It just doesnt seem fair. You shouldnt get plaudits from reviewers year after year, saying youre, one of the most improved phone brands, without eventually becoming you know easily recommendable. But when it comes to smartphones, sony is anything but easy. Im. Michael fisher – and this is a very early first look at the sony – xperia 1 mark iv, Music yep. If you watched last weeks, video shot at kennedy space center. This is the unreleased smartphone. I teased behind all that pixelated blur a phone ive been carrying for a little over two weeks. So why isnt this a full review? Well, because, even though its being announced today in may the xperia 1 mark iv doesnt actually ship until september. That means this prototype sony. Let me borrow is substantially undercooked. Simple stuff is just broken. You know the screen doesnt stay off when im in a voice, call theres, strange, banding and color artifacts and dark areas of the display and one of sonys biggest new features. Isnt. Even loaded onto this unit, yet nonetheless i asked for an early sample because, as a youtuber, i tend to gravitate toward equipment that makes my life easier on the road and sony is the only company out there right now trying to distill an entire mobile production studio Into a smartphone its, not just that the cameras keep improving with each generation, the features surrounding those cameras keep getting upgrades as well. Take the screen. It still packs way more pixels than youre ever going to need, but now its finally bright enough to see even in outdoor settings, even through sunglasses between last week in florida and this week in san diego for the qualcomm 5g summit, my brightness slider has spent an Awful lot of time maxed out and if youre already wondering what that means for endurance.

Congratulations, you watch too many tech videos just kidding its a critical consideration and im happy to say sony took it seriously. With the new 5 000 milliamp hour battery, the one mark iv survived the most brutal stress test imaginable, a space nerd like me, using its cameras to document an entire day at kennedy, space center 14 hours after i took it off the charger it still had. 11 left again on a camera heavy day, with the display set to 120 hertz, with the brightness maxed out, more often than not theres also the 3.5 millimeter audio jack, which means i can plug in a wireless microphone for shots like these again its not just about The camera its about the tools you need to make the most out of it and if you dont, want to break out headphones for the playback. Well, youre covered there, too, by a pair of symmetrical speakers complete with new drivers and enclosures with more power and better frequency response than before, and sony already had some of the best speakers on a smartphone anyway, its all crammed into a chassis that you could be Forgiven for calling a little too familiar as someone who values form just as much as function and someone who frequently calls out the iphone for iterative dullness, i cant exactly give sony a pass here. This isnt, the most exciting design and to make matters worse here in the states, were only getting the black version, but at least its repeating a design motif, thats distinctive, with its stretched plank like aspect ratio and its sheer sighted straightforwardness on one of those sides.

Youll find the two stage: shutter key thats always been there and on the front and back youll find the gorilla glass victus that hasnt toss in a lovely, oleophobic satin finish. A notification led a sim and microsd tray, thats easy to liberate with just a thumbnail and sonys default. Double dust and water resistance and youve got enough pluses, i think, to negate the same old same old design if it sounds like im buttering you up before a big letdown. Congratulations! You watched too many mr mobile videos, and thank you ill tell you why im a little bit tentative about this device right after a word from a sponsor whos, actually helping me through some other letdowns right now in a culture like ours, we work at our jobs. We work on our relationships. We work on our physical fitness, but too often we dont work on our mental health in honor of mental health awareness month. This video is sponsored by better help and if youre thinking i dont need that you know i dont need therapy. I get it, i said the same thing for most of my life, but somewhere in the roller coaster of the past two years. I realized that that wasnt, true, that talking to friends wasnt enough, that i really needed a licensed therapist, who was trained to listen and help better well enter better help its customized online therapy, which means you can talk to one of over 20 000 specialists over phone Video calls or even live text chat.

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A suite of manual features more extensive than youll get anywhere else. The one mark iv includes all the innovations of the past few years of experience. The rapid fire burst mode, the periscope, zoom, racking, focus and cinema pro eye autofocus, and to all that it adds a new telephoto module, one that physically moves to give it. What sony calls the worlds? First, true optical zoom, on a smartphone. What that means is you should be able to push smoothly mechanically between 85 and 125 millimeter equivalent or about 3.5 x to 5.2 x zoom before the phone has to resort to digital cropping. Please note the autofocus isnt finished on this version of the phone, so these results are not at all representative of a final build, but the trouble is sony has never managed to back up its manual mode feature packing with a truly excellent automatic shooting mode. Oh, it streamlined the software, made it easier to shoot in auto and to be sure, it can turn out some real gems in an ideal setting, but put it in a challenging scenario, an overexposed subject in front of a saturn v sized background. You really dont want to lose and ill say once again that these samples are pre released. This is an unfinished prototype, but theres a reason. Im saying it anyway, its because ive been reviewing sony phones for years and theyve never been able to deliver the same effortless high dynamic range as the much cheaper google pixel, or the same zoom capabilities as the still cheaper samsung galaxy ultra line now sony stands are Already down in the comments screaming that thats, not the point of an xperia and look, i i respect all the added capabilities of sony phones.

What im suggesting is that maybe for the price sony charges, we as consumers, should expect both amazing manual features and amazing automatic performance, but the company just doesnt, seem able or willing to give us both hi meathead, mr mobile here im not supposed to be doing this Im supposed to be unwinding from the qualcomm 5g summit, but in the course of building this video, i found something interesting. I kept looking at the sample photos from the phone and realizing that, while my complaints about low light performance and dynamic range stand, i loved so much of the output from this camera already in its three months or four months before release state. So i will say that if sony manages to eke out just a little more processing prowess, this thing could really make it, particularly if you are part of the group i mentioned at the top this vlogger, who wants a whole studio in their pocket. I mean look at this vlogging accessory that sony sells alongside it its an absolute lifesaver in a situation where you really need the main cameras on the back, but you also need to see the shot to frame yourself up. I used this thing to shoot. So much of that asus space edition video and just like when i reviewed the pro i im gon na miss this more than the phone itself, when i have to give it all back now, thats sold separately. But even if you just stick to the phone, there are other upgrades to cover here.

Sony has finally improved its selfie camera this year with better optics and 4k hdr, as well as new software, to make it easier for gamers to stream from this phone. I just hope it doesnt overheat as easily as mine did when shooting video at kennedy space center and to the stable of video photo and cinema pro comes a new custom sony app for 2022 music pro. The idea here is, if youre a singer or a voice talent, you can record directly to the phone which then uses a subscription cloud service to intelligently separate, vocal tracks from the music and process them separately as well. You get noise reduction, hiss and wind removal special effects. In theory, you should be able to get a better final recording than you could ever get from a mobile microphone. This wasnt loaded onto my review unit but im eager to test it. Given how often i find myself in hotel rooms wanting to record voice over thats, not full of echoes the xperia one mark iv is expected to launch at just a penny shy of 1600 us dollars, sure thats a lot to ask for anything. Thats not affordable and most people will be better served by the pixel or the galaxy or the iphone. But the one mark iv is like the mark iii and two and one it isnt meant for most people its for creators who want a mobile production and streaming studio that fits in their pocket.

Something theyre likely to write off on their taxes anyway and well. Just have to wait until september to see if the final product actually fits that particular bill. This first look was produced following a bit over two weeks with the pre production xperia, one mark iv, prototype running pre, release software provided by sony, but as always, i dont give manufacturers editorial input, copy approval rights or even a sneak peek of my reviews. My judgments are mine and mine alone.