadays, because you know its really good, so um im not exactly Sure, but in terms of similar artwork, you know my hair, academia is similar.

Red hood is similar and candy flurry is similar. All three of them have elements that seem very familiar to me that are represented in kentaro hidanos work here, so its pretty interesting. I i like that. I really like the my hero, academia, art style and all of the art styles that are derivative of it. I say that in quotation marks because usually when our style is similar to another mangakas, art cell is because that mangaka worked under the other mangaka, which is definitely the case for the red hood manga. But i dont know if thats the case for super smartphone or um or candy flurry, i dont know so um yeah. The premise of this story is basically theres. This guy, whose name is q and he is a hyper, intelligent, young man. However, he has a situation that occurred to him when he was a child, which is that his little brother shu one day randomly disappeared, and so his love of science died because his younger brother could not be saved by this knowledge that he had right. So now he disdain he has a disdain for uh. You know his genius and his um power of knowing knowledge because it didnt help him, and so now he uh just tries his bare minimum, except that one day he receives a mysterious smartphone and its not really a smartphone. Its more like a little pager tablet thing uh, it kind of looks more like an ipod like an old ipod than it does a smartphone, but he finds it in his backpack.

And now this tool talks to him its basically a very advanced siri or cortana, or you know, google kind of ai type of system and it tells them hey man. I have all of the knowledge ever created by humans. I cant tell you anything about humans, specifically because theyre, not human created, but anything that they cause or do or write down or in some way no occurred. I can tell you and um: he doesnt believe it, but he does a series of tests in order to verify the situation and once he realizes that its true, he uses it to solve a crime that is very familiar to him, because it is almost the same As the crime that happened when his little brother disappeared and so solving this crime through the use of the smartphone um allows q to realize that he can use it to find his brother. However, when he goes to do so, the uh phone tells him hey man, you dont have enough points to do this and q realizes that this is because that is the some total wish that he has the the one knowledge that he wants to know and the Phone wont give it to him, because the phone requires him to use it. He needs uh, the phone needs to be used, and so q cant have that information immediately, because then he will stop using the phone right. So what happens is that now he has to go through the process of gathering points in order to finally be able to access the data he needs in order to find his little brother and its very interesting, like i really thought that the story was good.

It kind of has you know, elements of death note in it and it may be kind of like the smartphone isakai, but then it also kind of has its own thing, and i dont really know anything else uh about it. It kind of has a mystery feeling similar to candy flurry or uh. What is i see i see i i see i cant remember the other detective manga that was in um in the shannon jump title in the show magazine a while back um, but you know i saw some people say that you know the smartphone idea is stupid, But its not really any more stupid than a magical notebook that lets. You kill people like death. Note i mean i, i thought it was fine um. It is kind of like a little too basic. I guess it is a very normal thing, but i think that thats why it works, because nowadays everyone has a phone. Everyone can understand the desire to have a phone that tells you everything immediately right. Like sometimes, google doesnt have the answers, even though it does have a a lot of knowledge in it. The fact that you cant really process that knowledge. Sometimes it is kind of off putting, but if this phone allows you to have the knowledge and you have the enough intelligence to understand all the knowledge it works really well and so q and this phone have a very good team up kind of vibe to them.

That i think works really really nicely and its very similar to death. Note where you know l and the ryuk work together. So i really like that. I thought it was good. Like i said, the art style was pretty similar to my hero, academia and overall, i think the setup for the story is good. However, i dont know if itll manage to go far enough to be exciting because um, i dont know how its gon na work like. How are you gon na, have an antagonist uh occur so like, if were looking at the death? Note kind of style were like if we, if we assume this is going to work like that, though we need a bad guy or a an antagonist, because you know, technically speaking, the bad guy in death. Note is l, not uh light or no sorry, the bad guy in in in in death note its light. Not l. L is technically the good guy, even if he is the antagonistic force. So i dont know how youre gon na make this character and his phone have a antagonist. That makes sense. I guess the only possible situation would be to have a certain other person. That also has one of these smartphones and pit them against each other, as they start to try to work to create or foil. You know plans of some sort like uh. You know if q becomes this kind of like detective kind of character.

Hes gon na have a bad guy that he has to find and solve in order to find the mystery of of his little brothers capture. But i dont know if how theyre going to be able to set that up in a way that is satisfying. So i dont know if this will be able to go very far, but at least 20 chapters out of it will be pretty good because thats more or less what uh most shouldnt jump uh series get before they get axed so um yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did leave a like subscribe and come comment down below. Let me know what you guys thought about this story. Do you guys like it? Do you think its bad? I think its good, i dont know i personally found it to be good enough, like i was pretty interested in the way the smartphone works and theres enough mystery there. That makes me excited to read another chapter. However, i dont know if that excitement is going to stay beyond finding out more about the the phone. So let me know what you guys think down below and thank you guys for watching.