So the question arises: can you play bng drive on your phone or tablet? Well, there is no official bng drive in google play or app store. However, there must be similar games right, lets, look for them and see how good they are. I will play on the android tablet: galaxy tab by set ultra. This is the best android tablet at the moment for sure here we will find flagship, snapdragon agent, one cheap, gorgeous 14.6 inch display and many many more and finally, yes, it runs on android 12.. Alright lets go to google play and see what we have here for search, query, bm and g. As i said, you will not find the original game, but we see many other realistic car simulators lets try this one. It has a high rating good reviews and over a million downloads sounds promising. I have already downloaded the game, so lets click the play button. Now we are on the initial screen, we see our car in the center and we can upgrade it as you can see. There are several categories for improvement: okay, its clear we return home and go to the garage here. We have quite a few different cars, but as we can see, theyre all blocked accordingly heres the first floor of the game. Cars need to be bold either for money or for in game currency. I dont even have enough money for the first car on the list, but, to be honest, i dont think its much better than the one i already have by the way you can earn money by watching ads.

There is also a daily bonus on the third day, for example, there is a free car and on day 14 look you will get something similar to galen vacant, not bad. Okay. What else do we have here? The online button prompts you to select a room to connect to well come back here later: whats in settings, restore purchases, privacy, police, language, contact, us graphics, quality, music volume and my profile. Okay lets drive. Next, we have crash arena derby city ramp, jump. Okay lets do this here. We have several maps, but only the first one is available and now were finally in driving mode. Well, this is a fairly standard control interface for mobile car games. Look at this car. It looks pretty realistic. The graphics are good. The driver even sits inside or maybe its a mannequin on the left. We see the car condition. We can also restore it for viewing ads. It is probably handbrake. This button changes the position of the camera. You can choose the view from the inside. This button updates the position – i guess – and this is probably a booster – yes exactly and slow mo. Oh, yes, we can slow more to enjoy the view. It really refers to bmg. Now we have gas, these are tones and it is yes, it is a break and also the reverse. Driving is quite clear and simple. The car doesnt skate and i guess we need to collect those coins.

It even looks like bitcoin actually well lets, try to collect some hit. The gas and accelerate oh missed the first coin. Now thats better! Here we go, we are going well yeah thats it. The car doesnt go further, even with acceleration. Okay lets go back whoa. What a speed! Oh! Look at this, its its a spinning hammer bmg, has something similar wow. You get points for drifting, but i want to taste that spin in hammer by the way there are several of them. Lets. Try this one! Ah, whoa im flying look at this beauty. We fly further and boom. Oh my god! To be honest, it seems to me that there are not enough missing parts, but overall not bad. Look at these. The doors opened. Oh its still moving. Here we see damages oh, what was, why is the camera updated? Alright lets hit the wall boom. I thought it was a brick wall, but we seem to break it easily and move on with a triangular piece of wall boom, thats good, the car smokes but handles well. So it looks, damages dont affect driving in any way lets dance with the hammer again but whoa. I cant see it not this way: no whoa hot, oh pain, oh overturned, whats. Next, oh it re pawn itself. Okay lets go whoa hot heat and thats. It came over. Oh we dont see what happened to the car okay, okay. Well, in general, we can say that this is not bad.

Of course, the gameplay is inferior to what we get in bng, because mobile gaming still has its own rules. Realism also yields like the fact that damage doesnt affect driving in any way in bmg. If you hit the cup a little bit, then the wheel is already breaking and the car is drifting in one direction. Here we dont even see tire damage. I also note an adequate behavior of the camera, sometimes it spins spontaneously but in general again not bad look, the driver fell out and that is all the game ends. But actually i wanted to see what was left of the car and the driver after such a blow. We can also notice that during crashes, the car doesnt deform the bumper is crushed. The hood opens with doors the glass breaks and thats. Basically it by the way you can control it in flight. Nice well lets try other game modes derby, for example, what it is yeah. We have other cars here. Oh my god. I think i get it. We must destroy each other. Okay, i see a target we are accelerating boom. There is, it was pretty easy. The remaining car wants to destroy me. Oh, but i seem to be doing it pretty well on my own whoa, the opponent must have blown himself up on a barrel, so i won beautiful. What else unlocked do we have here? Trials lets, try it. So it seems that here we just have tasks that need to be completed and gradually unlock new ones.

Standard story for mobile gaming lets go collect a coin, one more and thats all first level completed. It was easy and you can immediately go to the next level. I guess the further the more difficult it will be. There are a lot of levels here, and the last thing i wanted to try is the online mode lets connect to this room here is some information about the award. Next, we find ourselves in a familiar arena and there are seven more players here. My task apparently, is to collect the most points. Points are rewarded for drifting for jumping and for accidents. Ok, ok, i got it here. We compete with others and earn coins and thats all. I guess guys. If you want me to test the game on a smartphone, then let me know about it in the comments. We can try it on the galaxy s22 ultra. The screen will be smaller, but still, i think it will also be interesting. Summing up. This is a good game, quite realistic, but after some time you realize that this is still far from bmg drive, especially in the details. Even if we discard all sorts of mods and other cool features of the game. The mng is much closer to realism, but in terms of mobile gaming, this game is good. Actually, i tried other games as well, but this one seemed to be the best of all. I found in google play guys thanks for watching.