So today were doing a review of the june smooth 4 gimbal Music. So if you would subscribe down below and wed, be really grateful for that thanks guys, Music, i had never heard of them before im, not like uh, an electronics type person im, really not even a camera type person, although im becoming one so guys. If you want to take a closer look at this gimbal, just click below and open up the video description box and youll be able to take a a quick look. You can click on it, click the link and itll. Take you right to amazon and you can check them out a little bit further. I like this gimbal because on my channel here on beach vacation dreaming, we are always walking on the ocean in the sand, so were on very uneven surfaces. A lot and were you know, stumbling even this gimbal is great if you want to get a real, smooth, looking video, even when youre on rough terrain like the sand. So i highly recommend this for anybody. The zoom smooth four, if youre not into a electronics and its really hard for you to understand, you know how to start a new item and get to know it and all the commands that you need to know. You can actually use this one without the app um. You can go ahead and put your phone in here turn on the gimbal just use the commands right on your phone screen, and you can still you know, get these great balanced pictures.

You dont have to use all the controls on this gimbal you i i would consider using that manually, so you can kind of use it manually. Just touching your own phone, i was also. I was able to use it without the app so thats a great thing, but the great thing also is: you can go and dont download the app for this. Once you have the app downloaded, you can do all kinds of things. Just through the base of the gimbal itself. You can zoom in and zoom out and theres many functions that you can do while using the app for the gimbal. Then it goes to sleep when you turn it off now. The one thing i will note is i work with an iphone 13 pro and i i didnt realize it when i started using it, but i was having a little trouble because i kept getting the end of the gimbal in my shots and i pretty much think Now i figured it out, they do sell a counterweight that you can get to go and use with your gimbal if you have a heavier phone like the iphone 13. That way, youll be able to place your phone on the gimbal a little further down a little further away from the end of the gimbal. But you will need the counterweights, because you do have to balance your phone in this gimbal before you turn it on the best you can, you can get great shots down low near the ground, um and you dont have to you know contort yourself or bend in Any weird ways to get it all you need to do is just bend down, and your gimbal is going to do the rest of the work, its going to keep it nice and level and smooth looking.

Even though youve you know gone down and are holding the gimbal down same as going up, you can take some great shots going up high and even a fake drone shot that they call with the gimbal its going to come with this great styrofoam box. Its got a hinge on it and you can safely put the gimbal in there its styrofoam and you can, you know, keep your gimbal safe, so i do like this box that it comes with. I hope you guys liked. The video today hope you got a little bit out of it and we will see you next time on beach vacation dreaming thanks guys, i wan na. Do it all with you by my side, if youre in meet me here tonight be brave and come along.