You guys have to check it out in this review were going to talk about why this is such a gaming beast, and some of the amazing unique features that it offers along with the downsides and who should actually pick one of these up now, when paco reached Out and they want to sponsor us and send out one of these phones, i wanted to check it out, but i wasnt expecting a ton. But as soon as i took this thing out of the box, i was shocked first off. They offer so much in the box. Not only do we get a case, a usb c to a hyphen adapter, but a 120 watt power, brick with the extra long angled usb type c cable. Now, before i dive in, i have to say that this phone with over a 4700 milliamp hour battery charges from zero to 100 in 17 minutes. So each one of the batteries that are split up inside take 60 watts and you can literally see the percentage rising as it is charging as we just wish. This animation stayed on screen longer. It is crazy not only that, but it actually didnt get that hot thanks to its insane cooling system that is designed for gaming and when youre, actually gaming and charging with that 90 degree cable that stays out of your way. You can actually go from 2 to 100 in 27 minutes, and this feature right here absolutely blew my mind.

Take a look at that these pop up triggers. I was expecting them to be a little bit janky, but man. They are awesome now well talk about gaming. In just a bit, but first lets talk about the design and the build quality. I was expecting all of this just to be kind of cheap because of that price point of 599 euros so just over 600 bucks for the base model, but it isnt. We have all aluminum, we have gorilla glass victus on the front in the back. This super cool, looking gamery design with this little lightning. That actually is a flash, which is a cool touch now, with the whole camera module. We also have rgb lighting built in which you can use for notifications, texts and other things, and then on the sides. We have our usb type c port along with this very interesting, looking speaker grille. Now, if we go to the other side, not only do we have the earpiece speaker cut out. We also have that same speaker grille, because this thing has quad speakers, but we also have triple mics that are also positioned in a way where that, if youre gaming, it will still pick you up. We have one on the bottom right here. Next to that volume rocker, so those speakers, the quads, are raised higher, so theyre also not blocked, like you get with other phones and on top of that the wi fi and antennas are actually right here on the side.

So when youre gaming, you get the best signal and of course, if youre using your phone with one hand, its also not blocked so much thought went into the design. But as far as build quality, everything feels top notch, including the buttons, the switches. And what really got me was the vibration motor typically on cheap devices, even more expensive, cheaper ones. They put really sucky ones in this felt really good, and then i saw on their website. They were actually advertising that its the largest one in an android phone and thats a little detail that really makes it pleasant to use now, on the right hand, side between those triggers that lock up, we have our power button. That is also a fingerprint scanner. Now, most of the time when youre using it, it is so quick that, as soon as you press, it youre just logged in because it scans your finger so fast so far, none of this is acting like a budget phone now inside for the base model. We have eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage that can also jump up to 12 and 256.. Now those are good specs and as far as the chip, we have the best of the best, the snapdragon 8 gen 1, which not only got a performance upgrades for our cpu compared to the past. But the biggest jump was actually the graphics, and that is where it gets close to apples a15.

Now, as far as the display, i was also expecting to be let down, because there is no rating as far as the brightness. Now this is a 1080p plus its a 1920 by 2400 display. It is an ola display, but i was expecting the brightness to be limited. When i raised up the brightness, though i was pleasantly surprised that it was close to the brightness of apples flagship iphone now, when youre outdoors, it actually works pretty well and inside they dont limit the brightness that you can manually kind of reach. It actually worked really well as long as you have the auto toggle enabled you can scroll the brightness, and so overall i was pretty happy with that. Now before i go into hdr video in some more details lets just jump into those speakers. Once again, we see that theyre offset here and theres two tweeters and two woofers built in now. This was another area where i thought i was going to be kind of disappointed, not because theres, four of them, but just because its a budget device – and we just heard that sony and it cost sixteen hundred dollars, and it did not sound good at all. Well, i was quite impressed. Not only was it louder than my iphone, but it actually had a nice natural sound where vocal sounded nice and clear and not tinny at all and along with that, it had pretty good bass much better than that sony.

Xperia. 1. 4.. Now my iphone does go deeper with bass, even though it just has two speakers, so apples definitely heading that, but this thing really surprised me and destroyed that sony now. Another area i was really surprised by was the ui. Now its not a pixel ui, you dont have the gestures from the bottom, but the command center or whatever you call. When you pull back, you have the brightness right there automatically. You have everything you need easily accessible. So, overall, just going through everything is so snappy with that 120 hertz screen and i didnt feel annoyed by it, like i do with some other android software. Now, for those of you guys who watch a lot of videos, especially those that watch hdr movies, it actually looks really good, really natural. It does get bright about 800 nits, but it doesnt have the super pop in the highlights, like you would get from s22 ultra for 1200 bucks and now lets talk about gaming. What this phone was actually designed to do, and it did an incredible job. I have to say after using these triggers and setting them up easily, you have a little pop up menu. You move them where you want them and getting used to doing the actions that i do most in call of duty, which is shooting and reloading. I dont know how im going to go back to using an iphone. It just makes it so efficient to not have to pick your fingers up and adjust for those tasks that youre doing all the time, and not only that, but this screen actually has a 480 hertz refresh sensitivity for touch um, so its way more sensitive with way More zones as well so when i was playing it was just awesome to be able to have those triggers um it just its a whole nother experience, just like youd have with a gaming controller, so they werent janky.

They werent bad feeling it wasnt gimmicky. It is legitimately really really nice to have. Now. With that, i had all my settings. Maxed out i had my brightness maxed out and i had no dimming whatsoever, even when i plugged in the phone to start charging as i was gaming, the phone did not dim now. This thing has, like i said, a crazy cooling system built in multiple layers, a huge surface area with multiple materials, the phone didnt get hot and the screen didnt dim down. It was awesome, not only call of duty, which is my favorite game, but even gentian impact with the settings maxed out. We did not have any issues and with the iphone, even though the performance is higher because of that processor, the a15. You do get quite a bit of dimming with that phone, so if youre somebody that plays a lot of games, this experience – i just dont – know how you can beat it. Even if you spend a lot more money, it is top notch. Now lets talk about the camera system. The main camera is a 64 megapixel, its a nice high end sensor from sony, and then you also have an ultra wide and a macro camera and then on the front, we have an upgraded uh front facing camera as well. Now this is where this phone starts, going towards a mid range phone from a flagship, so many of the other things like the design, the performance, the display – is either flagship level or very high end the speakers, the charging all of that is great, but the cameras, The main sensor will give you some pretty good results and they are using google camera for the actual software to take your images, so that part of it is great.

But if you take a lot of ultra photos or if you take a lot of selfies, this is where its not fantastic. And, of course, it does not have a portrait camera no telephoto like you would get on a pro iphone or a high end, samsung phone, but if having the best cameras is important to you. This is where this phone will not match up like it does. In all the other areas, now what are the other downsides? Well, first off there is no micro sd card slot its not a huge deal for me, because so many of the companies went away from it. Obviously, apple does not give that to you in their phones and second, what matters more to me is the wireless charging. There is no wireless charging built in so if you use that a lot, that is a downside now, with the wire charging being as fast as it is, you kind of dont need it, but it still is a convenience feature that you will get with higher end Flagships so, overall with everything this phone is offering, i was really surprised how well rounded it is with the display, the speakers, the ui being so good and then, of course, the gaming aspect of it. I think, for the money. It is an absolutely killer value, and this is gon na, be my gaming phone now, when i want a game on my smartphone, my iphone is going to be chilling and i will be using this just because of how dang good it is, especially with the no Overheating and with those triggers so there you guys go.

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