This is rajiv makhni on the cell guru show, and today weve got everything you want in a show on mobile phones, big review, the vivo t1 pro 5g nicely priced 23, 000 rupees, nice fast, charging, a snapdragon processor, triple rear camera, and two of them are fantastic, But can vivo take on the under 25 000 rupee segment and win it, because this is looking like a fantastic phone and then, of course, well move on to our very famous qualcomm segment, a very heartwarming story for us to tell you today then well, move on To another big story: for today, the one plus not buds see oneplus is already in the audio segment. They already have tws earbuds, but this is the first ever one that comes from the nord brand, so lets get started with todays show Music, our top story. Today, the big review is the vivo t1 pro nice large battery ai, triple camera setup. The 64 megapixel primary sensor gives fantastic results. We found this phone to be absolutely fantastic and its priced at a very aggressive 23 000 rupees. This is our sell guru review on paper. Bibo has all the right features to make the t1 pro an outstanding phone, but does it match up to the hype we find out in our cell guru review the display of the t1 pro has a few aces up its sleeve. The 90 hertz refresh rate enables for smooth scrolling and multi tab browsing also.

The vivo t1 pro features an sgs eye care display certification that lets you enjoy your screen time without straining your eyes. The d1 pro comes with a 6.44 inch amoled display with full hd resolution. The phone comes with dual speakers that make your multimedia experience top notch. Vivo is known for its spectacular cameras and the t1 pro is no different. The vivo t1 pro comes with the companys ai, triple camera setup, which includes a 64 megapixel main sensor, an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 2 megapixel macro sensor. The primary camera does incredibly well in daylight, capturing even minute details and delivering excellent dynamic range. These images, clicked with the night mode, are exceptional. There is very minimal noise in the photo. The t1 pros, 8 megapixel ultra wide camera boasts of 117 degree field of view. That gives a completely new perspective to your photographs. The front camera uses a 16 megapixel sensor for video calls and selfies. The phone supports 4k video recording, which is great for vloggers and video enthusiasts. The vivo t1 pro snapdragon, 778 2.4 gigahertz octa core processor, comprises cairo, 670 cpu goals, which give it a better performance where the phone stands out is a flagship level, 8 layer, liquid cooling solution. This helps keep your phone cool even with heavy usage. The vivo d1 pro supports a 4700 mah battery, which is complemented by the 66 watt flash charge technology. The vivo d1 pro is priced at 23, 999 rupees for the 6 gb plus 128 gb variant, with more hits than misses.

Vivo definitely lives up to the hype, and this is a phone you should consider under the 25k segment lets move on now to a very famous and much awaited qualcomm segment and today were going to tell you a very heartwarming story about bhavesh patel Applause Music. As someone popularly said, dont be too afraid to be ambitious about your goals. Hard work never stops, and neither should be your dreams. We take so many things for granted, but there are so many who actually struggle, because theyre either deprived of either from birth or due to some cruel incident. Now technology has grown by a lot its progressed far beyond the realms of imagination. Modern technologies help people with disabilities perform tasks that were previously impossible for them. One such inspiring story that defines the true meaning of achieving dreams is the story of bhavesh patel, the man behind the lens for some of the biggest brand shoots and overcoming multiple barriers on his way to this incredible success. You know what he does photography now. Bhavesh is a photographer in photography, is all about the visual and yet parvesh is visually impaired, but hes done more things than most photographers aspire to do in their entire lifetime. Hes, an inspiration to many hes, neither limited nor intimidated by his lack of sight and software engineer by profession and photographer by passion. Bhavesh patel is here to prove that the future belongs to those who dare to dream, irrespective of obstacles.

Music, foreign Music, foreign visualize 32 year old, bhavesh patel, who lives in a small house in mumbais vicroli area, has always been determined as a young child. He would attempt to do what other children, with a normal sight did. Maybe it was this determination that gave bhavesh patel the courage to attempt photography a largely visual medium of expression, Music as a passion. Babies. Technology has been the game changer, making the impossible possible. This has not only helped him to excel professionally, but also gave him a chance to work with big brands, including the gay brand, and a photo shoot for katrina care Music. There is something called as neural engine: artificial intelligence, Music because of the technology. Despite many financial hardships, bhaveshs family made sure he received an education today. He is not only an achiever professionally, but he is also happily married with a young daughter. Photography helped him even at the time of his marriage. He impressed his wife by taking her pictures. Applause photographers Music in bhaveshas life, is this: professor bartholomec. In 2006, after meeting a visually impaired photographer in paris, bartholo started a project called blind with camera in india, where he has taught up to 1500 students who had a visual disability to take photographs. He says mobile technology plays an important role in photography, which is done without seeing, and this technology empowers people like bhavesh to do mainstream photography. When i started off this project, i always thought it has to hit the mainstream like one day.

Some of my guys should replace a mainstream photographer in a commercial shoot right, unless you do that, you cannot actually are not hitting the mainstream right and it happened as its a great facilitator. I can say: technology is a great facilitator. First, it starts with the with the phone mobile phone uh. You can enlarge the picture that you can see see in a conventional camera. You cant do right. Your site is actually funneled within the viewfinder, so somebody who is partially sighted can always make it uh enlarge and see it right. Like lets talk about somebody who is bhavesh, who is born blind all right? There are a lot of apps which actually gives you audio clues right, uh, seeing ai microsoft product which, which actually the moment you point it tells you. What is the description of that bhavish patel has ensured that no barriers could stop him from exploring photography and due to the ever developing technology. Bhavesh is not limited and neither intimidated by his lack of sight and is exploring his passion in photography in mumbai with camera person. Sanjay mandel sohit, mishra, ndtv, okay, its my absolute privilege to actually go and have a chat with bhavesh himself is great to have you out here, and i must start by asking you the obvious to be visually impaired and yet achieves stupendous. Success in a visual art form like photography, weve understood the. How i want to understand the start. How did you think about this? Why was this the dream for you and what were the biggest challenges in the beginning, Music, wow.

You know weve known that youre an absolute inspiration to many, but who and what have been your motivations, your inspirations, um or wow. Thank you. So much lets move on now to speak, to aditya babar senior, director and head of product marketing samsung india has used a samsung smartphone to pursue his passion, photography despite being visually impaired, isnt this a big win for accessible technology and what were the samsung exclusive features That enabled him to achieve this incredible feat. You know at samson we have a belief and a most cherished goal that how we can make technology accessible to all, and this story actually brings back that testimony that how we are enabling it. Let me tell you some examples which have played pivotal role in enabling bhavesh. To do that. You know we have a feature called samsung talkback, in which consumer can navigate different screens and different scenarios by talking to the device. Two, you know we have bixby, which enables you to talk to the device and do what you cant like open the camera open hdr. So you can actually click the scene in the way you have intended to. Third, you can just double tap on the power button and your camera will open and you can shoot the way you want alithea. How do you think the processor of the phone plays a vital role in cases like this? The camera and the speed is all supported by the processor.

How important is it for a smartphone to have a great processor? You know, processor is a heart of everything. What you do. It is extremely critical and important part of the smartphone experience and im happy to share with you. You know with the launch of galaxy s22, we brought the first time a four nanometer snapdragon 8 gen processor to the market, which enabled consumer to do more and be more when hes shooting or when hes creating content like never before and whats more with the 5g. The speed is unmatched and you can relish your gaming like never before. Thank you azir. Thank you so much for joining us and i hope to catch up with you soon. Thank you. Snapdragon is calling all cell guru fans to join their global community. They call it snapdragon insiders. This gives you access to the latest scoop on snapdragon tech, a chance to connect with experts behind the scenes, premium, experiences exclusive contests and much more look im already a snapdragon insider, and you can become one too by simply following snapdragon on twitter or instagram im showing You exactly where to go, also give yourself a chance to win a snapdragon smartphone by participating in the ndtv snapdragon contest im, showing you the url on ndtv just go here and unleash your dreams. Music lets take a quick break right now on the show when we come back lots more Music. Our next big story is the oneplus not buds priced at about 2799.

First, nord branded earbuds from oneplus its a good looking one great case: good battery life, great sound signature at this price point: doesnt have noise cancellation but other than that one of the best. At this price point, Music oneplus has been in the audio business for a while, which makes the debut of the oneplus knot buds particularly intriguing. Do the budget priced earphones bring something new to the table thats? What we aim to find out in our review from the case to the earphones itself, the design of the oneplus – not butt stands up case is small enough to easily slip into a tiny pocket and the earphones sit snuck. This extends to the earphones itself that have larger than normal stocks, but makes it visually attractive, with a flat edge being an in ear style model. The oneplus knot buds fit exceptionally well and we had no trouble using them for heavy workouts. Already. The ip55 rating ensures that the earphones are great for that use case and can take sweat or splashes quite well. Youll want to try the sampling for passive noise cancellation, since there is no active noise cancellation included here moving onwards, the knot buds deliver very good, sound quality. This time around, one plus, is opted for large 12.4 mm drivers that give a hefty boost to bass response. Music sounds punchy and bass. Heavy tracks like hip, hop particularly shine here. You can use the included equalizer to further tune the sound to your preference.

We came away impressed and will enjoy listening to non buds for hours on end, seven us to be precise since thats. The battery life, one plus, is promising in our testing. We came very close to the coated figure and you should easily get over six hours of use here, combined with the case. The users can expect 30 hours of time away from the charger priced at 2, 799. Rupees, the one plus not buds arent the most value for money option on the market, but they indicate well with the companys lineup of products. Moreover, the true wireless earphones get all the essentials right to earn a recommendation. That, then, is the selguru show for this week, but do remember weve got some great stories for you, including cell guru, takes a trip to dubai. That and a whole lot more happening next week.