. So ive been testing and using a wireless ready, mic system from Hollyland, the lark 150 and its a really nice set of radio mics. So if you are in the lookout for a radio mic system, this could be just it.. Ideally, what you want from a set of radio mics is to be really simple and easy to use, so you dont have to worry about frequencies, syncing and all those things that you usually have to worry when you deal with radio mics.. So this set of radio mics from Hollyland the lark150. They do just that. Its as simple as lifting the radio mics from the case and its automatically paired to the receiver.. That is all you need to do. You literally dont have to worry about frequencies and syncing, and all of those things that you do need to worry. If you have a really professional set of radio mics, but for most people out there, you dont really need that.. You want something that can get you going in no time, and this is the perfect system in my opinion.. The transmitters will last for four hours and the receiver for about seven hours and lets be honest here, youre hardly ever going to be recording more than four hours straight anywhere. Okay, If you do obviously this is not a set for you, but ive hardly ever been in a situation where ive had someone micd that for four hours., More often than not is maybe an hour or two hours at the push.

And then you move on to the next person or the next location.. So all you need to do is lift up the radio mics use it, and then, once you finish, you pop it back into the case and its recharging for you okay. This case will charge the radio mics and the transmitter two and a half times. So if you keep on recharging as the day goes, you can keep the radio mics fully charged pretty much all through the day.. You could argue that it would be nice to have a slightly bigger case so that you could fit, maybe the actual microphones in there., But in all fairness you usually have a little pouch or bag separately, where you have your microphones and other accessories. So i dont really think its too much of an issue., I kind of like this small compact case. At the beginning. I thought i would have an issue. I wasnt too much of a big fan of this case. I thought it was too hard. It would be too bulky im used to have soft pouches in my camera bags., But this fits anywhere and i really like the fact that it keeps the microphones fully charged at all times. Thats thats, a really nice touch. You know., When you lift the microphones, they automatically sync up to the receiver and you do get a reading on the receiver itself of how much battery life you got left on, both the microphones and the actual receiver itself and the case.

, So thats really really nice.. Now another thing that is really cool about these set of radio mics is the accessories that you get with it okay. Because youre not only getting the transmitter and the receiver, but you get a usb to usbc charging cable. You get a couple of windgags or deadcats. So that you can fit them on the actual transmitters themselves and thats really nice for any quick and dirty sound. Recording that you need to do you get a TRS to TRS, cable and a TRS to TRRS cable for using it with a smartphone., And what is really nice is that you get a couple of lapel mics and you know theyre, not the best quality lavaliers that You can get but theyre, not the worst quality, okay., Theyre, sort of middle of the road and the fact that they give you two of them with the system, its really nice, because you are saving there anywhere between 100 or 150 dollars. If you need to buy a couple of lavaliers of similar quality., That alone makes this system really really nice.. Talking about the transmitters, this is as simple as you ever gon na get. You literally have to do nothing okay. The moment you lift this from the case. It syncs directly to the receiver, and all you need to do is decide whether youre gon na use it as a clip mic or use a lapel mic.. All you need to do is connect the lapel mic to the wireless mic and thats it.

You transmitting audio into the receiver.. It really is as simple as that i mean i could be spending here, a long time telling you about the pros and cons and how wonderful this thats, all you need to do okay., And this is great when youre doing audio on location, because you want something That is really quick and easy. You dont want to be worrying about things and searching the frequencies and …. They do everything automatically., Not only that, but they do a really clever frequency hopping. So if youre, in an area where there is a fair bit of people and smartphones and everything that could literally be sharing the same frequency, you dont get issues with a signal.. Now the receiver is the one thing that made this system stand out to me: okay, because its really nice to have an analog job wheel that you can adjust the volume and you dont have to worry about pressing buttons and accessing different menus.. Its really nice and smooth, and if i want to mute the microphone, i just press the button and thats that you know. And if i want to get the audio back on, i press back on and i adjust the volume accordingly. Now you can have two different Configurations you can have a single microphone or a dual microphone. Okay. Single microphone should be pretty self explanatory thats. All you need to worry about just the one single microphone uh …, With a dual microphone: its really nice, because you get this little split screen in the LCD.

That shows you either microphone and you can control the volume separately and independently. Thats thats, really nice. I I really like it., You got four different modes which you can access just by holding the button for a few seconds.. You can go into stereo, mono, safe mode and phone mode. Okay. Now stereo mode is really really helpful. If, for instance, you want to record two microphones independently into separate channels like discrete audio., Now up until a year ago, if you wanted to do that, it was really complicated and you had to buy or invest in many accessories, and it was really expensive. Okay. With this thats all you need. You connect this receiver onto your camera. You set the mode to stereo and thats it you get in two separate audio tracks recording, so you can then edit them in post production separately. Thats really really nice.. Another feature that i really like is the safe mode or the safe track, and what it means is that in case that youre recording someone that has very loud voice and it has peaks in the speech – it keeps one track at a lower volume so that you Can save that recording and its not picking or distorting you know.? I think thats really really helpful., And then you have the phone mode, which is the ideal mode if youre recording audio onto a smartphone – and you know the quality is really nice. Its really easy to use super lightweight.

You know that is the microphone i mean. Really. There is not much more to it.. There is a problem, though, if you want to record um discrete audio on a smartphone youre, not gon na be able to do this okay.. You can do this on a camera, but on a smartphone you dont have the ability. So my workaround is to use a small recorder like the zoom H1N and do exactly the same thing.. You set the receiver to stereo and then you record your audio onto the zoom H1N, and then you can then sync this in post super super easy using the guide track onboard sound that you record on your smartphone.. That is to me the easiest work around.. If you do interviews, it may not be a real issue because usually in an interview, you ask the question and then you wait for the other person to answer and youre, not overlapping, audio youre, not speaking over the other person. If you know what youre doing., But if, for instance, youre doing anything that is drama or narrative where you have different people talking and potentially talking over each other, this might be an issue. So this is the only compromise that i see with this system okay.. So if you need discrete audio, you need to use an external recorder., But again were not talking here. Anything complicated its really really easy, and you might already have a compact recorder yourself, so .

… This is great for smartphones, its so simple to use.. Now another thing that i really like about this is that you get a headphone port. Okay and not all cameras, have a headphone jack okay.. So, if youre sending audio into your camera, that might only be the only 3.5 mm minijack that you have, whether its in or out so, if youre, recording audio in you dont have a way to monitor audio. So with this system, you can do it. You know., You can just plug your headphones there and youre monitoring audio.. If you use this with a smartphone. This is incredibly useful because, as you know, smartphones dont have multiple IOs. You either go in or you go out. So the fact that you can have audio out into your phone and then you can monitor what it is, that youre recording its really really helpful.. Now ive been using this for a number of weeks. Now all my videos that ive been shooting with a smartphone have been recorded with these radio mics, and my experience so far has been brilliant.. I havent had a single problem with the radio mics transmission, the sinking to the receiver, any interferences i havent had any of those.. I cant have a review of a wireless swet of radio mics without doing a distance test, so these radio mics are listed at 100 meter distance. Okay, so lets see how far we can make this work. Okay, So lets just walk.

Realistically how many times youre gon na need more than this.. Am i even still recording audio here? Is the receiver picking up the signal Realistically? Are you ever gon na need to record audio from someone this far back really Now what you need to understand about radio mics is that its all about frequency, so if youre gon na be in an area with a lot of people with a lot of smartphones, Like, for instance, in a festival or in a very busy shopping, mall or in a very busy market, you might have interferences okay.. This is not because this set of radio mics are no good its just because this is a 279 dollar system okay.. If you need to record sound in those sort of environments, you need to go for a really professional and very specialized type of radio mics and those are in the thousands of dollars okay.. So in this price range 270 or thereabouts, there is nothing better than this.. Now i cannot tell you whether this is gon na be suitable to your needs. You need to arrive to that conclusion yourself., But if you want an easy way to record sound onto your smartphone or onto your camera, and you dont want to be worrying about cables and you know heavy setups. This is really really nice okay.. If youre recording on smartphones the fact that you cannot have discrete audio onto a smartphone its a bit of a bummer.

, I wish i didnt have to use my recorder and i could record the discrete audio directly into my smartphone. But you know ive been recording audio onto small compact recorders for years. I am very accustomed to that. So all i need to do is connect this onto my compact recorder and i can either attach it to my smartphone cage or into my pocket, depending on what configuration im doing.. So i still dont find it too much of a problem, and you know syncing audio. In post these days is so easy.. It used to be a real pain in the rear years ago, but nowadays its just two clicks and the program. Does it all for you, so i really dont find it too much of a problem.. Yes, it could be an inconvenience, but you know you learn to work around it and to me its not too much of a deal.. So overall do i recommend this And i say yes, i absolutely love these jog wheels. You know the analogue adjustment of the volume, its really nice, its really simple to use.. The transmitters even have a mute button on on the body itself. So if you want to cut the audio for whatever reason you just press that button and then press it again and youre recording audio again., So theres just so many features in this uh ready, mic. Ive had a really good experience using these microphones for the last Month and a half okay.

, Every video that ive shot with my cameras or my smartphone, has been using these radio mics and not once have failed me. So i strongly recommend it.. I think you would be making a really good investment, and i hope that, if youre watching this video and youre on the sidelines, considering whether you need to invest in a radio mic or whether its worth the money, you can consider this, because its gon na make Your life, so so easy. And with that being said, i really hope you enjoyed this video and you got something good out of it.. If you did give the thumbs up, it helps with a youtube algorithm. Subscribe to the channel. If you havent done so already, it helps to see the numbers going, up.