The box comes with the phone, obviously the sim ejection tool and a type c to type c: cable, no charger, no case no earphones and no pre applied screen protector, eco friendly packaging. Now the phone sells for 25 4.99 for the six gigs variant and it comes in four vibrant ish. Colors ive got the peach here, but then theres, white, black and blue. Now i highly recommend that you get yourself the eight gigs variant and just future proof yourself. Now ill talk about a few highlights of the device and then well talk about whether its really value for your money or not towards the end of the video. The a33 has got a quad camera setup, but with a 48 megapixel primary sensor and improved stabilization achieved by a combination of ois and ai, now thats great for taking stable shots and smooth videos. Now this video here is completely shot using the phone without any gimbal or stabilization, its definitely better than most cameras in this price segment that dont come with ois and ai together and optical image. Stabilization works in all video resolutions, including 4k. Now here are some photo samples that i took the picture. Quality seems decent at best. I obviously took a lot in broad daylight to see how the camera handled extreme exposure. Now there were some times when the sky gets blown a bit, but then sometimes it handled quite well with the blues, looking good in the sky and then when it came to indoor photos in nicely lit conditions, they came out really good colors seem natural.

Samsung has done a good job of not over processing the pictures and kept the details intact and guys. All of these pictures are available for you to download, and that way you can check the quality for yourself. The link will be in the description below now. Heres a side by side comparison of the primary camera pictures on the left to the ultra wide camera pictures on the right. The ultra wide lenses tend to have better dynamic range, but theyre also slightly darker than the primary lens, as youd expect in some indoor shots. I did find the ultra wide lens to add some magenta in the photos. Hoping samsung will fix that with an update, but even in low light. I think the ultra wide lens did a very good job and neck to neck. With the primary lens shots in portrait mode came out. Super the edge detection is quite good, even with the grass fibers, it seems to have done a good job, and this is, as expected, you know the a53 and the a73. Both were very good with their portrait mode thanks to spatial recognition with dual cameras that also leverages the depth sensor to create accurate separation, and here are some selfies taken using the 13 megapixel front, facing camera against different lighting conditions and in regular, as well as portrait Mode theyre not super, but theyre, not bad at all, i mean theyre, quite nice and usable in low light. The ai stabilization definitely helps in taking shake free photos and youll see that the lights dont leak in the pictures and they look super sharp sure, theres.

Some noise in the sky when it becomes dark but again, given the price segment, i think its an acceptable output and while there are few phones in this price segment that do offer optical image stabilization, there are even rare that offer ai stabilization alongside you saw the Footage you decide theres also photo remaster feature that allows you to enhance your dull images and make them pop better and then theres object. Eraser. That intelligently removes unwanted objects. In your picture. They both work decently. Well now the galaxy 83 pretty much has the same design as we saw in the a53 and the a73 soft matte plastic back with a very smooth texture, rectangular body, with flat display very seamlessly blending camera housing and an ip67 water and dust resistant body. It is actually very rare to see uh phones in this price segment to offer ip67 water and dust resistance, and on top of that, its got gorilla glass, 5 protection for its display. So if you put all of that together its definitely a phone thats, more durable than most other smartphones in this price segment now because its not as big as the a53 or the a73, it is a lot easier to manage in your hands and in the pocket. But its still quite a large display and not meant for one handed use, but given the fact its got a massive 5000 mah battery, i find it quite lightweight and relatively compact. It does have a hybrid sim tray and with the option, to expand storage by up to one terabyte and im also really happy that its got steel speakers, so both the earpiece and the speaker grille here, output sound with support for dolby atmos, sadly no headphone jack, But i really think its time to start accepting that now.

Okay, the display the a53 has a 6.4 inch large super amoled display with a 90 hertz refresh rate, its bright colorful and a rich display, as youd expect from any amoled screen its a full hd plus display. So you experience super crisp content, whether youre watching videos or playing games, its not 120 hertz, but very honestly, the perceivable difference between a 90 hertz display and a 120 hertz display is really not a whole lot. I mean 90 hertz is also quite smooth, and the scrolling experience is just about as good as 120 hertz the screen. It looks quite bright even outdoors and has a peak brightness of 800 nits, which is about the same as on the higher variants like the a53 or the a73. I believe the only downside is not having support for hdr playback but other than that, its a fabulous display. The a33 is powered using the exynos 1280, which is not the fastest chip in this price segment, but it surely is a really battery efficient chip, its built on the phone animator fabrication technology. I tried playing slightly intensive games like asphalt, 9 and call of duty, and they really played. Well, though, let me point out that call of duty did not even offer me the option to set the graphic quality to high or very high, but even on medium quality. The game looked quite good. Asphalt, 9 2 played smoothly without any hiccups. I did not experience any kind of lag or frame drops, but if youre looking for a smartphone for extensive gaming, this is probably not the one to go with in this price segment unless, of course, all the other good things about the galaxy a33 is more important To you than gaming now, as i pointed out earlier, its got a really power, efficient chip and you couple that, with a 5 000 milliampere battery youve got yourself a powerhouse.

I mean the phone is all set to last you for two days with moderate use and with adaptive power, saving the phone adapts battery consumption as per your usage patterns and, if youre, someone with a lot of commuting or with very little opportunities to charge your phone. This is definitely the phone to go for in this price segment over other phones that may offer just raw power. Lastly, i want to touch upon the software experience. Its got android 12 right out of the box and its running the latest one ui 4.1, like the a53 or the a73. You get all the latest features like link to windows, screen recorder, extra dim, bixby, routines, secure, folder and dolby. Add ons. One ui is full of features, and it has so many tricks up its sleeve. There is also ram plus, which allows you to increase virtual ram and enjoy a faster multitasking experience. Should you feel the need for some reason? Samsung is still loading. The phone with quite a few apps, which you may not need – and you know it just – takes up unnecessary space. Of course you can uninstall those apps and spend unnecessary time doing so. But the most important thing about the software experience is that samsung has guaranteed its going to give you four years of os upgrade on the galaxy a33. So if it ships with android 12 right now, the phone is all set to receive all the way up to android 16.

sure the speed with which those updates roll out to your phone will slow down over the period of years. But if youre someone whos planning to use your phone for the next four to five years, i think its a really critical point so to conclude, consider this phone very seriously if youre looking for a sturdy, durable phone with a stunning display and a phenomenal battery life, This phone is meant for long lasting performance rather than just pure raw performance, and, on top of all of that, its a pretty good looking phone, its got a decent set of cameras with optical image, stabilization and ai stabilization and samsungs promise of four years of os Upgrade, i think, theres quite a lot on the table for the asking price, so yeah thats pretty much it guys. Any questions put them in the comments.