This is the real me nine 5g global edition, thats right people ive got the global edition right here. So it says here: hey welcome to the realme family and on the other side it says, lets embrace a new journey. So inside this envelope we have sim eject tool, paperwork and weve got a slightly tinted clear silicon case, and here it is guys the real me. 9, 5g global version, so this version is actually powered by the snapdragon 695. It does feature a higher 120 hertz. Refresh rate resolution and touch sampling is slightly boosted and theres a few additional extras that you get in this global release and check out that rear design. That looks absolutely gorgeous so inside the box. We also have a usb a to usb c cable and a fast charging brick. So i believe this one is an 18 watt, fast charger included in the box. Now we need to talk about that design. This is the first ever ripple, holographic design, which is inspired by a desert ripple effect. So it looks really nice, no doubt about that one, and it is quite a technical process to achieve what they have done here. It uses multiple layers of coating transferred using uv technology. Realme basically go the extra mile on their designs. It doesnt matter whether its a budget handset or a premium flagship handset. They really take pride in their designs and usually on a budget smartphone. You would not expect this level of effort.

Furthermore, the color i have here is called stargaze white. The smartphone is 8.5 millimeters in thickness and it weighs only 191 grams, so slim and light with a really nice design, and it feels awesome in the hands so yeah im digging that design. Now at the bottom of the smartphone, you will find a headphone jack microphone. Usb type c, port and a single speaker and on the side we have a power button, which also doubles up as a fingerprint sensor at the top. You have another microphone and on the other side, you can see a sim tray and a volume rocker. Now, if we just take that sim tray out, you will notice its a hybrid sim tray, so we can take two nano sim cards or one nano sim card and one micro sd up to 512 gigs. Now, on the front, you are looking at a 6.6 inch. Ips display thats a 120 hertz refresh and yes, it does support automatic refresh rates, so we can automatically adjust the refresh rate based on what youre doing, but you do have the option to go 120, hertz, all the time or 60 hertz all the time. Now the screen resolution is 2412 by 1080, so full hd plus resolution with 600 nits of peak brightness and weve got 2.5 d, curved glass, so no gg protection and we have 400 pixels per inch and the realme 95g global is powered by the snapdragon 695, which Is a 6 nanometer octa core clocked at 2.

2? Gigahertz and here are the anti 2 benchmark results, so we achieved 352k. So you can expect a pretty decent mid range performance from this handset. Now, on the back, we have a triple camera setup with 50 megapixel primary lens, which is pretty good when taking photos in good lighting situations. Low light shots are a little noisy as expected, and maximum video is limited to 1080 at 30 fps, so no 60fps, unfortunately, and video stabilization is actually quite poor and shaky. There is also a portrait lens and here are some samples for you to check out, and finally, we have a 2 megapixel macro lens, and if we flip this phone around on the front, you will find a 16 megapixel selfie camera and the front sensor also supports A maximum of 1080 at 30 fps now lets talk about the gaming performance and, as we already know, snapdragon chips are already well optimized for gaming, and that is exactly the case with this phone. The snapdragon 695, with the adreno 619 combination, gives us a very pleasant gaming experience. You can play cod mobile on very high graphics and you do have the option to switch to maximum frame rate. So here is a very quick round of cod mobile. I want to quickly mention about the speakers. You do not have dual speakers. Youve only got a single bottom firing speaker. So if you block the bottom youre not going to hear hardly any sounds, but on a plus point that single speaker is very loud and clear.

Applause, Applause, enemy, Applause, enemies, Applause, enemy in sight, Applause, Music, so there you have it guys. That was my quick tour and overview of the realme 9 5g global edition, showing you what this phone is all about. Now the display is good enough for general use. Although peak brightness is a bit low at 600 nits – and this is what you can expect from the screen – visibility when youre outdoors see the brightness is set to max and its on automatic. What i do like, however, is how the phone looks and feels in the hands the real me9 5g global is slim and light. It feels and looks good in the hands its a budget handset, but it manages to feel and look a little bit more than that. Overall, camera experience is not great, but its certainly nice to have a 50 megapixel primary and it does the job for point and shoot scenarios. Although video capture is not going to win any awards, the 5 000 milliamp hour battery is good and can last you even two days depending on your usage, but slightly let down by that slow 18 watt charging. It means it will take just over 95 minutes to fully charge the battery from zero to 100 percent. Its also worth mentioning that this global version does have built in nfc. Now, if youre wondering exactly how the smartphone performs when compared to the other devices out, there then do check out my top performing smartphone chart of 2022 and, as you can see, the realme 9 5g global has ranked at position with a benchmark score of 352k.

Now you can view the full versions of all my charts online at and read them at your leisure and after installing netflix opening it up. It works absolutely fine and you can see it actually supports hd quality, so bottom line, the realme 95g offers decent value, and this global version certainly brings that value factor alive. If youre looking for the best budget smartphone, this one is good, although certainly not the best budget phone of the year. I do feel a degree of satisfaction whilst im using this phone and that can only be experienced once you have the phone in your hands. Yes, there are certainly some things that could be improved, but i get a strong vibe from this brand. They make the phones that the people want things like headphone jack, big primary sensor, big battery six nanometer performance, 120, hertz display slim and light. They tried to cram as much as they could for a price which you really cant ignore. Now ive been watching this company for a few years now, and i just feel that the overall product, presentation and user experience is winning hearts now. I would not be surprised if realme becomes the top four smartphone brand in the world, so they are definitely growing really fast and every time i test one of their phones. I do get a positive vibe from them, so that was my very quick overview and pros and cons so far of the realme 9 5g global version.

If youve got any questions or you want me to test something specific, let me know in the comments and ill do my best to respond asap.