8 by 76.4 by 7.9, millimeters, 184 grams, 6.6 inches ips lcd 1080 by 2400, pixels, 90, hertz, 800 nits positive points, one dual sim, two lightweight and Slim three good brightness negative points: one no official waterproof certificate; two no screen saver; three medium rate refresh smash that subscribe button performance and connectivity, snapdragon, 720 g, adreno, 618, 8 gigabytes, 128, 256 gigabytes, android, 11, my os 11 and 2 to 278, 9444, valen and gps And 5g bluetooth, 5.1 usb type c: 2.0 fingerprint side mounted Music, positive points; 1., accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, 2., a2dp, love, bds, 3, medium hardware, negative points, one, no, radio, two, no nfc; three, no usb on the go. Four: no card slot camera cameras, quad wide 64 megapixels ultra wide 8 megapixels macro 5 megapixels depth, 2 megapixels, dual led flash hdr panorama, video main camera 4k at 30fp, selfie 16 megapixels video selfie 1080p at 30fps, Music, camera review, main camera. Autofocus works. Well, the image quality is satisfactory, not the best, but the colors and details of the images are good in low light image. Noise is still balanced and satisfying ultra wide ultra wide photos cover a 120 degree angle. If the light is good, it does not take bad photos. Macro no autofocus, but good image detail depth in good light portrait photos selfie the quality of selfies is satisfactory, no autofocus in good light. The details and color of the images are real. Video recording can record 4k videos.

The quality of the videos is good image. Stabilization works well, and you can shoot good videos on the go. Hdr performance is good. It is not possible to record slow motion movies smash that like and subscribe button sound and battery loudspeaker. Yes, capacity, 4000 milliampere hours fast, charging 30 watt positive points, one good, sound quality, two 3.5 millimeters jack, three good charging, speed negative points; one no stereo speakers, 2., medium battery capacity, conclusion positive points, 1., good, brightness, 2. lightweight and slim 3., medium hardware, four good cameras; Music negative points, one medium rate refresh two no screen saver: three: no nfc; 4, no radio; 5, no usb on the go 6. no card slot 7.; medium battery capacity, alternatives, samsung, galaxy a71, zte x and 35g zte s30se, honor 8x rate this phone from 1 to 10.