These guys seem to take it up a notch, every single time they put out another device now weve seen all types of improvements, not just from a performance perspective with all kinds of crazy specs. Like refresh rates on displays, massive counts for things like ram, but then also weve, seen gamer specific inputs show up on some of their devices in order to give you an edge in some of the most popular mobile games and for myself to give me a lot More comfort, if im spending any kind of extended time playing a game on a small display, it can get cramped up with the only the on screen controls comparative to some of the cool stuff. That theyve been able to do not just on device, but also through a variety of accessories that they offer up. This one is called the seven pro and the color on this model is supernova. Its got a snapdragon 8 gen 1 because its got to be high performance. Its got a 6.8 inch ammo led display 500 hertz gaming, shoulder triggers. Those are those extra inputs that i was talking about, which just free up your hands your thumbs. Actually, to do other things within the game more comfortably, because now, just like on a game controller, your index fingers are responsible for your triggers to look down the sights and, of course, to shoot. It gives you an advantage. 20 000 rpm turbo fan theres, actually active cooling on here, so youre not going to see the graded performance once it starts to heat up.

Youve also got 65 watt gan fast charging 5000 milliamp hour battery. What theyre calling ice 9.0 multi dimensional cooling system prepare to enter the next dimension. Now, of course, weve got a camera system on here, but they kind of they dont talk a lot about it. Yes, you can take pictures on here, but its not really. The core focus, of course you do have a dedicated game mode in the system for tweaking all kinds of settings on your phone, so that with a single switch, you can have all those settings enabled that you like when youre gaming, including the restrictions of certain notifications And certain performance aspects you can now do that with one single switch 120 hertz display on the 6.8 inches, it is 2400 by 1080 amoled. The cooling system here looks comprehensive, look at this exploded view of how it works. Composite graphene air aluminum box, high speed turbo fan high, conducting gel cooling air duct, the red magic turbo cooler, an optional accessory vc heat dissipation plate, soft high conducting rare earth elements, super conducting copper, foil heat dissipation, plate protective case for red magic, seven yeah its got It all and an upgraded air channel, remember dont, forget the active, cooling and dont forget the rgb. How dare you call yourself, a gaming phone unless youve got rgb rgb on an active fan in your smartphone, its a lot to ask it is here, though, double x axis motors, symmetrical for stronger vibration and more accurate touch feedback during your gaming experience, you have dual Stereo speakers certified dts x ultra surround sound thats, a good thing tougher to cover up more immersive, one speaker for each ear.

Ah, theres also gaming projection coming soon supporting 120 fps wirelessly to a larger display, theyre claiming high quality and low latency. This is ambitious. Id have to check it out, but they do say thats a thing thats coming soon. Okay lets go ahead and jump inside the package and check out this supernova color. First thing, though, weve got a little box a sim tool. There is a case included to get you started with a little bit of protection, and, with these cases, theyve always got to be pretty unique. You have quite a set of cutouts. It also looks relatively protective theres a bit of a material buildup in each of the two corners giant cutout in the center as well. Here is the device in this case. I guess supernova references the kind of see through look, so you can actually catch a glance at the inside of the device like through the device. Theres, like a transparency effect going on which to me, makes the most sense on a gaming phone thats, the type of buyer, who may appreciate the ability to do this. The main thing youre going to be able to check out through these transparent sections is your rgb cooling fan. As you can see above there, 20 000 rpm is represented. The way that theyve kind of included fonts in here it kind of gives it a sci fi feel you know its like labeling the variety of components on the mechanical board.

That youve is not whats happening here, but you can picture the sci fi vision, cant you. Instead, in here, everything is embedded everythings integrated five thousand milliamp hour, parallel charging 65 watt gan capability. This is just to remind you of your spec sheet to be honest, cooling system, snapdragon, 8 gen 1, an air inlet. Now this whole region around the outside is going to be this really polished, transparent, glass and then in the middle thats cool to the touch thats a metal, and i presume that this is going to aid to an extent in keeping the device cool and thats. Probably why, even when you have the case installed, it remains exposed. Here. Is your camera setup up top, they say ai camera. This is a pretty small camera cutout. The camera is there because you need to have that functionality, but it is not the core focus of this phone being a gamer centric device. Look at this. We have protected the existence of the mini jack connector, so we have a dedicated analog audio output, extremely low latency when youre using analog audio for gaming, thats still going to be the best solution. This side of the device here youre going to see your volume rocker as well as the power switch, and i guess this is going to be your exhaust section for that rgb fan. These are your shoulder buttons up, top capacitive touch buttons, but they are embedded in there a little bit, so you can feel their existence, but its not like a major thing that when youre just using the phone youre kind of bugged by them, instead, it feels like A regular phone when youre using it as a regular phone, but then you can kind of pick up their existence with your index fingers when you want to use them this side of the device is where you get your dedicated gaming switch.

This is a textured switch, so you can feel it easily its also, almost always in this red color on red magic devices. You flip this switch. You go straight into game mode, thats, going to activate all your variety of settings for cooling, for your display settings for your power consumption settings and, of course, to limit your notifications so that you can stay immersed in the game. I want to see this charger. Thats included in the package, its not as big as i expected it to be. This is actually pretty good for a 65 watt, gan charger and the beauty of this being included in the package is that now you got a 65 watt charger that you can use for anything not just to fast charge this device, but probably your laptop. Your tablet is going to be more than enough power to keep those things going as well. You can actually ditch some of your other chargers and replace them with this one thats, incredibly small for 65 watts, signature, red and black usb type c charge. Cable. Oh, look at that. We are booted up lets, go ahead and check out the screen. I knew we had more brightness there im going to turn off automatic brightness, even though that means im going to be using a little bit more power. I can see that mo. Has pre installed some games for us, including pubg mobile, real racing? Three. You can see that the interface has like sort of a cyborg like feel to it im gon na click into the display here screen refresh 120.

You got to appreciate that refresh. If you do want to save a little bit of battery life, you can go all the way down to 60 plus you have some middle ground at 90 hertz for battery savings, but still some nice performance. Now, as far as the interface is concerned, if youre familiar with android its actually a pretty stock experience minus some of the widgets here that theyve included and the look of this particular drop down. Otherwise, when you pan to the left youre getting your typical google stuff, this account right now. Doesnt have discover, but you would see your google discover stuff that you would see on any other google device when you swipe left on here and we do have a widget. It looks to be pre installed for the game fan. We also see the number of hours spent gaming, which is kind of funny and heart rate, its a new form of workout, just very intense gaming, while monitoring the heart rate. Obviously you can elevate the heart rate. I dont think its a substitute for exercise hate to break it to you now, of course, you can just click on the game from here, but, more importantly, you can flip the switch and go into the actual dedicated gaming mode. What happens here is youre going to line up various elements in game which your triggers will then activate. This will work with almost any game. If the game has a touch button for a particular function, you just remap it and it will stay saved.

So the next time around you just boot that game up and your triggers are functioning just like a controller would on a console and you dont even need to think about it. Its a singular setup and all of those settings remain locked and connected to that particular title. The other thing you can do now is you can actually record clip, so you can actually do some degree of streaming from here or record your own gameplays im gon na go ahead and turn the turbo fan on now. It does make a noise trying to pick up the rgb taking place. Obviously, if its darker youll see more and as far as the sound is concerned, ill hold it up to the mic. So you will hear it. But if you want optimal performance, extended optimal performance and if youre wearing a headset well its obviously not going to bother you, we can also check out the accessories right within the gaming app. These are the external devices that you can add to this setup, including the red magic, dual core cooler, the ice dock, which ive used in a previous video tws gaming, earbuds wireless like headband style, earbuds, and then you have the esports handle to give you even more Tactile control with a controller like attachment, so i think kind of the beauty of this is you have these trigger buttons without the need for anything external? But if you want to turn this into like a full, fledged portable console, you can do so with this variety of accessories.

Okay, so lets go ahead and boot up pubg mobile, so the fan came on game assist by default. Now you drag from this side over here to see what your phone is doing and how its behaving so its currently in a balanced setting that setting is going to try to balance out a battery consumption and performance. You can see your gpu clock. You can see your cpu, we can see our battery life here, our network activity. We can silence certain applications, whatsapp and so forth. Modify things quickly like screen, refresh record clips turn the fan on or off we can lock touch. We can do a game reminder and then, of course, brightness. We can quickly control as well theres, also an eco preset and a rise preset, which i believe takes performance to another level. It says: hey, your temperature is going to go up and youre going to use a lot more battery, but i like having the option so allow me to decide if thats a thing that i want to do. This is where were going to program our trigger buttons. You will just move the l to the section of the game where you want. The left trigger to trigger and same goes for. The right. Theres also touch sensitivity from low to high, and then we can also turn the vibration feedback on or off, if thats, something that you like or dont like im gon na go ahead and just pull in from the side here and click there see so theyre, both Just fire right now, but i probably want the left shoulder or trigger to.

Let me look down the sight and then allow the right one to actually fire, so this will now. Let me do this and then fire with the other shoulder and of course, if i didnt have the shoulder buttons, then what i would be doing is pressing here and then there and using my thumb. But now my thumb can remain here. So i can stay looking around while im firing without taking my right thumb away from that function. Applause Laughter! Oh there we go. We got a dude Music hes on the ground, Music, Music yeah, so its funny. Every time i boot this thing up im kind of like learning the game again for the first few minutes, but it does make things so much easier having those dedicated buttons, its so much more familiar and so much more equivalent to having like a dedicated gaming situation. As opposed to trying to manage all that, essentially, just with your thumbs up Music to location, watch out, watch out Music, this one might be even better actually for this purpose, you know whats funny. The fan is going off right now. Its kind of cooling down my hand a little bit Applause whoa. Here we go Music. I should have reloaded Music. I should have went down down the crosshairs on that one for sure Music, oh its all, four of them damn walked into it, theres two that guy spawned behind me. No, why did i misread that? I got two of them come on, come on with the aim there, Music, Music, oh reload, bit faster, could have been good three of them.

Every time there we go thats a two for one ah could have been three all right. So i was gaming for oh, i dont know. Maybe like half an hour, i dont im, not even certain. I was kind of lost in it. For a moment. I was getting back in the groove uh. The main thing is the performance is amazing, and you have this opportunity to kind of really tweak the way that it that the device is working depending on what you want to get out of it. If youre having this gaming session – and you really want high performance – and you want to have the fan going and you want the maximum frame rate and everything else, then you can go that direction if you want to do some casual gaming go on eco mode. Of course, its still got that huge battery in it at 5 000 milliamp hours, and you have the ability to top it up quickly. Now, with the 65 watt gan charger, if youre really into mobile gaming, then its time to pay attention to devices that are specifically targeting you, because there are some advantages to it, and i know for a fact myself in those shooter games. If i was strictly on screen with the thumb back and forth with my level of dexterity, i would not be playing anywhere near as good its extra inputs that other phones arent going to give you this just fits in your pocket and its always with you.

So you just pop this out just like that. Youve got this enhanced gaming experience its kind of interesting. They went with this flat design around the outside, slightly more blocky, i would say, but its allowed them to fit in a really impressive spec sheet.