You remember the last time i reviewed a phone. I just basically threw it up against the wall, but it was a cat phone. It wanted me to do that. I swear well were not going to have that type of fun here with this one. This is the tcl 30xe 5g. Now, if you are one of those sprint t mobile users, i believe this is designed specifically for that subscriber. Unfortunately, verizon so when they sent this to me, i didnt really know that i was kind of hoping i could just put in my sim and have it work. So i dont really have any field experience with this, but im liking. This thing so far its pretty decent. I want to draw your attention to a few things. First of all, its very thin see how skinny that is. I dont really see a phone here, thats, not really thin. Now no most phones said i mean i dont really have a case on this guy, but i think it just looks very thin and also its thin, as in like its not very wide, a lot of phones. Um, i mean you guys know that uh phones are always measured on the diagonal, so if you got a six inch phone, that means from one um corner of the screen to the other corner. Well, it feels like this. They basically kind of took this and they made it skinnier, but they kind of built up this kind of section here, so um ill ill.

Call that what it is i actually kind of like the design on that. I kind of wish all phones were kind of like that now that im thinking about it anyway, it does enable video watching at uh 20 to 9 ratio um, which is pretty kind of kind of cool. I was actually watching some videos on this. The other day. Not only was the picture quality good, because this has a really good quality picture ill. Give it show you that right there, but the sound quality was good as well. Im not sure what they could have done. Uh phones are just not really made for for just sound quality. They really arent theyre made, so you can use uh your earbuds in them and honestly well, most phones that i know dont even have a spot for earbuds because well they dont really need one so um, because most people have bluetooth and and hey or that or They just go in uh this the charging thing and then they can buy an adapter or something like that strange. How we have these kind of things, and i dont really talk a lot about smartphones here and how well just the business has really changed on them. All this time now i could do an unboxing on this, but honestly, i dont really see a reason why it just has the charging cord, along with the uh brick, so you can plug it in the wall and honestly were getting to a stage now, where a Lot of things dont even have the thing to plug it in the wall.

I think thats kind of odd a lot of the phones. Ive looked at these days, dont come with that. In fact, there are devices that i believe dont even come with charging cords now. Isnt that crazy and um geez, i mean i kind of wish that that was kind of a standard practice, but i guess its kind of not to be a standard practice. I just realized that this thing is reversed and i really dont feel like doing this. Video again just so, i can get that right because, honestly, this is the third time ive done this video, because the last time the sound quality didnt come through and the first time i just didnt have the lighting right and im just gon na have, to be Honest that this is gon na be the last time im gon na do this video, because, honestly, i am getting tired of redoing them over and over again and yeah. I kind of realized its kind of a little bit of a meta that you dont really need on this, but hey, i got ta be honest here. I have always been an honest reviewer and this phone is honestly very good. So if you want something like this uh, you can pick this up. I believe it on the tcl website. You should read the article that i wrote on there. Ive got a link where you can purchase this, and i believe, if you go, are trying to update your phones plan on t mobile or, i think its sprint um.

They might throw in this phone for free and uh thatd be pretty cool, but i dont really know much about that because honestly im just more into the i mean when i get a physical gadget. I look at the gadget and i judge it based on the gadget itself, so tcl man thank you for sending me this phone, because honestly ive been trying to get a display like a tv from you guys from years, and i finally get a display and its This thing so hey, if you like this, hey im, trying to let her tcl or an email and said hey. Why dont you send marcus something, a bigger tv that he can review something huge thatll take up so much of the screen. Itll be amazing! Oh yes, thatll be very awesome anyway, so some site news uh just to let you know in case you dont, follow us on tick tock. You should do that, but we just reached ten thousand subscribers on tick tock. I dont know how thats possible, considering we only have like 300 subscribers on this channel thats amazing but um hey. I appreciate everybody who has subscribed and i appreciate everyone who has subscribed here and i wish you, the um you know were about to head the summer and stuff like that. I wish you guys all a good summer and um if you want pick up this guy, because its a decent, decent phone anyway, i dont really think i can say much more about it.

I think i forgot to comment on its operating system looks to be some sort of version of android and considering what i know about smartphones, usually unless its an iphone its usually some form of android, and everyone is different and thats kind of always really fun. To use this one, i kind of like its got some really cool way. They do the icons almost circular form not bad anyway. This is mark from the geek church and im. Oh wait. I just remembered something i should probably do get some video footage from this. Just to demonstrate how cool the camera is, i actually did and that footage turned out to be okay and ill put it at the end here and when i do hey uh, you might notice im going to be wearing a different shirt and itll be a different Time of day and stuff like that, but hey so in other words, that footage is going to was shot before uh. This whole thing was done anyway. This has been mark rollins from the geek church, signing off okay im using this thing to do video um. If you notice im not done my mic hooked to this so im, hoping that this video is turning out okay and if so, thats great anyway, this has been mark rollins from the geek church.