This magic 4 pro is also the first honor phone we have reviewed since honor became independent. How far can the reborn honor magic 4 pro go? Lets take a look. The design of magic 4 pro is familiar to us. As with its predecessor, the camera. Module is centered in a circle, a design owner called eye of muse. This symmetrical design is very different from other phones, so you can tell at the glance that you are using an honor flagship phone and not other brand of phone. The magic 4 pro we got is cyan and the glass back panel looks great in the light, just like ceramic, of course, to keep it beautiful. You have to wipe it very often. The top and bottom bezel are flat. The sim card slot is at the bottom and supports two sim cards. There is ir emitter, nfc stereo speakers, ultrasonic, fingerprint recognition, ip68 and headphone jack, just kidding, theres no headphone jack, but the google mobile services you care about is available on honor phone as normal. It has all the features it should have and the design is very special. I think magic 4 pro is doing what a flagship phone should do. Magic 4 pro uses a 6.8 inch quad curved display. Although the resolution does not reach wqhd plus, it is sharper than the fhd plus of other phones, although it is not a screen supplied by samsung, its performance is not worse than sense. On screen at all, some aspects are even better than what samsung has done.

You may not have noticed that the very few phones that support lp tpo 2.0 this year have the option of dc, deeming most phones with lower frequency pwm, deeming at lower brightness will make people with sensitive eyes feel uncomfortable, but magic. 4. Pro screen supports 1920hz high frequency, pwm deming, which will not make the display worse, like dc gaming, but also more eye protection than low frequency, pwm deming. The side view color cast is also better controlled than the e5 screen with the macro lens technology and the magic 4 pro has am emc chip that can interpolate frames for video, but not for gaming. If i had to pick a downside id like to see the magic 4 pro with a smaller curved screen, because the larger the curved area, the more serious the problem black and green edges will be, maybe the product is planned earlier. Magic 4 pros processor is snapdragon agent 1 because they were all using keyring processes before how good is honors tuning and the snapdragons flagship processor lets take a look from the result of each benchmark. They are at least doing the same level at the agent one of other brands. No one data is particularly low. What about gaming? Pug g is a piece of cake for flagship phones. Genjings performance is interesting. Looking at this fraying rate curve, the first half of the game is very good, almost perfect, but the second half of the game is locked at 30 fps most of the time, and the lowest frame rate is 15 fps, which means honor is capable of playing to The full strength of agent 1, but there theres still room for improvement.

Hopefully the performance and temperature will be balanced in subsequent updates. When we see the huge camera module, we know that magic 4 pros forte is taking pictures. Indeed, it has a luxurious camera setup, but two of the five lenses are secondary lenses and only one main camera, the ultra wide camera and the 3.5 x telephoto camera, which can really take pictures on its own. What impresses me most about the magic force pro camera is its powerful image algorithm. The scene you see in the previous screen may not be pretty enough, but once you press the shuttle and then quickly go to the album, you can see the magic happen. A blend photo is transformed into a stunning photo. I finally understand why the magic 4 pro got the name, whether its ultra wide angle, camera or the main camera. The magical algorithm gives the photo a huge improvement. This amazing algorithm will also appear on telephoto cameras. This 3.5 x telephoto camera is surprisingly powerful, even if you zoom in to 5 times or 10 times, you can still get a good picture through the algorithm. For example, even if this picture was taken at the 16x zoom, you will still be able to recognize the photo number written on the elevator. You can also get good pictures even at night when the light is low. Music, Music. Well, this algorithm for optimizing photos only works well for more regular graphics. If theres, not enough light plus the subject is irregular, then the algorithm will not work as well.

The main camera is without ois and you may wonder how badly it will perform at night. In fact, it performed well at night with almost no problems with the shaky hands overall im very satisfied with the magic force pros camera performance, especially its 3.5 x telephoto camera, which is comparable to a 3x or 10x optical telephoto camera through its algorithm. I think this is the most correct direction for mobile photography. The recording has also improved a lot with support for switching lenses in 4k. 30Fps recording stability and dynamic range are good, but what surprised me more is the front camera because it uses an ultra wide angle. Lens, so you are able to take selfie with different focal lengths and because of the 3d tof lens. The background bokeh effect is good. This super wide angle camera is more suitable for video recording support, eis and 4k 30fps with excellent dynamic range, im sure magic 4. Pro is definitely an excellent log machine magic 4 pro supports 100 watt wider charging. The charger also support up to 100 watt output power. It also supports 50 watt wireless charging wire. The charging takes 15 minutes to charge up to 60 and takes 30 minutes to fill the magic 4 pros. Battery capacity is 4 600 million power, which is not huge, but it is enough, although it is a little difficult to go full day without charging other agent. One phones are at about the same level, so dont expect magic 4 pros battery life to be as impressive.

To sum up, magic 4 pro is actually not honors. Powerful flagship phone this year is just a sub flagship, but this sub flagship phone does what other flagship phone can do, for example, the superb level of photography. The screen also has some bright spots and there are no obvious drawbacks and gms can be used. Normally, if you dont want to buy an expensive flexure phone, then this cheaper honor sub flexure phone might be more suitable.