It brings all the goodies youd expect from a high end 2022 phone along with a bunch of proprietary sony features as well. So is the xperia 1 mark iv, the flagship you need in your life im will for gsm marina and lets find out in our full review Music. The xperia 1 mark iv has a very familiar tall flat and slim design, its very similar to last years model. But this time all the color schemes are matte, the matte black finish looks nice and it does a good job at hiding fingerprints and smudges. Both the back panel and the aluminum frame are flat and they made it a sharp edge that provides some extra grip like last year. The front is protected by shatter resistant gorilla, glass, victis and now the back has victus as well, making the build overall, a bit sturdier just like before the new model is water resistant with both an ip65 and an ip68 certification. Another feature that is returned is the fingerprint reader built into the power button, but is larger now its always on and very fast and just like on last years, xperia pro, i you get a dedicated two step: camera shutter. The first step is for focus and, if theres, a human or animal subject, the phone will use eye autofocus automatically locking on to the subjects eye. The xperia one mark iv also has a few old school features that you dont see on flagships these days, theres microsd, expandable storage, on top of the 256 or 512 gigs built in the selfie cam, sits in the top bezel, rather than a cutout and theres.

Also, a notification led, and last but not least, you get a regular 3.5 millimeter jack for plugging in headphones too. Besides the headphones for your audio, the xperia 1 mark 4 also offers a pair of full stage front facing stereo speakers. The speakers are slightly louder than on last years, model earning a score of good in our loudness test. The sound, however, is deeper and richer with noticeable boost in the bass Music. One cool feature is dynamic vibration. You can enable it next to the volume controls and it allows the phone to vibrate, along with the sound of your media. We also want to mention this screens great haptic feedback, its really precise vibrating right on the spot that you touch speaking of the screen is pretty much the same as last year, a 6.5 inch oled with a 120hz refresh rate and an impressive 4k resolution, even though This screen is identical. Specs wise sony claims that its brighter this time around, and we confirmed that in our tests on the mark 3. The panels max brightness was different between the manual slider and auto mode and youd get different max brightness ceilings depending on your color profile. But the mark iv can provide over 600 nits maximum, regardless the most we measured was 680 thats more than enough for good sunlight legibility, but still a bit behind the competition. The xperia 1 mark 4s panel is one of the sharpest around at 643 ppi.

The 4k resolution isnt always active, though the phone will fall back to an extended full hd resolution for most day to day use to save energy and then output in 4k for a limited set of tasks such as video playback. Anyway, the picture is crisp, clear and contrasty. The xperia 1 mark 4 is hdr10 video certified, but there is no dolby vision support. It does have a new real time. Hdr video drive, which can uplift scr content to hdr and theres support for 10 bit color as well thats over 1 billion colors. The color settings are pretty much the same as weve. Seen on recent high end experience. The creator mode is very accurate and can adjust the displays colors between srgb and dc ip3 as needed. The default standard mode is punchier overall theres, also a toggle for auto creator mode in the standard mode. Itll kick in for certain content, giving you the best of both worlds. On top of that, further tweaking of the colors is possible within the white balance. Menu lets touch upon the high refresh rate, if enabled the phone uses 120 hertz most of the time. Unlike some competitors, it wont dial down to save energy. It will go back to 60hz only within certain apps or for video playback. There is support for high frame rate gaming, though you can enable the 120hz display for supported titles through the game. Enhancer settings. You can also force it to 120 hertz on a per game basis, just to be sure within the game.

Enhancer theres, even a 240hz option too thats. What sony calls blur reduction and it uses frame interpolation to reduce blur within 120 hertz mode when it comes to refresh rate on the xperia 1 mark 4, we did encounter one annoying issue. If the phone heats up, the 120hz mode is actually automatically disabled. Dropping you down to 60hz and 60fps. This happened a few times to us even at room temperature, and it can take up to 5 minutes to go back to normal. This ties into the phones, thermal management, with this snapdragon 8 gen1 chipset, the xperia 1 mark 4 – has the most powerful android hardware, but the performance is limited because it throttles quite heavily after just 10 minutes of testing. The xperia 1 mark iv went down to about 65 of max cpu performance and the gpu output was cut in half that sounds bad, but theres so much power there to begin with that, even with the throttling games still run well and the dip in performance isnt That noticeable and the phone never got uncomfortably hot while we were using it, but still. The xperia 1 mark 4 handles thermals and throttling worse than any of its competitors back to the game. Enhancer. It has two main interfaces. The first is a gamehub launcher through which youll find the performance profiles that you can tweak for each game. The second interface is an overlay that you can open in game its like what youd find on the previous model with features like focus settings which can silence notifications, while gaming and theres hs or heat suppression, power control.

With this on, you can plug in the phone to provide just enough power to play your game without charging the battery in the process, as this creates more heat. Speaking of the battery the xperia 1 mark 4 has a 5 000 million power capacity 10 larger than last year, and the battery life is better too. It was able to score an endurance rating of 100 hours in our proprietary tests. This year, sony is taking cues from samsung and apple, and we dont get a charger included in the box. Theres support for 30 watts of usb power delivery charging and, with such an adapter, we were able to charge the phone from zero to 47 percent in half an hour. This result is in line with the competition. The phone also supports wireless charging at up to 15 watts. The xperia 1 mark 4s interface is quite similar to other recent xperia phones, a very stock feeling android 12, with some proprietary sony, apps and features sprinkled in one such feature is the multi window switch its basically two task, switchers stacked on top of each other meant For navigating between and opening apps in split screen mode, sidesense is another of the in house. Sony features a handle on the side of the phone opens up a menu of shortcuts to apps and features most of them user. Configurable sony also told us about a couple of new services that will be available. Music, pro is a paid service where you record audio like singing and upload it into the cloud its processed there and then comes back to you with studio like quality and then theres bravia core its a streaming service, thats coming from bravia tvs to xperia phones.

For the first time you can watch sony movies and a bunch of other content and the xperia one mark iv comes with a one year subscription included. Finally, lets get into sonys extensive suite of camera apps the default one is photo pro and in this basic mode you get a zoom selector and several sliders with options for things like aspect ratio, flash, bokeh and white balance clicking on the more button will get you Some extra features on top of that, and then you can also scroll from the basic mode to the pro section of this app, which includes a few modes including auto and manual and theres. A memory recall function too. These get a different looking interface. The next app well talk about is cinema pro you can create separate video projects here, and you have plenty of controls to play with, including the resolution and the frame rate, shutter, speed, white balance and iso. All of the videos from this app come out in a cinematic 21 by 9 aspect ratio. One of cinema pros most useful features, is the ability to rack focus between preset focus distances. A and b you even get control over the duration of the transition. One major omission of the app in general, though, is the lack of focus peaking, which would really help out when taking manual focus. Next is the video pro app like cinema pro it offers more controls over the regular photo photopro app? But here you have more freedom when it comes to aspect ratio and the footage doesnt need to be color graded afterwards.

That makes it more suitable for direct uploads to your favorite. Video sharing platforms actually live streaming is one of the things that sony wanted to focus on this year. With the xperia 1 mark iv, sony has made an exclusive deal with youtube and every xperia one mark 4 owner will be able to live stream there, even if they dont meet the required minimum number of subscribers. You can even stream with a sony alpha camera. If you have the appropriate cable to attach it to your experienced smartphone now onto the cameras, the xperia 1 mark 4s triple camera setup is similar to the mark 3s, but the telephoto has been updated and now provides seamless optical zoom. Last year you got two fixed magnification levels and you again see two selections here at 3.5 times and 5.2 times, but theres also continuous optical zoom, for everything in between also all cameras, now support steady shot with flawless eye thats, improved stability in low light conditions, eye Autofocus and real time object tracking are now available across all cameras too. The three cameras on the back include a 12 megapixel main cam, the 12 megapixel telephoto and 12 megapixel ultrawide camera theres. Also, a tof camera for bokeh, as well as an rgb ir sensor for white balance adjustment. During the day, the main camera takes out standing photos that are incredibly detailed and noise free. The sharpness is well balanced and fine details and foliage have a natural looking rendition.

White balance is spot on here and the colors are true to life. The dynamic range is also praise worthy wide, but not over the top. There is no dedicated portrait mode, but these are the results with bokeh enabled in the camera settings. These are good, though. The subject separation is far from ideal. Despite having a tlf camera to help with the telephoto cam at 3.5 times zoom, you get a decent amount of detail, but these photos arent as sharp as the main cams the colors match, though, and you again get a natural rendition. The dynamic range is wide too. The quality goes down the more you zoom in at 5.2 times. The photos are softer and a bit noisier. You also get some purple fringing around some objects, but still these are good with enough detail and you again get great colors, wide, dynamic range and natural. Looking processing – and here is what you get in between at 4.4 times zoom. The quality is as good as the 5.2 time samples, but with a bit more detail and sharpness photos taken with the ultra wide cam are impressive, as well with abundant detail and good sharpness. In the center, the rendition is again incredibly natural with great looking foliage. Noise is low and the colors are true to life, and the dynamic range is excellent for this sort of camera. Its worth, noting that, although the ultrawide has autofocus the focus distance, isnt close enough for this camera to be used for macro shots, sony doesnt do night mode, but they would argue that the xperia 1 mark 4 doesnt need it.

And that may be true at least for the main camp. The photos we took at night are incredibly realistic, sharp and colorful. There is a ton of resolve, detail and again the natural rendition is unmatched. The dynamic range deserves praise. Most of the time, though, some demanding scenes do have a few clipped highlights when zooming at night well lit scenes, come out, lovely theyre, sharp and detailed, with excellent color saturation, good exposure, low noise and better than expected dynamic range in darker situations. The photos come out darker and they have considerable clipped highlights. They still have excellent rendition, though low light photos taken with the ultra wide camera are solid, theyre, detailed and sharp, with good noise reduction, realistic, colors and an acceptable dynamic range. They are a bit on the darker side, though, and in night mode could have really helped here for selfies. The xperia 1 mark 4 has a new 12 megapixel front facing cam, which is even capable of 4k video recording. We love the quality here. The subject is always well exposed in these selfies, with incredible detail and sharpness, low noise and spot on colors. The dynamic range is good too now onto video quality. All of the rear cameras can shoot in 4k at up to 120. Fps footage from the main camera is impressive, with enough detail and the same natural looking rendition as the stills. The noise is quite low and theres decent dynamic range, though you may see some blown highlights from time to time.

Theres, a new mode this year called wide dynamic range. It combines multiple frames to provide a boost in the contrast and shadows. Look more natural. The clouds and white objects arent blown out either its best used on a tripod, though, because there is no electronic stabilization with this mode off. We really like the 4k videos shot with the telephoto camera at 3.5 times zoom. They are detailed with valence sharpness, low noise and a natural look. The dynamic range is great and the colors are spot on the 5.2 times. Zoomed video is softer and less detailed. It is more than usable its colorful and has wide dynamic range, but when it comes to resolved detail and sharpness, those are lackluster. The 4k videos shot on the ultrawide camera are excellent for this sort of cam theres more detail than most ultra wides, outstanding processing and natural sharpness, and you also get accurate, colors low noise and good dynamic range in low light situations. Footage from the main camera is usable, it offers enough detail. The exposure is okay and the colors are true to life. There is noticeable noise, but is tolerable, low light videos from the zoom camera are noisy but theres a decent level of detail underneath. So these videos are rather usable the low light 4k videos from the ultra wide camera are also usable. There is okayish detail and good colors, but these are quite noisy, so thats the sony xperia one mark iv, its among the pricier smartphones that you can buy, but with the premium price, comes pretty much all the features that you could want from a flagship.

This includes the 4k oled screen, the good battery life and the pro oriented camera kit. You even get retro features like expandable storage and headphone jack. We do wish that sony hadnt, followed apple and samsung and ditched the charger, but the biggest problem here is that the performance throttles quite a bit, and this might not be the top choice for a heavy gamer and even outside of games. The throttling is noticeable on the screen as heat builds up and that refresh rate dips to 60 hertz when it comes to cameras having all these apps and options can be great for enthusiasts, but its a bit complicated for your average point and shoot consumer and in Low light you get a natural look here without night mode, and some people might prefer the kind of processing that turns night into day. Still, if youre a sony fan thats into smartphone photography, the xperia one mark iv is definitely worth recommending.