It has got decent specs, like 180 megapixel camera amoled display and dolby atmos support, but wait also its having the biggest problem i ever found in the samsung phones. Let me show you in the video, so this is a brand new samsung mp35z im, just showing you, the home screen and im just trying to open the app called app and sorry, okay yep. This is it as soon as you launch the app the phone starts hanging, whatever you press, the home screen button or the back button, or even the power button, the phone doesnt respond and, of course i tried it multiple times and it stays on the same screen For more than 10 minutes or so and then the phone, then it restarts. Luckily, i noticed these issues in the very first day and i tried reaching the samsung service center at my hometown soon, as i have given this phone to samsung service center, they tried software updating this phone, but the problem still same so and you can see clearly In the video, the samsung m53 phone, it stays on the same screen of jio7 app for more than five minutes and then the phone restarts this happened many times. While i tried the same, i even tried out reaching official samsung india, twitter channel and even jio7 app, and i got a replay from jio7 team saying that i have to download the latest version from the play store Music and i tried that and it didnt even Help that – and this is not only the one issue that i faced with the m53 also when i downloaded the whatsapp app, i tried doing the voice call and the video call as soon as the voice call of the video call gets connected.

The phones microphone is going to turn off. It means the other side. The person is unable to listen, my audio, and then i tried with the normal call and the normal call is pretty fine. I think its the only issue with the whatsapp and i found one more issue with the wi fi connection. There are two bands at my home: one is 5z and the other one is 4z, even though all the other phones in my home is connecting automatically to 5z. This particular samsung m53 is not able to connect automatically to 5z band its only supporting till 4z. Whenever i try to connect to 5z its unable to reconnect whenever im trying to connect to the 5z modem, the m53 is connecting for 5 minutes or just less than 5 minutes its again disconnecting itself from the 5g band. Its automatically connected to 4g itself, and also i tried reaching out to the samsung online team and then they installed smart shooter app in the samsung mobile and they also seen the same issue live on my mobile. Even by changing some settings and also resetting the phone and that didnt work, no its not working the phone is hand, i think the call also will get disconnected because the phone will restart hello yeah. Now its really, you know its hand its on the same screen, which you are seeing currently the screen is stuck. I can send a video press, the volume button.

Okay, nothing happened. No, i am im, also recording a video. I can also send the video to your email id it will reset and of course this is a brand new phone im having a 14 days return period on this phone, but im not sure if this is gon na help me because uh this phone will get Uh, if its a hardware issue, this phone might get a piece to press replacement, even in the other phone which i will get as a new phone, the issue might be still there if it is a hardware failure of this particular series, so i just wanted you So i just wanted to know from you guys if you are also facing the same issue with the latest samsung m535z. Please comment below in the video and let me know if anything works for you.