So i feel like i know the phone pretty well give a pretty good honesty view of how i found it. So the phone in question is the blackvue bv9900e and its kind of um a sort of mid range rugged phone. When i bought the phone, i could only find sort of uk reviews of the highest most expensive phone in this. In the black view range. I couldnt find one of of this particular phone, so i think i took a bit of a risk with it. So the reason i wanted a rugged smartphone is ive broken my last few phones from dropping them from not even a great height, just dropping them from a stand in height and ive smashed the screens on several of them. So i thought as im out hiking as well, and i basically use my phone as a navigation tool. I have all the os maps on there. I use the gps. I plan routes on there used to track all my routes through the phone as well. I thought this time id go for a phone thats actually designed to withstand a bit of punishment, so i basically had three sort of criteria for picking the phone, so one was the spec, because i wanted to be just my normal everyday smartphone so had to have A decent cpu had to have a decent size. Decent quality screen had to have a decent amount of ram and a decent amount of storage.

So this phones got a had a when i bought it last year had a pretty good spec in terms of the processor. Well, go into a bit more of that later on, had six giga ram: 120 giga storage, a 4 380 milliamp hour battery and a good 5.84 inch screen and thats corning gorilla glass, 5., so the specs were really good. The next thing is, i want it to be rugged. I want it to be solid outdoors, so this phone is ip68 rated, which means its dust proof and waterproof and its also ip69k rated um, as well as being mil standard 810g. The american sort of miniature standard rating as well and well go a bit more into what that actually means in terms of how rugged and how reliable it can be, and the third factor no surprise for anyones his channel before was obviously the price didnt want to Go spending an absolute fortune on the phone, but i didnt want to skimp either. So when i bought this phone, its 329 pounds and 99 pence – and that is the rrp of the phone. So i think when i bought it was reasonably new out so on amazon. Now its actually available for 280 pounds, but its also got one of those random 20 pound vouchers, just by ticking the voucher box, so 260 pounds for the spec of this phone and for the quality of this phone. I think it is a really really solid purchase.

Now so in terms of uh, how rugged the phone is – and i dont know if anyone knows much about ip ratings, i didnt know great. Did i buy them until it was just in a bit of reading for this review? Really so i p ratings ip just means ingress protection, so ip68 is ingress. Protection, six means its protected against dust and native means its waterproof um. So the test needs is waterproof at 1.5 meter depth for 30 minutes, so that that isnt, the maximum depth its just a depth they tested to. So it could um go deeper than that. It depends on what your manufacturer states, because its like a minimum sort of test that they do and obviously the dust is just to keep out any kind of sand and dust. At the same time now the ip69k rating, again its ingress, um proof against dust, but its the highest possible ratings. What it means is thats actually able to withstand high pressure and high temperature water, so its not just waterproof. It can withstand high pressure and high temperature. As well yeah, so the mill standard 810g rating uh is obviously a us military spec and it guarantees a level of durability for for equipment. So, basically its got to withstand 29 different tests. They sort of combine shock vibration, heat cold, gunfire, shock, humidity and, and quite a few more so that can be tested by an external company, but can also be done internally as well.

So its not necessarily um, you know an absolute guarantee because it might the test. Might have been done internally and theres, no one sort of verifying the exact results, so they could have. You know fudged some of the results if they wanted to, but one of the things with a brand like blackvue, obviously trying to get into the to the smartphone market and obviously into the rugged smartphone market. So theyve got to build a reputation so its not in their interest to to doing to to bring out bad products. Theyve got to bring out products that are better than expected and a lower price point until they build that brand recognition. Build that um trust with consumers and that that way they can put the prices up. So you can see that with a lot of outdoor hiking brands, especially from china when they enter the market, theyve got really low prices, they prove themselves and gradually the prices go up as people start to trust them as they start to build the brand reliability. So i think that would be the case with blackvue as well. So blackvue claimed that this phone will function perfectly happily from minus 30 degrees c up to 55 degrees c um. So there is videos online of people, chucking them in fridges and stuff and just showing how they still work, absolutely fine. When theyve been in the freezer for ages and stuff and so for the kind of stuff i ive used it with its um.

You know its not not going to really test either one of those extremes and blackvue also claim its drop proof up to 1.5 meters in height, so the kind of average height if youre, holding the phone that youre going to drop it from it should be. You know should be completely dropped free for that at that height, so ive dropped mine a few times and its still working absolutely fine, very little um markings as well its a very solid phone. So, in terms of cameras, the the phone has got four cameras, so its got a 16 megapixel ultra ride, um camera its got a 48 megapixel sony camera on it as well. Its got a 2 megapixel macro camera, its got 0.3 megapixel um depth camera, so it uh measure heights in that uh. It shoots 4k video at 30 frames per second and its got a 16 megapixel selfie camera. So you know youre well spec, for that kind of stuff. Its got a couple of little things as well, so its got a heart rate monitor at the back and its got a barometer as well, and it supports all the normal gps, glossness video, galileo, nav and all that kind of stuff. Nfc 4g and apparently it supports wireless charge as well, but ive never used that, so the phone is well specced. Its got a decent process got a nice screen, its not too big a phone, but it is quite chunky, certainly compared to my older phones as well.

Thats the one noticeable thing, and so what is you know? What is my experience of actually using the phone? Well im: a really heavy phone user. I use it a lot for um, obviously navigation when im out and about i just use it as a smartphone. An awful lot, my partner, will tell you that she will tell you just you know how much im on my phone, so its had a really busy over a years use now, and it has been really really good. I found it completely reliable. I found it really responsive, so whatever apps im using is always really responsive. Its got plenty of grunt. I dont play games in it. So ive got no idea what the gaming performance is like ive got no interest in playing games on my phone at all, and but what i have done is like, if ive been in work, um and ive not had a laptop or computer handy and ive attended Teams, meetings and stuff ive attended teams meeting on this phone with seven or eight different people, multi screen its been absolutely fine doing all of that. So it is a really good everyday smartphone, but what ive really enjoyed is having the extra confidence that it is rugged. Waterproof dust proof can withstand shocks, can withstand drop impacts and can withstand obviously extreme temperatures as well. So obviously ive not taken anywhere near to the extremes that its supposedly capable of doing ive just used it.

Obviously, in britain um all through the winter or through the summer, its always in my pocket, its been on all my wild camps with me, its its just done absolutely, you know its not put a foot wrong, so its definitely been um out in really heavy rain. Uh in waterproofs, where the pockets are full of water and its just been sat in water for many miles, um ive been out about using it as a camera, so if its really shucking down with rain and im bagging a trick or something i want to take Photos of that to record the uh, the trig point and stuff ill happily take the phone out and take photos and its just been absolutely perfect. For me really – and i cant recall any issues with it um in in terms of how it still looks and feels there is some slight marking on the corners from from drop in packs um, but theres no marks on the screen at all. The screen is survived. They need the drops ive done. It has got a like a little over overhanging lip to protect the screen. If you are dropping it, it should hopefully hit those rather than the screen itself, and obviously it is the corning um gorilla glass 5 as well. So it is pretty strong. The back is kind of siliconized supposed to have it with standard shocks, but it also means its quite grippy, so youre less likely to drop it, and it also helps if youre wearing gloves as well, because some of the phones are glass backs or full metal backs.

Theyre really slippery this. This phone works well with gloves as well. It is quite a chunky phone, its got quite a bit of weight to it when i first got it. I was just kind of like this is ridiculous. When you put it in your pocket, you absolutely know about it, and, but now its just, you know its just a phone. I dont, i dont see any differently to to my old smartphones, even though its a bit thicker and heavier, and it hasnt got a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Its got a usb thing and it does come with the usb headphones as well. Comes in a really nice box, actually it comes in what i would say would it would easily match the kind of high end phones, youre buying nowadays in terms of packaging and overall presentation um, but no, i use my wireless headphones with it when im out hiking And if im in the car and stuff and theyve worked flawlessly with it, its just been a really good phone and – and it just happens to be a really rugged phone – that you can trust and rely on as well. So i pay for this myself. Im not sponsored in any way by by black view, its just my personal opinion, and when i was looking to to get this phone, i couldnt really find any reviews on youtube from anyone in the uk, and so i thought it took a bit of a punt In terms of going for this particular model and but its been its been really good and id highly recommend it and so yeah its now available for just 260 pounds, which i think, when you dig into the actual specs of the phone, the processor, the ram.

The screen all the other stuff, its really good value as a smartphone, so its almost like its a real bargain. When you add in all the ruggedness and the toughness it provides as well so yeah. I would recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a phone that can survive a bit of a bit of abuse, so ive used it for well over a year now and its been absolutely flawless for me and ill keep using it. So if i break it well come back and update um. You know if i damage it in any significant way. Well come back and update if it fails um due to any kind of water or dust, ingress, ill, definitely update as well, but for the time being. First year, in a bit, its done absolutely brilliantly. So if that was helpful to you, if youve been looking at blackvue phones or this kind of model as well, and this helped you make, you know – have a bit of confidence in in trying it, then you know, please drop me a like on the video.