.. …, You guys tell me in the comment how to do you like the look of One Plus 10R.? In my opinion, this is the ugliest One Plus phone., Because thats not the philosophy of One Pluss design. You all know its a rebranded phone.. One Plus thought lets end the rebrand. Now One Plus 2T is here. By the way. It is not the true successor of One Plus Nord 2., because its the T variant., When One Plus Nord 3 arrives. It may be that there will be some updates in it.. We will compare these two phones in detail in between.. For now we talk about One Plus Nord 2T.. I am using this phone for a few days. and yes, While using this phone, I felt that it was a One Plus phone., Because, while using this phone, the feeling of One Plus was coming. Before coming to the phone lets, see what you get in the box.. It is a good thing that One Plus offers new types of cases.. There are also some cons in those cases.. Now let me show you what that con is This time. The case is quite different.. You can call it a little greyish type.. This case is good because the standard white case turns yellow in 6 to 7 months.. Then I feel like throwing that case away like this.. I think there should be some stickers. Here. One Plus seems to have started copying. Apple. quick start guide.

No, there is no sticker here. There were good stickers in the box of One Plus 10R., but theres no sticker on here, sim ejector tool, its also a little different. Here you get a sim ejector tool of smiley design. for charging your phone of course, not the AAA or AA battery. Here you get a Super Vooc charger of 80W.. The same charging capacity and charging rate were also in One Plus 10R., And eventually that was in Neo 3 as well.. Even here you get an 80W charger. Here. The charging cable should be red., which is the signature colour of One Plus. Yes, of course Here is a red, coloured, USB Type, A to USB Type C cable.. This phone comes in only one RAM: variant. 8GB128GB, While the Nord 2 comes in 12GB 8GB and 6GB variants., But I dont think anyone would have bought the 6GB variant because it is not easily available.. I also want to buy a 6GB variant. Lets focus on the phone.. How is the phone design, Like? I told you, that this is the signature? One Plus phone. here is the same. Look By the way the camera looks slightly different now., but it looks good If you will keep One Plus Nord 2 and Nord 2T side by side. You can see how the new camera module is made. Here.. The placement of the camera is the same. Here. Only the two cameras at the bottom have been combined into a big circle.

other than that thats it nothing else. You must have also noticed that two LED flashes have been given here for the first time.. I tried my best to turn on this second LED flash.. Somehow, but According to me, This LED is not turning on.. Perhaps we will have to see in the tear down whether it is a Dummy LED or is there something in it, because I think its a Dummy LED., Because when it has no function in the camera application, you cannot turn it on., Whatever the design of the Camera but looks good. There is complete glass here.. You must have seen the design of this back panel before., One Plus 9RT also has a similar back panel. One Plus 9 Pro also has a similar back panel.. The point is that Fingerprint marks do not appear in this type of back panel, but it gets scratched easily. like 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, even at level 2. It is getting scratched, i.e. Plastic, and wood can also scratch this back panel of yours.. There is a slightly slim frame, here. and yes, finally, the alert slider is back Which had disappeared in One Plus 10R Lets check out the sim tray.. Here you can put a dual 5G sim card. For unlocking. There is an in display fingerprint sensor available. Here., Its placement is traditional, again. is on the slightly downward side. Its unlocking is very fast., as it was before no problem.

Even here Now lets go inside the display., Its the same display. You saw on the One Plus Nord 2. Here you will not see any change. have the same display. There is a Super AMOLED display of 6.43 inches here. Its peak brightness. You can assume around 1000 nits.. This display supports both HDR 10 and HDR 10. If you talk about refresh rate, you get a refresh rate of 90Hz here.. The company has claimed that HDR 10 is supported. Here. HDR 10 support is visible here, But at present you will get only the HD option available on playing HDR 10 content on Netflix or Amazon Prime.. Hopefully this feature will come in future about the performance. Of course, a new processor will be given here. Because there will be something new from the previous Dimensity 1300 CPU. Whatever you say, Dimensity processor is good., But despite being premium, this processor still does not perform as well as Snapdragon.. By the way, the device is fast and fluid to use.. You will get a great experience with this device. lets check out the numbers. If I show you the scores of both processors, Dimensity 1200 Vs Dimensity 1300, You can see that there is not much difference in the scores. In Nord 2 vs Nord 2T stay tuned for the full comparison Where we will do the speed test. If there is a difference of a few seconds, then we will also see that. and about the gaming guys you can see the settings of BGMI.

usual settings are available, like This display is HDR supported. Thats, why you will also get HDR and Ultra frame rates.. Here you will also get the option of smooth and extreme.. I didnt get any issues while playing BGMI., Because CPU is quite speedy. You will not find any problem here.. So in terms of performance, this CPU is fast and good., but just in summary, I didnt find the slightest difference in Nord 2s comparison.. Let us now check the performance of the camera here.. The setup of the camera here is similar to that of the Nord 2. First, we check how the colours are coming here.. We have seen before that this sensor is quite good., Mostly close to natural photographs. Come from this sensor. Youll find great photographs in most situations. details. Sharpness everything is fine. Mostly good colours are coming from this sensor.. You will not have any issue, It is now a standard outdoor photograph., Its dynamic range is good. Getting the same result as I was seeing now now its an ultrawide shot of it. The problem is that the ultrawide is only 8 megapixels.. Sometimes there should be a combination to take good photographs in different situations.. There is an 8 megapixel camera here. At the slightest zoom in the quality changes. Immediately. dynamic range is fine, but not as satisfactory. There is no telephoto lens here, so you can only do digital zoom.. If you zoom too much, then the photo quality will be poor.

Lets check its performance indoors. Indoors. This phone performs mostly well. And the sharpness and details are ok.. Ok Now its ultrawide, The colours in the ultrawide shot, are the same, but the quality has changed. A bit. like The noise, has increased a bit here. and The focus is proper on all these aunties, as it should be like. If the sensor is good, then the focus is also good.. Now its ultrawide, the quality has changed a bit Lets see 50 megapixel, elephants and horses.. You can see how the elephant is. Fine details are coming from the 50 megapixel sensor., and here is the camel was actually a camel. Not a horse. Elephant camel Lets come to the complete low light.. This sensor is awesome. I have taken this photo in complete low light.. If we turn on the night mode again, you can get good details. Another angle, Even here the focus is proper. with night mode Heres a little too much software job.. The base of the surface has changed a bit: here. Theres, a 32 megapixel selfie camera here. thats. A good part, But here you can take a portrait shot of just 43. I dont understand this. On a Samsung phone. You can take selfies or portrait shots in 169. Not so here The portrait shot is coming, good. details are ok, Most photographs are true to natural. Looking As it should be and about the video capability Here, you can create videos up to a maximum of 4K 30fps.

, But the good thing is that here you get optical image stabilization.. You know, Weve seen this thing before.. These features are available on the phone for 25 thousand rupees., but the videos are good Colours and details are coming in good.. You can say that the videos are smooth., not the smoothest. Let me tell you that there is no 4K 60fps option, here. Its only 4K 30fps here.. So in terms of the overall camera, this phone is fine. Weve seen the same performance before in Nord 2. Nothing much has changed. Here. perhaps 16 megapixels ultrawide should have been given here. There should have been a macro or telephoto lens of between five and eight megapixels given here, which would have been the best combination, here. and guys about the software. I dont need to say anything more here.. The ROM is still clean. In comparison to other phones of this company. Like Realme Vivo Oppo. There you get a lot of extra bloatware. Here you only get Netflix and Spotify pre installed.. I have installed all other applications for testing purposes.. The ROM is still clean and smooth.. Here you will find some good features of One Plus. like Here. You will get the always on display of One Plus, which is very good. about phone section, One Plus Nord 2T. Here you can also read the specs. Here. You will get virtual RAM up to 5GB. Heres Android 12. In the name of OxygenOS. You will not find anything different here.

Here. You will get most of the features of Oppo and Realme.. Ok, You get dual speakers here., not a big deal. Now. Dual speakers are available, even in phones of 13 to 14 thousand rupees., but there are loudspeakers. Unfortunately, there is no Dolby Atmos support. Here., A little extra customization makes it a good choice for music lovers. about the battery. Here 4500 mah battery is available.. Just like the Nord 2. There is an 80W charger in the box.. The usual 65W charger was available.. You will make little difference, not much.. The 150W charger that was available in 10R is much better. wont, make much difference here, only a little difference. How do you like this phone? In the summary see? It is a phone with a true One Plus design. Here all the features of One Plus are present.. Ok In terms of look, there was some innovation.. The back panel is still the same as it has been for a long time.. Of course, an attempt has been made to do something new in the camera.. All these cosmetic changes are ok.. I did not find much difference in using both phones together. because display same camera same battery backup nearly same. The version of OxygenOS is also nearly the same.. There is a slight improvement in performance, which I will show you in the test.. Still its a good phone latest phone, You are getting the latest OxygenOS version here., You are getting Android 12 here.

. Hopefully you will also get Android 13 and Android 14 here. good phone lets see When we compare the phone to other phones, well see where it stands.. You can also tell me your thoughts in the comment., so this is the One Plus 2T stay tuned for the more such videos. This is Saurabh.