If you havent been here before, i do weekly videos with tips and tricks to help you be a better videographer and i like to do it on a budget. So when u.s key vision told me they had a couple of great vlogging kits for mobile or even possibly for using on a mirrorless or dslr camera i jumped on it, and i wanted to review these. So they sent me two of them and im going to review one of them today and the next week ill. Have the video for the other one. So lets talk about the flex k4 kit today and im going to open it up and ill show you each thing as we get it out, but lets just get right into it. This ones kind of unique it. The light has the microphone built on to it. Im interested to see how this mic light kit setup is and how well the mic sounds and how well the light works for what we needed to do so were going to open it up and check this out guys. So, first things. First, whenever usq vision makes a kit, they always have these cool box boxes to keep them in some people. Dont like these boxes, but i think theyre handy and they help me keep my stuff organized. So i always like when they give me these boxes and lets see how its presented in the box so im gon na zip. It lets hear some asmr um zipper sounds oh its presented nicely.

So weve got our flexible tripod now. This looks super high end for sure, so whats gon na matter is how well this flexible tripod holds up, which it looks. Nice um everybody that follows my channel knows that i do like the yulonzi octopus tripod, the mt 33, that one i use all the time. Well see if this uh might overcome it lets pull this out and put it together. Guys in the kit we have all the cords youll ever need, always that gopro mount like just in case. You have an action camera, not just gopro, but most action cameras mount that way. Instructions. I dont use instructions well check it out. We might need the instructions, but i doubt it so it has the ball head mount separate from the flexible tripod, so heres, your flexible tripod, here, ball head mount here looks pretty nice. We will put it on the mount and check it out. This top looks familiar from a different product that ive used of theirs its designed to be able to hold your phone or be able to hold a camera so how its on here, its just kind of like stationary, if youre gon na hold a phone with it, You would unscrew it, you would screw it in like this pop open the mounts and put your phone in it with the mouse. Well do that in a second, but i want to see how it sits for a camera, real, quick and how it supports a camera.

Now i have a pretty hefty one, so the one thats lighter weight that i would more likely use with something like this is what im filming on right now, the sony zve10 im filming this on, but i do have kind of a rigged out uh sony. A6600. This is hefty with the rig, so well see how it holds it um. It might not be supportive all right, im, gon na turn, it sideways and just see if it supports so its not losing this camera. This is the important thing that it supports the camera. The ball head, doesnt, give out and and the legs arent bending while its sideways. Now, if i hold the bottom, it probably will slightly bend not the best vlogging camera rigged out like this, because its a little hefty and well hook my phone up to it. Alright, so lets pull the light and microphone out, and here is that so i have it turned on right now and basically theres two buttons on the side of this theres, two buttons on the side of this, a usbc charging port and your microphone out jack. One thing im reading about this that i dont necessarily like so much is the fact that the light has to be on for the microphone to work thats a little obnoxious if im recording during the day outside. Why do i need the light on? I wish that the microphone work independently, but well test it out, maybe its worth it.

Maybe i can just dim down the light quite a bit and not worry about it. Lets talk about the light, real, quick, its kind of got a couple of cool features, so its pretty simple, your top button of the two turns it on press and hold and then theres a little indicator light when the indicator lights. Red changes, the temperature of the light. When you push the button now you tap the top button, which is your power button and it changes from red to like a blue or white, and when you do that its the brightness within that temperature. So you have three temperatures like a warm, a medium and a cool, and then you have three brightness levels, but you can also hold the bottom button when youre in brightness setting to uh lower the brightness and it kind of manually lowers it slowly. So you have like three tap brightnesses, but then you do have kind of a manual like where you can really fluctuate it by just pushing and holding, and let me see you might be able to do that with the temperature as well. So lets go temperature and well go lets go as cool as it gets, and if i push and hold lets see what happens it kind of does the same thing. So it does have three settings per so it has three brightnesses and three temperatures, but you can push and hold to get it to kind of slowly go through those to kind of get a more precise, brightness or precise temperature that you, like so pretty cool.

I, like the light, the lights neat, um, very lightweight, lets see how the microphone sounds. Here is what it looks like rigged up to my phone very lightweight and, like i said, having the light and microphone setup be pretty lightweight. Its nice were gon na see how this sounds, though, and im not gon na know until we do some recording and navigate it, but lets go out and do some little quick, vlogging um well do some inside. So we can see how this lights working for us and then ill go, take a walk in the park and well just talk ill talk to you guys through my phone. So im gon na go through the brightnesses real, quick, just so thats very dim medium bright and its. How my phones also adjusting to it, because it is all auto right now lets go through some colors lets, see what my phone does so, where im in the warmest, i think nope thats, the warmest. Is it obviously warmer on my phone? It looks obviously warmer. My phone adjusted, you can see it the calvin adjusts on my phone and thats way too blue. So this is the the coolest im gon na slowly go through it. Do the like slow movement looks like we had tanned that blinks. When you get to the end. My real check here is one: this is nice, because its very lightweight so like the flexible tripod, which ill show. I brought my osmo pocket too along, so i will show like kind of what it looks like with me.

Holding this thing, while im vlogging a little bit here but um, the flexible tripod itself is lighter than my other one, so convenience and being able to vlog with a lightweight piece of equipment and everybody. That vlogs knows how important it is to be able to carry and hold your camera out for long periods of time. So if youre a phone vlogger, this is awesome its more how the microphone sounds and something im a little concerned about is also that this microphone did not come with any kind of a muff like or a windsock, so im as im walking around the park. Well find out – and i got my windows open in my car here – let me shut them as im walking around the park well find out if the wind is pretty rough on this cam on this microphone or not its something you want to find out if youre Gon na be vlogging outside with this, so i wanted to change the orientation real, quick and see how it is with a vertical video and um. I like how it holds with the vertical video. I did change how its on the setup. So let me pull out my pocket two real quick and i will show you that so i switched the orientation of the camera itself instead of using that hole im using the hole thats on the bottom of the clip, and it gives me kind of a tighter Grip to my hand and kind of just makes it all tighter altogether, but im going to switch the orientation back and just kind of im going to walk in and deliver some coffee.

Real quick deliver, my coffee and snack in a smoothie because they do both here. So they sell my coffee that i roast and then they make smoothies and juices and they got a great menu and its where my coffee shop used to be so, of course, im gon na give them business all right so im down by the lake here. In my town and theres a lot of noise around me so its a little windy so hows, the wind, sound, we dont know how the wind sounds. We will find out when i get back and i check out this footage nice spot. But i decided to go here because there would be more sounds in our way. Sorry, my phones, exposure sucks on the selfie camera um. When i face the sun, though, were okay, so um yeah, i just figured wed, give it one more shot and see how were liking it in this environment. So this is in an environment where theres wind theres background sounds a lot of sun, not using the light at all just using the microphone. And what do you guys think lets get back to the studio and well talk about it? So whatd? You think you think its worth it did the sound quality. Was it all there, its definitely functional worth it? I think if you think the sound quality was all there check the description below and go check out the link and see if its something you might want to purchase to give yourself a full vlogging kit set up and dont forget to hit the like button.

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