95G comes complete with a 120 hertz display a triple camera fast charging, snapdragon, 5g chipset, and support for google apps whats up im m kwan peace and blessings, and in this video ill share with you, five things you need to know about this brand new smartphone here On emcon reviews Music, so the honor brand has recently gone independent and when i first saw the x9, i was excited to try it out in the hand it feels familiar, but its still a head turner in 2022, so that color on this model is the titanium Silver, that does some cool tricks with the lighting on the back. The honor branding has this nice contrast, and so does that noticeable matrix camera arrangement that you might have seen before more on that in a moment, theres also a side mounted fingerprint scanner that doubles as the power button just below the volume rocker and in the hand, This feels, surprisingly light for the size now. The first thing that you need to know about the x9 is the front display. It has this on a full view, display that means youre getting an immersive experience with 94 screen to body ratio, theres also support for 120 hertz, refresh rate and small, but helpful screen features like tuv. I comfort mode help me to reduce eye strain when i was playing games for testing and multimedia. The screen does have good contrast and punchiness and that small pinhole camera at the top and smaller lip at the bottom dont really distract much from the overall display.

Now its not an amoled display, but its still an ips lcd display that does a good job and should also help with battery life too. My only issue was in bright, outside lighting could have been brighter. The second thing you need to know is about the camera, so youve got a 48 megapixel main camera paired with 2 megapixel bokeh and 2 megapixel macro camera now, theres also an led flash now ive said this so many times im a big fan of ultra wide And it would have been nice to see that included over the occasional use macro on this. However, 1x, up to around 3x look okay! But after that youll get this over saturated, look portrait shots, including those taken with the front selfie 16 megapixel, f: 2.5 shooter. They take some cool shots. The camera overall is decent, but i feel its missing the ultra wide and better quality zoom right, guys, heres an example of video shot at 1080p 30 frames per second theres, no 4k filming. But this will give you an idea of what the video quality looks like, especially as i move around now in video youre able to zoom up to 8x. But as you can tell theyre quite shaky, let me know also what you think of the audio quality as well with this video sample, and this is what the front selfie camera looks like. This is currently filming. 1080P 30 frames per second again no 4k, but this should give you an idea, as i move around or what the video quality looks like.

There is one feature here called dual view, and that is this, which gives you the ability to film both with the front facing and the rear video camera at the same time, this is going to be great if you want to kind of give perspective to your Video vlogs, or just give more context to what youre talking about the third thing about the x9 is support right out of the box for supercharged with the 66 watt charger. Unlike other fast chargers, i have tweaked up the battery temperatures to ensure minimal damage to the overall battery health, crazy, fast charging speed, so youre able to get 50 minutes of charge to get up to 50 and a full charge took me around 40 to 45 minutes. All while the battery remains relatively cool to the touch, the fourth thing is around performance, so with support for 5g, with the snapdragon 695g chipset, its paired up with 8gb of ram and honors ram turbo, which essentially harnesses the rom to give an additional 2gb of support. Now i found the apps did better at running on the background and also switching without having to relaunch this is going to help if youre planning on gaming with this phone, so the gpu turbo helps with smoother gaming experiences all round you get decent frame rates as Well, though, some games dont seem to take advantage of the high screen refresh rate now the honor x9 definitely doesnt seem to heat up on the back with long use over about 30 minutes as much as another device.

I was testing alongside it. The final thing is: support for google mobile services and google app store right out of the box. Youve got uninterrupted access to the google play store and given how many people still depend on it around the world. The nx95g has support for that. Youll also get android 11 and on his own skin, on top magic 4.2 right out of the box, with no restrictions. I think all things considered officially the honor x95g, starting with 8gb of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, plus a free gift can be had for just over a thousand dirhams, which i think is a decent price for this mid range smartphone.