In fact, i have already opened the x80 pro because luckily i got this unit earlier, because i went to dubai before that. I got this so i could check it out. Take a lot of samples, uh, the regular x80. I just got yesterday evening so well. Do the unboxing but ill share a lot more info, and what is the camera samples with this one, because ive used it and ive made a lot of pointers and definitely, i would say, uh both these phones, the x80 pro and the x80 are camera centric smartphone With size optics so lets have a look at that and by the way guys both of them are reviewnuts so uh, i dont know the exact pricing they have marked it out, but considering uh the specs and what hardware it has. The pricing will be sort of a flagship im, assuming, of course the pro will be a slightly higher and the x80 will be slightly lower uh moving to the processor, the x80 is actually having the latest diamond city 900 soc. This is the first time we are seeing the diamond city 9000, which is the flagship new flagship from uh. What do you say mediatek and this one? So this one is having that and this one is something the snapdragon 8gen1, but this also has one more extra chip and i think so, some of the images that ill show you and even videos came out really good.

They have an additional chip, which is known as the vivo v1 plus chip that is used for imaging and ei separately, so it actually has having this two chips. So lets have a look at this. I wont uh ill show you this one later, but lets unbox. This vivo x80 and again, both of them are 5g smartphones, guys you dont, have to worry and has a lot of 5g bands that are supported both of them lets open this up and, of course, this will also come in another color, but this is the new Color, i would say its a more lash on the green and a slight tint of blue mix of both, and this one was also having a curved screen and uh. This is nothing the six point: seven eight inch screen and uh again, so it looks like even on this one. We are getting a lot of accessories, so lets take out for a change were getting a lot of stuff. That generally, we dont get okay extra ear tips, so, okay, so youre getting uh, uh, type c, uh, yeah type c to a type c uh to a headphone im glad they are, including we hardly find any accessories in the box generally with other smartphone vendors. So nice, at least vivo is giving us all we want – and this is a massive 80 watt fast charging brick both of them the pro and the regular, get that so thats.

What we have in the box, at least for this one ill, just keep it to the side and its similar for the x pro. So at least you get a lot of accessories, and this also actually feels nice to hold guys uh. The big difference is uh. This one, the regular x80, is also having zeiss optics, in fact uh. When i went to the people from zeiss, were there its just uh? What do you say sticker on this? In fact, these lenses were made in collaboration and zayas also had a lot of effort. Of course, these are zeiss optics with the tea coating, but also uh in the rear facing camera, which is the highlight, i would say in fact, uh. Some of the modes were developed with xys and they have that special in fact, ill show you some camera samples to give you an idea, uh, so yeah. This one is having a triple camera setup, whereas the uh pro is actually having a quad camera setup with a 5x periscope lenses and front facing on both is actually 32 megapixel that you are getting and uh. Let me do one thing: uh and again both are sort of flagship kind of devices uh you could say so. Let me know one thing: let me actually quickly just set this up and then well have a look at this one. In fact uh. This was the x80 pro ive made a lot of notes.

Uh so well have a look at this one and certainly for the camera on this one ill show you uh some camera samples and even video uh this time i think so uh they also concentrated quite a bit on the video. So we look at those samples and see whats uh it all about so guys. I have even set up the regular x80 yeah here it is, but i wont go too much over this because i have just set this up, but here are all the specs for the x80. Now it will be very interesting to see how vivo prices these smartphones, as ive told as of now i dont know but ill. Add the pricing details where i know in the description uh so uh. Let me just keep this x 80 to the side and lets have a look at this one, because i have a little bit more experience with this. One used it for a couple of days, and again this is the true flagship. Vivo has put whatever uh the cutting edge hardware. They have in this one. In fact, one thing that was very surprising on this smartphone is that if you notice the fingerprint scanner is ultrasonic fingerprints, kind of very, very responsive, whereas the regular x80 is actually having a regular finger in display fingerprint scanner, though its accurate. But what ive noticed with this one is that i have to say we have seen ultrasonic fingerprint scanners even on samsung flagships, but here its implemented very, very well, in fact, to register it.

It is it, it is so easy you have to just press it once and it resistor fingerprint. I thought it was broken. For example, let me actually show you uh to give you an idea. As you can see, my uh right hand is registered with the fingerprint, but if i use my left thumb its obviously not register, so it will not open lets register it and ill show you how quick it is. These are some of the small things that ive noticed on this one again, its a typical flagship comes with android 12, a fun touch that you are having. But if i go to fingerprint finger print, add fingerprint lets. Add it ill just add my pin, so it allows me and well add one more fingerprint, add fingerprint and it says to register just notice, guys so ill say start inputting, and you know you have to press multiple times, but on this one i just stick. My thumb and i press it hard once thats it done its registered your fingerprint so lets, try it now with this one. So i was like. Why is it not asking me to actually uh put it multiple times, its a very accurate and fast ultrasonic fingerprint scanner? In fact, there is also a secure board in this one, where you can have an area where you can use two of your fingers uh for unlocking. So again, they have gone crazy with the fingerprint scanner again.

Another thing that ive noticed is this one. This one has a regular again, both of them having amoled screen 120 hertz. Not to worry about that, but this one is a full hd plus, whereas uh its a proper 2k uh screen on this one. This one is actually an e5 amoled and vivo says that this is about 25 percent, more power efficient, and this is also ltpo screen. That means it can go down from one hertz to 120 hertz thats. Why uh? Even though i was just using it, it does not consume and i put it in 2k guys not in the full hd. You can go down to full hd but im using it currently with 2k and its handling. So in terms of screen quality, they have put a good screen again. Both of them are having that slightly curved uh screen again, i know its a personal person, some people like it or not, but both of them are actually having a curved screen on this one and its a big phone, its a 6.78 screen – and here are all The specs for the x80 pro and fact, if you notice it, has almost every flagship specs in fact, regarding charging, it has a regular 80 watt fast charging im, calling 80 watts regular. This is whats wrong with me: uh 80 watt, fast charging, uh and also wireless charging uh is supported up to 50 watts, but you have to use a proprietary uh.

What is a 50 that special charge of 450 watt charging, but it also does support backward compatible with regular uh wireless qi. Charging also has stereo speakers and all these things one thing again: this is having a fun touch. Os comes out of the box with android 12, so thats not a problem, but one thing im not liking. Is that, though, this is a flat ship again, if you notice, these are all the bloatways that are pre installed on this phone, so at least uh vivo should have removed that considering. This is a flagship, its very smooth again, this is having a snapdragon 8gen1. So performance is not an issue again uh its uh. What do you say? Uh lpddr5 ram 12 gigabytes of ram, so performance was not an issue on this phone and i like left again a test were going the google panel. They have cleaned all that up, but bloatware at this price point i dont know Music im going to increase the volume. This is the max Music. So, as you can see, good stereo speakers, and also you have quite a bit of stereo separation on this one, so that way they have done it well. Also now lets move to the camera, because that is what i think is the big highlight of this smartphone and again, if you notice at the back, we have actually quad camera setup. The main camera is a 50 megapixel uh. This has ois, and this is having a f stop of 1.

57, which is the main camera. Then we have a 48 megapixel thats ultra wide im really happy that theyre going with a high megapixel con for ultra wide. So we have that 48 megapixel, f, 2.0, and next this this camera, that is there. This is actually a 12 megapixel camera, but this is having 2x portrait mode with the gimbal mode in earlier some of the vivo phones. We had that gimbal mode. So in the portrait mode, with the 2x zoom, they have the gimbal mode. And, lastly, this one is the 5x periscope camera. Let me first show you the camera interface and here yes, the. What do you say? Optics are done by zayas, but its not just uh. Zayas integration is left to that. Even some of the software modes were exclusively uh, developed in collaboration with scius. So let me just show you. This is a regular mode, as you can see rear facing camera, so you can go between ultrawide, 1x, 2x and 5x, and this is all optical and of course you can go digital guys if you really want you can do that. But this is all optical zoom that youre getting and you can easily move it uh. One thing i completely forgot to mention the haptic motor is actually really really good on this one. This is supposed to have x axis uh haptic motor, which is supposed to be a lot better than z axis motor, so haptic motor is very, very good uh.

Let me actually go to portrait mode. Uh portrait mode we have in video default will go to 2x, but you can go to 1x and even 5x, and here, if you go to styles as you can see, these are actually co branded via zeiss, and these actually have had a lot of effects on This one, this zeiss cinematic is just amazing, for example, here are some of the samples that i have taken with this one and, as you can see, the pictures look incredible on this one uh. So again, the zeiss options in the portrait mode do make quite a bit of a difference and, as you can see, with the rear facing camera in the portrait mode, you have a lot of mode its exclusive to uh this one with the zeiss mode. And if i go back, uh lets go to the regular photo mode. This is the night mode and all these things, if you go in the photo mode also here we have the zeiss natural colors. You can switch on to that because, generally, what happens is many of the smartphones they try to over saturate the colors uh lets say: if you just want it for instagram, you might like it, but lets say you want it for your memories or something you dont Want exaggerated, colors or something you have that option? So if you click of a button, you can switch between the natural size colors and that boosted colors.

Of course, it has all the other options that you want. What they have done is they have given a lot of control over the photography, but i like the fact that its not just photography, but even in the video mode, if you go this was interesting. I didnt expect that, because generally we know yeah 4k and all those things. Yes, it has 4k and all this thing. But if i go over here, as you can see, thats 4k 30 and even you can go to 4k 60 fps and even 8k dont shoot in 8k. I feel is always a gimmick but yeah you have it. If you want it, oh, but i like, if you go to styles here, also we have this zeiss cinematic mode and the video that you shoot actually comes out very, very good on this one. In fact, we also have movie luts on this one uh. If you are advanced user, you know what is that, so i like that, not only in regular camera, but even the video mode, they have given us a lot of options and they have worked with zayas to give you uh those things. So that is something that i like and, of course you have the pro mode and all the other modes on this one. But let me actually show you the some of the samples that i have taken with this smartphone. Some random shots are taken indoors now. This was taken at regular 1x zoom.

This was that 2x zoom, and this was that 5x zoom as its optical, even at 5x, its very good quality. This was actually taken in the desired cinematic mode and the pictures come out incredible uh. This was taken in regular mode, and this was that ultra white notice that even ultra white there is no color distortion or anything. This was when we went on the hot air balloon 1x. This is that 2x, and this is finally that 5x and again the pictures come out really good. Uh here is my friends ershad again in that zeiss portrait mode, and they come out good. Now these were taken at night. As you can see, and i was impressed with the shots considering – these were completely taken at night again. This is that zeiss portrait mode uh now this was taken when we were on the board. This is one x and this was a 2x zoom and again these are some more samples taken in completely at night and if you notice these were taken in my house again and that night and at night also, i was surprised that i could get some very Good shots with this one without any effort, this was also taken very, very low lighting and it came out very good now uh, some samples with the front facing camera, and this was in the portrait mode with the front facing camera. Even the front facing camera performance is very good shot.

Some videos at four oclock am no light. Was there no sunlight and if you notice still, the video quality actually came out very good? I was surprised considering how low the light was. Uh this i just shot when it was just uh moving around in the balloon and again the video quality also is pretty good, so guys this is the x80 pro and the x80. Certainly, i would say these are camera centric smartphones, in fact uh. I would say the rear facing camera actually impressed me on this one. Even at night generally, when some i took some photographs generally, you get that camera flares uh. That light. When light is there, you get the flare, but that was reduced and i spoke to some zeiss officials and they said that theyve really worked to do that. So again, yes, the optics and the combination of the hardware is making a difference. In fact, i actually had the s22 plus with me. In fact, i would say in some of the difficult lighting and low lighting situation uh this one did perform better uh. So camera is the highlight of this x80 pro but anyways.