Mid range smartphone and it in fact, motorola claims that this is the worlds thinnest smartphone. So we are going to have a look at it and also does not weigh that much and, of course, its a 5g smartphone. It has ready for, and some of the specs on them are actually really good, almost sort of like a flagship uh. But this comes with actually the new snapdragon 778 plus uh 5g processor. If you recall – and this is the first smartphone in india that is coming with snapdragon 778 plus soc uh – this is uh just a iteration of the snapdragon 778. This is clocked a little bit higher and, as we still do get a case like this and yes, the phone is indeed pretty thin. Actually, this is just supposed to be 6.7 and 7 mm and it feels very, very light. This is just 155 grams, so very sleek device have to say that and has a triple camera setup motorola branding uh. This is supposed to have gorilla glass at the front. The back also actually looks like glass guys, but this is not glass. This is acrylic that they have, but nevertheless that looks very slick well come back to this later lets see what else do we get uh? So here are some paperwork and your sim ejector tool and all these things will be there. Some yeah basic guide and your sim ejector tool is here what else we should have a fast charger, also in the box and a type c to type a cable guys.

So we are getting a 33 watt fast charger in the box, which is type a so thats what we get. So let me keep this box to the side and lets look at the handset itself and i have to say again its very very light. At just 155 grams and top, we do have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and here a volume, rockers and power on off button uh. This is supposed to have stereo speakers. Yes, finally – and it also is supposed to have dolby atmos, so we look at it uh your type c port for charging, and this will be your sim tray. I believe this comes with 128 gigabytes of storage, but ram will be two million six and eight gigabytes of ram and we do have a rubber gasket. This is supposed to be ip52, so dual sim, no micro, sd card slot. On the same so – and here actually, nothing so feels very, very sleek, guys uh back, we have the main camera is a 50 megapixel, and this one has optical image stabilization. The next camera is also 50 megapixel, but this does the job of two cameras: thats ultra white and a macro, and then we have that obligatory 2 megapixel camera our front is supposed to be 32 megapixel and again it feels very, very light – and this is supposed To have a p oled discrete with 144 hertz, refresh rate, also dc dimming hdr 10, so supposed to be a very good quality screen and looks like it will have in display fingerprint scanner.

So let this just boot up and ill set it up, and then we will continue so guys. Ive set up the phone. In fact this im shooting after two days so ive used this phone for about two days. So let me actually give you my initial impressions. Also, what do i feel about this, and there are some things that i noticed. I also took some camera samples in varying light conditions, so ill also show you the camera samples later on and again first thing is again its a super light phone and the big deal is i, like the display thats, the p oled display that is being used On this one and again i like the fact that its not super super big phone, its having a 6.5 inch screen, so not super big like a 6.7 or a 6.8, so it feels very comfortable to hold in the hat and again, if you notice its a P oled screen and its a very good quality screen that theyre using this is actually a 10 bit screen and also has dc dimming, so even uh at night. When i was using it, it can go very dull in lightning and it doesnt uh fatigue eyes or something so in terms of screen quality. Their view is a very good quality screen. Also. Another thing is that, and this is new for motorola. This is having the in display fingerprint scanner as you can see, and it works very well as you can see, and it also has that moto display and all these things on this one – and this is the display fingerprint from scanner its a little bit low here Here but it works very well and again, almost stock android experience left.

You have the google pane and all these things and again, even though uh icons and toggles are like very close to the stock uh pixel uh ui that you get on this one so and also this one has nfc and again it has all the features that You want, i like the fact that this also has dolby atmos, and i, like the speakers on this one. It has the stereo speakers, but theyre actually pretty loud. I thought because its so light and something that they might compromise on speaker but thats, not the case. Let me just lets search for copyright. Free music lets just uh use this to give you an idea, im going to increase and let me just go further a little bit. Let me increase it as you can see, it gets very loud, and if i block here coming from here, i would say: sixty percent of the sun comes from this forty percent this, but still uh, you get a very uh immersive ink screen. In fact, the stereo speakers are a lot louder than what i have expected. Another small thing i noticed is that the haptic feedback is also done well on this uh smartphone and again its a very light phone uh, the back uh again, i didnt use it with the case guys and if you notice closely uh, it attracts a little bit Of fingerprints, but not that bad, i would say and uh let me do one thing: ive just moved this here: widgets and all those things here: okay, so completely stock uh.

One thing i did not like on this phone is that uh by default, this daily hunt and josh was pre installed. So i do not like this one. They shouldnt have done it apart from that no bloatware, but these two were there. I did not uninstall it lets see, we can uninstall it or what, if we go to app info? Yes, you can uninstall it, but these two bloatwares were pre installed on this device. Thats. What i have noticed again, a good thing, is that the screen is 144 hertz, so again, very smooth uh its default on auto. If you go to display, if i go to display options and if you go to display refresh rate by default, will be auto but im forcing it and using it at 144 hertz. But i just wanted to use it at the maximum and see how it performs and again very smooth – and i, like the processor, also, this new snapdragon 778 plus – is able to handle it even at 144 hertz. So no issues regarding that. So again, everything is smooth and if you notice, uh apps also load very quickly and it feels a little bit smooth and i think so. This is due to the fact that many of the smartphones in this price range are using the old lpddr4 ram. But this one is actually using the uh. What do you say? A ddr5 ram, which is a lot more expensive, generally used only in flagships but theyre using this one.

So that way, i feel the phone is very, very responsive, so in general usage or anything you will not have a problem, its a very smooth phone that you are creating uh. Another thing is again: as ive told you its pretty light: fingerprint scanner is nice completely stopped so overall im liking the phone, and definitely it is a light phone feels very, very light and because of the slim thinness, one thing is that you dont have the 3.5 Mm headphone jack, but ive noticed that many of the mid rangers are omitting that on this one thats the same case even with this one but general operations, very, very fast ram management has been done very well on this one. So no issues regarding that. You also have that ram boost option up to two gigabytes of ram extra. You can use it im, not using it with that, but you can also, in terms of software im, happy to say that this comes out of the box with android 12. If i go to about the device – and if you go to software info as you can see – android 12 out of the box and motorola, i checked with the motorola india team and they said that android, 13 and 14. This device will be getting in the next three years of android update, so motorola is really improving uh in terms of updates, i would say so thats actually a nice thing. Uh next thing is: i was a little bit worried because uh this one is supposed to have a 4020 milliamp hour battery, so i was a little bit worried.

How would it be, but again guys this is initial impressions, not a full review or something i have to test. This is the first charge uh on this one first cycle and i let it go down all the way up to two percent and, as you can see at two percent, i it worked for last two days over two days, that is over 48 hours, so standby Time is very good and screen on time. As you can see, i got seven hours. Four minutes with this. One so looks like battery life will not be a issue on this phone and again apart from that its a typical motorola phone. So you have that moto gesture chop chop lets twist to open the camera and all those things so lets now look at the camera on this one, and this is very similar to the h30 pro that is their flagship, that camera setup. If i bring some object, this is the regular one. This is the wide angle and right angle is also 50 megapixel and that we have that macro that two megapixel or whatever, and you have all the modes over here as you can see, so you have all the modes that are uh given on this one, and You also have the pro mode on this. One and front facing is supposed to be a 32 megapixel and, as you can see, and here also, we have all the modes uh. I like the fact that in video uh, even with the front facing camera by default before uh for full hd, but you can switch to 4k as you can see so, both with the rear and the front facing you can shoot actually 4k.

So let me do one thing: let me actually show you some of the samples i have taken with this smartphone some outdoor samples. First, this is a regular shot. This is 2x zoom, and this is the ultra white and a regular short, and this is ultra white ultraviolet also has ample detail and outdoor shots actually come out good, as you can see, with the sample shot now, not an actually good lighting regular shot, and this Was ultra wide and this is taken at night, as you can see, night shots also actually come out good with this uh smartphone. So here i see an improvement, as you can see now, with some human subjects at night regular shot, and this was with that portrait mode at night it actually boosts the brightness quite a bit. This was how it was looking naturally now with the the front facing camera. These were taken in the regular mode and, as you can see, the front facing camera is also actually pretty sharp. These were now taken with the portrait bokeh mode recording this quick sample, video with the front facing camera, and the audio is also being recorded by the microphone ive just stepped outside very harsh lighting, to see how it handles it. And let me just now go back inside with this very dull lightning to see how it handles. So. This is a quick sample recorded with the front facing camera of this moto h30, so guys uh.

This is the moto h30, and apart from that, this also has ip52 rating and also that ready for wireless ready for is supported on this one and also motorola, think shield. So i feel its a very good package and regarding the pricing guys as ive told you, theyll itll come in two variants: uh both will have 128 gigabytes of storage, but the base one will have six gigabytes of ram and that mrp, for that will be about 28, 000 and the eight gigabyte will be about 30 000., but uh motorola team just told me that users can get an instant discount of 2000 rupees if they use specific cards. I just dont know which cards are that once i have that information ill, add it in the description. So if you use those specific credit cards, you can get the base variant for about 26 000 and i feel for that price. What you are getting is a very good smartphone uh. The screen quality is really good, its very thin and light, not bulky at all. The stereo speakers is very good also in terms of performance. The performance is very, very good on this one, thanks to the snapdragon 778 uh g plus processor itll handle everything, in fact, even for gaming. If you do a lot of gaming, this will handle gaming also, so i feel its a very practical and a balanced smartphone that you are getting with this one.