If you want to know uh the general overview of this device and what this device is all about, uh check out my unboxing video, because in this video well be diving deep into this device. Ive divided this review into 15 different points. So what uh? In each area, what is good i like what is bad, and this is the right mid range device for you, premium, mid range device and well also be doing some minor comparisons between the this one and the real me 9 pro plus, and even the samsung galaxy M53, because i feel all these three smartphones are very close to each other in pricing also and sort of the performance. So lets look at this and first and im going to look here uh, because my screen is here and first lets talk about the screen quality on this one, and this one is actually having a p oled screen, guys uh its a 6.55 inch screen and its A very good quality screen uh its a proper 10 bit panel, so no compromises also uh its having dc dimming. So even at night, when youre using this phone at low brightness, you will not have a issue with this one. Also it has a hdr tens certification. So its a very good screen. Another thing that about this one is that uh. This is not a regular 120 hertz but 144 hertz panel that we are getting so a very good uh screen.

Another small thing that i liked on this one – the touch sampling – is very, very sensitive, so if youre sort of a gamer or something you will appreciate that and its a very, very fluid device. Uh um, one only thing that i wish on this smartphone is that indoors. Whenever you use it, no issues or the brightness is also okay enough brightness. But what ive noticed is that uh in outdoor conditions, direct sunlight, it is not super super bright. I would say its not like its not visible, but its, not that bright, maybe its just because i was coming from primary. My son was in the galaxy s22 earlier, but i would say the maximum brightness and outdoor conditions could have been better, but still a very good phone now coming to the in hand, feel here i would say uh. This is up uh. This sets itself. Apart from the competition, its extremely light just weighs 155 grams, so extremely light and very comfortable to hold, and but it does not feel cheap or anything like that, it feels very, very premium. The back is not glass guys. It looks like and feels like glass, but this is a fiber material that they have used. I used it without the case or anything accidentally once it dropped, also no scratches, but you do get a case inside the box. So that way, it is okay, uh, and now, if i come back to uh the original s22 plus that i was using, this feels a little bit more heavy, so its very, very light to hold and comfortable to actually hold in the hand 155 grams uh.

The only thing is that back im, not using it with the case, it does resist the fingerprints to quite a bit of extent, but some of the fingerprints you might be able to see on this one now coming to one thing that i was very surprised with This one – yes, it does have stereo speakers and actually its pretty loud and check out my unboxing video and its actually shown out that i didnt have to keep the volume level above 70 percent on this one generally, many of the other smartphones i generally have to Keep the volume level up about 90 percent, but here even at 70 it was very very loud, but one hiccup is that if you keep the volume level above 90 percent, it is so loud that the back you feel slight vibrations, but again one of the loudest. I would say in terms of stereo speakers that we have okay going to. The next thing is that this is a wish list, and we dont have this, though it has that great uh. What do you say, uh speakers and all these things stereo speakers, but no 3.5 mm headphone jack on this smartphone, so that is something that is missing. Okay, moving to next thing that i liked – and this is a small thing – this is regarding haptic feedback – thats the vibration motor on this one, i feel for the price the vibration motor is done well, and it has that strong vibration so again its effective uh and Now this is a new thing, uh on motorola phones, generally, they never used to put in display fingerprint scanner.

This one has in display fingerprint scanner and its actually done very very well. I was worried because this is the first time that actually motorola is putting in display fingerprint scanner, but its very good and no no issues. The only thing is that nitpicking its slightly at the bottom generally. The fingerprint scanners are here, but the location of this one is slightly at the bottom. So itll take you a couple of days to get used to the same, but now moving to ram management on this one and guys im using the base variant. That comes with six gigabytes of ram, not the eight gigabyte ram variant, and i have to say because again its stock, android ui and all these things. The ram management has been done very, very well uh, so even with the six gigabytes of ram its good enough. But again, if you are a person uh, i would say uh who plans to keep phones more than two years or whatever. Maybe you can look at the eight gigabyte variant, but again, even with the six gigabyte ram variant, i did not have an issue. It also has an option of ram boost or something like that, but i did not enable that i was just using it with just that six gigabytes of ram now coming to the storage here i have some good things and we have some bad things: uh, the Bad thing is that they only have one variant of the storage that is 128 gigabytes.

Even if you go with 8 gigabyte ram variant, you just get 128 gigabytes. There is no 256 gigabyte variant. As of now that is sold in india. Also, we do not have a micro sd card slot on this one, so you have to rely on what storage we have uh, but now coming to one thing that i really liked on this smartphone – and many of you were also asking me – and i did some Tests also, regarding that, what type of storage thats this actually has the new umpc5 type of storage. And if you look at the screenshot, this is the latest version of what you say: hybrid storage, from micron and in fact this combines the lpddr ram and the ufs storage into one. In fact, this one is actually having ufs 3.1 storage, but, as the lpddr ram is also on the same chip, the performance is blazingly fast. In fact, i did some tests and i was amazed with the uh performance, for example, as you can see from this one. I ran this benchmark even on the real me 9 pro, and even on this one and as you can see, the first one is for the motorola and, as you can see, this sequential reads its 524. This is one of the highest that ive seen uh. Look at the real me variants about 300 and the reads: also: these are 700. This is nothing short of flagship levels, guys, for example, i also run the same software even on the samsung galaxy, s22 and here ill add the screen shot.

So many people who are worried about this type of storage or whatever this is even like ufs 3.1, but the combination of the lpddram, and that this is even faster. Its like the flagship storage guys. So definitely in terms of storage and stuff. You dont have to worry. It is easily beating other mid range premium, smartphones in terms of the storage that they have done and im glad that motorola is using the cutting edge, um, uh, um, cp5 type of storage, and that shows in the performance of the smartphone. That is why it is blazingly fast on this, the storage and the ram combination that we have now moving to the battery here. Initially, just looking at the specs, i was also very very worried about the battery, because the battery capacity is just 4020 milli ampere, and i thought i was scratching my head. What is the battery life that i would be getting but guys? I was amazed with the battery life and it feels like this smartphone is having a battery life of something about 4600 to 4700 mah. In fact, the battery life i was getting was way better than i was getting on the samsung galaxy s22, plus that i have, for example, here are the charts and if you look at it, the first one uh. This is at about four percent and if you notice the standby time on, all of them is above 24 hours. This was with about one and a half days, one uh one day 12 hours and we got a screen on time of 6 hours 29 minutes, and this was with dual sim uh, the middle screenshot guys here i was just using it with a single sim.

That is my primary sim, and here, as you can see, it was at two percent almost got two days of uh standby time. In fact, the idle drain is very, very low on this smartphone uh and screen on time, seven hours that we got and the next one. This was again also with dual sim music and i had forced it to 144 hertz a little bit of heavy usage. A lot a lot more talking that i did on that day, and here we got us uh. What do you say screen on time or for hours? 51 minutes almost five hours. So, needless to say, in terms of what you say battery life, i was impressed with this one and you should expect anywhere from about five hours of battery life, to even seven to seven and a half uh. What do you say? Hours of battery life with about 24 hours between charges, so in terms of battery life, i was very very surprised – and i think so. This is only possible because of the combination of that um cp5 storage, where the lpdd are ram and the storage is on the same chip, making it a very, very power, efficient, uh compared to other solutions or what other uh mid ranges. Uh used uh, but one hiccup that i noticed and and if you saw that last screenshot uh, if i was forcing the smartphone to 144 hertz, then the sot will fall down and i notice about 30 to 40 minutes less of sot when youre keeping it on Forcing it on 144 hertz uh, i would say, just leave it on auto and thats.

That way you get actually pretty good battery life. So battery life was a big surprise to me. Also, now coming to the processor on this one again, this one has the new snapdragon, 778 plus remember many of the premium. Mid ranges are coming with snapdragon 728. This is the first one in india, with the 778 plus, and, i have to say, the performance was blazingly fast, no heating or anything very fluid in operation, no lag whatsoever that i was getting and to gauge the performance. I also ran some benchmarks, as you can see, the first screenshot is for the motorola, and second is for the real me, nine pro plus and again in single code, not a huge difference. The moto is getting 818, whereas the real me got 808 but notice. The multi core performance, 2800 versus 2289 – so significantly this is may faster. The snapdragon uh, 778 plus is actually way faster. So i decided to do one more thing. I decided to run antutu on this one and here again, as you can see massive difference, the first one is the moto 5 lakh 86 000, whereas the real me 9 pro plus, is getting 5 lakh 2180. So, needless to say, the performance on this smartphone is amazing. One of the best in the terms of the premium mid ranges that we are seeing so in terms of day to day performance or anything. You dont have to worry on this one uh excellent, excellent performance that we are getting now moving to the 5g bands.

Also here also motorola hasnt compromised generally motorola, never compromises on 5g bands and again this one is uh getting 13 bands of 5g again, which is the highest in this segment. Next thing is regarding the call quality and the earpiece i tested here this one with my atel uh sim in hyderabad, and also with my jio sim, and i have to say, cellular reception was very good. We also get 4g plus on this one. It does have carrier regulation and the call quality was also very good. The earpiece quality is excellent on this one. I did not have that silly proximity sensor issues, while even taking big calls on this one uh. So, in terms of call quality, i did not have an issue uh. In fact, i also tested this one with wi fi calling and wi fi calling also worked very well. So no issues in terms of uh call quality. Now lets talk about the camera back. If you notice, we have a triple camera setup, the main camera is a 50 megapixel has optical image stabilization. The next camera is again a 50 megapixel which is ultra white plus macro, so it does a job of two camera. Then we have the two megapixel depth: obligatory and uh the front facing camera. That is also actually pretty good, but here are some of the samples that i have taken with this one so that you get a better understanding regarding the camera.

This was actually taken in ultra wide, and this was the regular shot and ultra white ultraviolet also come out very good. One improvement i see is in hdr notice that its not blown out uh, these were taken at night with ultra wide and ultraviolet is definitely doing a very good job. This is a regular shot and ultra wide. You can also shoot macro, so it works. This was just around sunset time, and this was in the portrait pokemon one huge improvement im seeing here at night, the shots come out much better compared to most other moto phones that i have tested and this wasnt actually pretty low lighting. This was the regular shot, and this word with that portrait bouquet mode again. This was also in that portrait pokemon. We went to a restaurant, so i just took some casual shots here and there and, as you can see, the night shots actually came out much better than what i had thought. Some random picks that i shot at night in the house and again, as you can see, these pictures also actually came out uh, pretty good again, to give you an idea. This was the regular shot and this wasnt ultra wide the 32 megapixel front facing camera. Also, actually takes some decent picks, recording this video with the front facing camera of this moto edge 30 and, as you can see, im just walking around to give you an idea. How will be the video recording for this uh sort of a vlog style, uh video and this isnt morning, sun hasnt, come and uh? What ive noticed with this tube moto h30 surprisingly compared to earlier moto devices? Is that in not that great lighting? This does perform a lot better compared to earlier moto phones.

Earlier motor phones used to really really struggle uh if the lighting was not that good. But what do you feel about the video recording uh with the same platform? The only bummer i would say in terms of camera is that and night and when the lighting falls uh pretty low automatically when youre taking the shots, it goes into the night mode and whenever it goes to the night mode uh, when you click the shutter, it Takes about two three seconds so there that is, that so its actually indirectly forcing you to that night mode, automatically uh and actually you get decent results. But again, if subjects are moving, for example, in family, i was trying to take photograph. Nobody was living moving their hands, you can get some blurry shots, but still nevertheless, i would say uh if i have to compare this one with other moto smartphones uh. The camera performance on this one is far far far better than uh earlier moto smartphones or even the moto edge 20 that came last year with 108 megapixel. So motorola uh has optimized the camera a lot better uh and i would say i was surprised with the camera performance. I was not expecting it that much but again, if the rear facing camera is your highest priority, i feel the real me 9 pro plus goes slightly hard, not by a huge percentage. But yes, this has the best rear facing camera in this price segment.

Okay, some of you have also asked me about the compass sensor on this one uh. Yes, the compass sensor is present on this uh smartphone uh so and it works. For example, let me show you yeah. As you can see, the compass sensor is working on this. One uh now moving to the android updates out of the box. This comes with android, 12 stock, android, ui and all those things so no issues and motorola has promised next two years of android upgrade so android 13 and 14 youll be getting, and next three years of android security updates. Apart from that again as its a motorola phone, you get all the moto uh gestures, for example, double chop for the. What do you say flashlight twist to open the camera and all those gestures are still there, but still its a very clean, almost close to stock android ui that you are getting on this smartphone and in fact it gives you that pixel uh vibes. I would say now some of the improvements and some of the misses that i found on this smartphone. The first thing is only 128 gigabyte variant. Why cant they release even the 256 gigabyte variant next thing again: no micro sd card slot, so you have to rely on internal storage, and i also wish that it had the 3.5 mm headphone jack and i feel the further optimizations can be done to the camera. I hope they improve further improve the camera, with ota updates uh moving to the glass protection.

This one has gorilla glass. 3. I accidentally dropped once nothing happened, but i wish it came with gorilla, glass, five or six and uh. Lastly, i wish the max screen. Brightness and outdoor conditions could have been better its 500 minutes. It could have been around 700 nets. Now. Let me actually read the summary that i have written about this smartphone uh. So let me just read it. The moto h30 is a very good premium, midranger its super light and comfortable to hold. I was worried about the four thousand uh 20 mmh battery, but as we saw, the battery life is actually very, very good and the idle drain is extremely low on this smartphone. I think so uh we are getting able to get that good battery life because of the um pc5 storage, with that lpddr5 ram, and because of that we are able to get very good. What do you say battery life – and you saw the storage speed – is also extremely fast, very, very fast. Storage. The overall performance is also one of the fastest. I have to say in this segment and the ui, which is very close to android without bloatware and ads, is a big plus point. In my opinion, in this price range also its very fluid in operations, thanks to the 144 hertz refresh rate providing and the high touch sampling, which gamers will appreciate im, not a big gamer guys, but this is a qualcomm elite game gaming.

Certified smartphone, hence, should be even good for gaming. If you want to know about gaming check out some other channels who do extensive gaming, i did a little bit of call of duty and it played fine without any issues, and i feel the overall performance is very good constraint. Uh, the gpu and the cpu performance is also very good on this one compared to the normal snapdragon 778 soc. The camera is also a big improvement, i have to say compared to uh earlier moto devices, but in this segment again i have to say the real v9 pro plus rear facing camera is slightly better than the moto h30. By a few percentage points, the moto h30 is certainly among a big standout device in this premium. Mid range smartphone category. Yes, there is about a 2000 rupees premium compared to some of the other premium mid range devices like the real me 9, pro plus, or even the samsung m23, but i feel that premium is justified like any other. What do you say? Premium mid range smartphone. This h30 is also not a perfect smartphone. It has its shares of flaws. Uh, like i have mentioned, but still overall, i i have to say this is one of the best premium mid range smartphones launched uh, yet in 2022., anyways guys. That was my full review of this moto edge 30..