This is me your praveen k, vlog. So today, by the title itself, you are good to know what im gon na do. Yes, im gon na do an another unboxing. Yes, we have a product to be unboxed and its been filed that we didnt do any unboxing video a lot of doing it. So lets start unboxing this and ill catch. You guys over there come on so ill find the so yeah guys. This is the product which im gon na do unboxing right, be nine active with this big, which is gon na, be in a gift for my father, father in law and for my mother in law as well so ill talk about the specification of this form. Theres. A redmi native site – and this comes with mediatek allo g35, and it has 500 5000 image battery and 13 megapixel plus 2 megapixel rear camera and dot notch display. So this looks premium kind of phone and this is a carbon black one which ive ordered on amazon and, along with this view, what youll get is its a 4gb ram and 32gb memory and it can be expandable so lets not waste any time and lets unbox. It so yeah and and its a made in india product so uh. As i said, this 4gb ram and 64gb memory so lets not waste any time and lets open this. One now lets open this beautiful phone, so so there we are the fourth so ill.

Keep this one to a side ill. Tell you guys what all there first then ill talk. Tell you guys about the phone and the feel and everything, and so you get the pin to remove the to insert the memory card, and i guess you got user manual. Yes, you get user manual same old user manual, so we arent gon na do much about that. Bother about that lets. Keep this one to a side and you get uh a charger. Oh this one is 100 by 240 volt charge and you get a data. Cable, cable quality is premium, but in this phone youre not gon na get uh earphones thats because they have stopped you giving us the earphones. So earphone has not been given in this, and we need to buy in a back case so that we need to order. Nobody will do that and let me put all this one to a side now lets jump into the phone directly. So this is the phone im gon na remove this cover. Let them remove it and let them use it. Phone looks sleek, so yeah. It looks similar to my oppo and youre getting a fingerprint touch over here and you get two mega two cameras. One is 13 and one has 2 megapixel, um and youre getting one front camera. I guess its a 8 megapixel im, not sure it must be so lets turn it on. If you buy a new phone, always remember, charge it fully and then use dont use it without charging.

So thats a small recommendation from my hand, charge your phone uh and then use the use, the phone, because without charging, if you use this phone, the battery life might might come down thats what they say, but im not sure. But still, i recommend you guys to charge the phone fully then use the phone, so we need to set all the setups and all so yeah. Well, do it later, because it should be a brand new one when they are using, and this comes with the miu1. Its the latest version, in fact so yeah new phone and the look over here. The grip is like amazing, the feel is good, it looks premium and the price for this is eight triple nine. We got it for a good deal which was going on on amazon uh. I guess by the time this video would have uploaded the de load up ended up, but still we got it for a good deal so yeah. So this is the unboxing of my new. Not mine its my father in laws, new phone, which is redmi 9 active, is using a motorola phone, so we are going to give this one. I guess i hope he will be. He will like this phone, so yeah thats, all this video guys. If you like this video and if you like this unboxing, do it the like button share button and the subscribe button and also dont forget the bell button and by clicking the bell button.

Dont forget to click the all notifications, so that youll really make all the latest video bits instantly so guys you guys in next video.