But not everybody get money to buy the more expensive phones, especially the price of the phone dont cross 80 000 era. So for this video i will talk about waiting this phone feed, though, and waiting. If you not do a few months ago, i said dont release the itel 858. I dont do the review and unboxing of that phone and i leave the link for bottom of this video, so you can watch them later, since this one are the pro version of that phone. I expect say this: one performance go better past that one so for this video. I will compare this a58 pro and the a58 and see the difference between the two phones, the price of this phone now 47 000 error, and since it comes below 50 000 eri youre not gon na need to empty your back account before you forget this phone. A quick unboxing of the phone it comes with the semi transparent bumper case. The phone come follow next now, the black charger earpiece and usb 2.0 cable, the body of the phone look exactly like the a58 ohm, no sim house there around the body of the phone, the power and the volume button did the right side of the phone. The top carried the audio jack, the bottom comes with the microphone and usb charging port back of the phone carried the speaker, fingerprint scanner, 5 megapixel, camera and flashlight front of the phone comes with the water drop full screen with 5 megapixels selfie camera.

Now, if we compare this phone with the a58, almost everything are the same. The only difference here now the storage capacity m58 comes with one gig ram, with 16 gig rom. Why this one come with 2 gig ram and 32 gig room waiting in mbc. This phone used to time stay big as the a58 for storage capacity. The two phones run on android 11, go edition with the same processors back to the design. Itel called this phone fashionable design, but im not great with them. The back of the phone are plastic and although this phone a pro version, the design of the body, no in any way, look like pro and i havent used any weighted beta as the a58 ohm. In fact, the two look the same and the design looks chic and just in case you wont, spend your 47 000 era on this phone. It would make you know exactly what you need to spend your money on at the time when other phone companies they tried to improve on their design, so that any new phones when their design would better pass the previous one when they produced iot continued to they Make the same phones over and over and over again, and the only thing when they change for their phones, not just the name repeatedly, not just between one gig and two gig gram: phones that they produce and then 16 gig, chrome and 32 gigahertz phones. And this one they come at the time when it became most phone companies.

They strive hard to produce up to 128 gigahertz phones and it not just end with the storage space of the phone and the design, even the battery capacity tool, not just 4000 mah battery, and this one that time when you say most phone companies, they use 5000 Mah battery as their standard and really i dont even tire for 5000 mah battery, and i hope so maybe one day we will get up to 6000 mah battery as a standard average for every phones. So now this time now i tell they come with 4000 mah battery phone to me it did below the average another huge downside of this phone, not the same house either for the back of the phone and just like the a58. You will need to remove this back cover before you assess the memory card and to put memory card or remove memory card. I guess the reason why make it never focus on sightseeing house not because they never really get on right. For example, now the ital s 17, when italy launched last year, they used sightseeing house but to remove the simcardo in saturn back from the corner walhalla. So i guess that they take their time to focus on how to do them well before they put on. For the official phones, but for now to stick around with team house, when did the backup phone when youre gon na need to pull the back out or put before you hear access, they really look bad one thing when i tried to work on for this phone, Not the display, although the phone did vary for price, if they guarantee you a full hd plus 6.

6 inch screen this one that they cant display when you go 50 for some more expensive budget phones, this ips lcd of 720 by 1612 pixel, not bad at all. For this display wanting one really really really look wrong to me: not the performance of the phone in a delay like seriously if they get this milliseconds delay and this one they come at the time when it bc, i never install any app or give for inside The phone so imagine i could install one two or three apps or games inside the phone. Let me say the phone go just explode, then again it gets the camera of 5 megapixel for back and 5 megapixel for front. I tell for use this point. Take draw the line between the a58 and the a58 pro in non mixing cd pro. They share the same camera quality with the normal one, 8 megapixel for the back camera of this phone for not bad at all. So for this phone you know we expect better video and pictures. It try comes with few filters and tweaks, but then it not really make any difference for the overall picture quality. I believe said to try to double the storage capacity of this phone and then call this one pro, while the other one is just a 58, it not really makes sense the right name supposed to be ital a58 variant, one, and i tell a 58 variant two For this one, but really so far, the only advantage of this phone now the fact that they ship less than fifty thousand error, and it only means that people want to get up to 50 000 era.

50 used android phone, see the itel a58 unboxing and review video for here.