Today we are going to do a full review of the oneplus 10r lets begin with it just a little brush up on the specs. This phone comes with the mediatek diamond city, 8, 100 max, which is a 5 nanometer base processor. The model which we have today is a 8 gb variant with 128 gb of storage, and it has 5 000 milliampere battery and 80 watt of fast charging lets begin. The benchmarking scores, the first test we are going to do is the antutu benchmark where we got a score of 6 lakh. 69. 000. Usually this chipset performs in undertow about 8 lakh, but for some reason we triple checked the scores and we got around the similar score, which is of 6 lakh. 70 000.. Maybe there was some issue in our device. Next up we tried the geekbench 5 benchmarking scores, but for some reason the app was crashing on us. So we could not do the test after geekbench 5, we ran cpu throttling test where we got a maximum output of 3 lakh, 31 000 gibbs and the cpu throttle up to 87 percent, giving us the lowest output of 202 lakh 87 000. Moving forward lets see some camera samples. Here you can see that the camera in good lighting conditions performs really well in normal mode as well as portrait mode, whereas when there are poor lighting conditions, this phone struggles a lot which is not expected from a brand like oneplus.

The cameras could have been better at this price point. According to me, moving forward lets put to the test this beast of a chip which is the diamond city 8100, max playing call of duty and testing the performance at the highest setting available down Applause targets. Applause deployed enemy contact, as you saw there, were no minor or major jitters or lags in the gameplay, and the gameplay was quite smooth and i really enjoyed playing on this device. So i recommend that this device is good for gaming, even though this device comes with a massive 5000 milliampere battery, the battery life of this device ranged between four and a half to five hours of screen on time, which is quite low for my liking. Yes, there is a support for 80 watt of super book charging, but it lacks the really loved alert slider, which is a major con of this device. Another major con is that it is heavily inspired by color os, which is not up to the mark. If this phone came with the oxygen os, it would have been way better than what it currently is other than these two major cons. This phone is a good daily driver and can be used for light gaming and day to day life thats it for this video guys.