Now, for those unaware, the galaxy m series was introduced as a bit of a response to the growing market of budget devices from the likes of xiaomi, huawei and oppo, primarily aimed at young people with its biggest features being large batteries and multiple cameras and its an Area that samsung is hoping to claw back a little bit of business from those other manufacturers. So how does the m23 5g hold up against those competitors, hopefully here to find out Music? So lets start by talking about the design of the galaxy m23 5g. We have a very minimalistic back with a bit of branding and an ever so slightly protruding camera bump built into the plastic. I must say that im a big fan of this design, quite similar in a way to the kind of s21 and s22 rear. This is helped along even more by this really nice green color called deep, green and the phone is also available in orange, copper and light blue, and i think samsung did a really great job on the design of this phone on the bottom. You have a single firing speaker, usb c port, which supports 25 watt fast charging a microphone and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. The left. You just have your sim tray, which can house two sims, as well as a micro sd card and on the right. You have volume buttons and a power button with an integrated fingerprint scanner which is fast and responsive, so that part, to be honest, is pretty similar to many other budget devices.

As for the display, you have a rather sizable 6.6 inch, full hd display, with a adaptive 120hz refresh rate, its a typical samsung panel with nice, punchy, colors and good detail. Outdoor visibility is pretty good, but of course not matching more expensive. Smartphone displays up top. You have an 8 megapixel, f 2.2 selfie camera, which can suit 1080p video at up to 30 frames per second, its unfortunate that they didnt put a punch, hole cut out instead of the teardrop notch, which would have given it just a slightly more premium and up To date, look and photos from the selfie camera are of typical budget 8. Megapixel quality and portrait mode can struggle with busy backgrounds like in this photo, but for the most part they are usable. The bottom bezel is relatively thick, however, but this is about right for this budget segment. As for the battery, you have a large 5000mah battery, packed inside the galaxy m23 5g, which is more than enough to get you through a full day of pretty intense use, but in case you do kill it. In a day. You are able to charge at up to 25 watts, so that should get you from zero to 100 in less than two hours powering. The m23 5g is the mid range snapdragon 750 g, although getting on a bit. This is more than enough for most users to endure a bit of gaming, as well as the usual day to day activities built on an 8 nanometer fabrication.

This should also prove pretty power efficient, and this is backed up by either four or six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage being the only option but as mentioned before, this is expandable and as for software, the galaxy m23 5g is running. Android 12 with samsungs one ui version 4.1 on top, so its nice and up to date running on march 2022, security patch and lastly, lets take a quick squint at the triple camera system. On the back of the ae23 5g headlined by a 50 megapixel, f, 1.8 primary camera with phase detection autofocus, this does the usual four in one pixel binning down to 12.5 megapixel images. Quality is about right and expected from a budget device theres enough detail in most areas of the photo, but finer detail is a bit lost when you zoom in scene, optimizer boosts the saturation of the photos, so, for the most part i had this setting turned off. However, the photos still have a typical samsung look of boosted colors and there is a dedicated night mode which does help things out when lighting conditions are less than ideal, just to brighten up the photos and pull out a bit more detail. Theres also an 8 megapixel ultrawide which to be expected, takes lesser quality photos and that narrow, f, 2.2 aperture doesnt help things either. It is nice to see that night mode is supported on the ultrawide camera, making nighttime shots slightly less cringy and, lastly, theres a 2 megapixel macro camera, which, to be honest, i dont tend to talk about too much these days, because the quality is is just not Great, the main camera does support 4k video at 30fps, but unsurprisingly, the ultrawide is capped at 1080p.

At 30fps 4k is pretty good color. Reproduction is the same. Look as from the photos and theres no stabilization, either general home movers of the kids is fine, but any high action video it wont, be very stable. Switching to the ultra wide during video theres a noticeable shift in exposure due to the narrow lens, but to be fair, it still looks good, so thats. My look at the galaxy m23 5g for around the 250 quid mark. It offers some really nice specs at a low price. Youve got a nice big high refresh rate display a samsung s22 kind of look on the back 25 watt fast charging 5000 milliamp battery, and it comes in this really cool, deep, green color. So if its something that you like the look of, unfortunately, you have to go on amazon as it is an amazon exclusive. So if you want this phone, you got to go there, but do let me know in the comments what you think of the m23 5g. Is it something that you would consider? If not, let me know – and if you are looking at this, let me know as well, so thank you for watching dont forget to subscribe.