So today i want to take a look at the oppo e96 and see how it does in three of my favorite games. But before we move on here is jamie with a quick word from todays sponsor before we get to the rest of the video. I just want to share that one of the most anticipated mobile games from japan is now in the philippines, e6 mobile, the arc of napishtim and a big thanks to them for sponsoring this video. This rpg classic is developed by one of the most experienced game companies in japan, nihom falcom its available for both android and ios, plus its already been downloaded millions of times across taiwan, hong kong and macau in e6. You can enjoy stunning graphics that give a nod to the original jrpg mixed with immersive gameplay. To give you a better experience with your mobile device, there are five classes to choose from warrior: mage, ranger assassin and samurai, which you can then develop into nine subclasses. So you can go through dungeons, the story, mode treasure hunts or participate in one of the epic boss battles with your preferred gameplay style, of course, theres also a dose of cuteness here, where you can conjure pets to help you in battle and give them stylish makeovers There are also a ton of things you can do in e6, mobile apart from combat, you can farm, furnish your home and you can even get married to receive some awesome couple gifts.

If that sounds like something you want to check out, there will be links down below now. Lets get back to the rest of the video. Now lets start this gaming review with a quick spec rundown of the oppo 896 starting off with that 6.6 inch, ips lcd display that goes up to 90 hertz now in terms of storage. Multitasking with gaming is no problem with 13 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage battery is also quite decent, with 5 000 milliamp hours and 33 watts of super boot charging. Now the star of the show is the snapdragon 680 chip with the adreno 610 gpu. Now i wouldnt really call the sd 680 a gaming cpu kasima, ramming snapdragon 680 smartphones, unbox and it didnt really perform well, especially in terms of stability and gaming, review for the oppo, a96 magic or optimizations, but the things the color os. That makes it a more stable and well rounded performer when it comes to gaming. Now for this gaming review, i did want to try out three of my favorite mobile games to see how this phone would do, and i played them for over two and a half hours in total, starting off with pokemon unite now. Pokemon unite is a great game to start a gaming review with because its not a very demanding game, and if the oppo e96 can run this phone well, then we are off to a good start, which is exactly what happened because we were able to maintain a Stable 60 frames per second throughout my first game to my last, but on the punch team fight like everyone fighting at zapdos, i would lose a little bit of frame rate.

It would go down to 40 frames per second, but it would come back to 60 fps. Pretty quickly so at least for pokemon unite the oppo e96 handles it with flying colors. Now you might have different experiences when it comes to other mobas, like wild rift, which is a little bit more demanding in terms of graphics, but overall mobile mobas on the oppo e96 runs pretty well now. After about a solid hour of playing pokemon unite of around five to six straight games, i decided to try out gangshin impact, which is absolutely the most demanding game. Ive ever tried on a mobile device. Union synaptic games and impact is a super demanding game and weve tried a lot of snapdragon 680 devices this year, and most of them could not run the game well at all, with major lag major crashing. So my expectations on the a96 was pretty low, but luckily for us, color os gives us a lot of optimizations when it comes to gaming, with game space squeezing out as much performance on the snapdragon 680 as possible at kitankitayon, with its performance on genchin impact. With a stable 20 to 25 frames per second, i was able to complete my daily missions relatively quickly and i was able to fight the violin while screen recording with a stable 15 to 25 frames per second. So not the smoothest gaming experience out there, but definitely playable, so it already exceeds my expectations. One thing i was surprised with is the thermal performance on the oppo a96 phone at all.

It basically stayed the same temperature as when i was playing pokemon unite, so thats really surprising to see kasich oneplus 8 go with the snapdragon 875 anglalanian uminit. It goes up to like 40 43 degrees celsius at napa in and the oppo e96 was surprisingly cool. All throughout now, with gentian impacts overall performance. On the a96 exceeding my expectations, i wanted to try out the newer apex legends mobile and see how the a96 does on a battle. Royale game now apex legends isnt as demanding as gentian impact, so you can be insured to have a pretty good time playing apex legends mobile on the a96. When i tried it, i did get a pretty stable, 25 to 40 frames per second, depending where you are on the map, and i was able to pull out a few wins here and there from my total of one hour of straight battle. Royale now, in terms of thermals, i really didnt notice it get hotter compared to genji and impact and pokemon unite. So that is again a really good sign and with shooter games on your smartphone touch. Sampling rate is really important for a responsive experience, but with 188 and uh, and with 180 and with 180 hertz touch sampling rate on the a96. I had no issues in terms of responsiveness on this device, so that was my quick gaming test on the oppo a96. Can i call it a gaming phone sure it runs the most demanding game on the app store, pretty stablely, that i guess that is what is more important.

This is definitely the best snapdragon 680 performer weve seen uh this year. Oppo is definitely doing some great optimization with color os 11.1. My only major complaint is that upgraded 90 hertz screen hindi monument and 90 hertz higher refresh rate when it comes to gaming, kasikai pokemon unite, is capped at 60 frames per second, so hindi mo a higher refresh rate regardless.