I hope you all are fine and liking my videos guys today. I am here to discuss about and to tell you about samsung galaxy s23, its complete details and price of different models of s23, so dont miss the video and if you are new to us, please subscribe my channel and press the bell icon lets start the video Model galaxy s23: ultra expected price will be 1199. If you talk about galaxy s22 ultra the price of the mobile is 1199 galaxy. S20 ultra price is 1’9. If we talk about galaxy s 23, the expected price is 799 dollar. When we talk about galaxy s 22, the price is same as galaxy s 23, which is 7.99 guys. The galaxy s 23 ultra is expected to spot the same 1199.9 dollar starting price as its reducer. Unless the supply chain changes persist into its mass production schedule or samsung decide that a new quad curve design and 200 mp camera sensor rent a higher s23 price for the s22 ultra struck the s pin in and kept the battery size huge, but still charge. The same so we keep our hopes high about s79 galaxy s23 starting price is 999 dollar tag for the galaxy s23. Now we will talk about the camera arc of galaxy s23. The biggest hardware upgrade that will arrive with the galaxy s23 series is expected to be samsungs new 200 mp main camera sensor, designed for the s23 ultra a recent report that samsung has begun work on a new hp3 200 mp.

Camera sensor is pouring more water in the respective ruler mill that one zero eight mp sensor of the acetone to two ultra is a slot, but its getting a bit long in the tooth, as samsung has been using such sensor for three years in row now. As for the s23 and s23 plus, they could be very well inherent the 108 mp sensor that the ultra now carries four added bow factor before agar buyers. Now we will talk about the s23 ultra 200 mp sensors whats there to expect from upcoming 200 mp flash gift samsung camera sensor on the galaxy s22 ultra, then the answer is well. If our 200 mp sensor sound like overkill lets, remember that this is a maximum single camera resolution that cheapest, like snapdragon 8 game, one sport and samsung is nothing but maximalized when it comes to phone in the ultra line. Now we will talk about its remaining feature, which are galaxy: s23 storage. If you talk about the galaxy s23 ultra storage, the storage is 256 gb and 512 gb and 1 tb. If you talk about s22 ultra, then the space is 128 gb, 256 gb, 512 gb and 1 tb galaxy s23 is available in and the expected amounts are 128 gb, 256 gb and galaxy s22 guys the size is 128 gb and 256 gb. Now we will talk about the design design is shown in your mobile screen. Samsungs rumored ability to make a quad curve display have reportedly been confirmed by ice universe sources and such a panel may be used on the galaxy s23 ultra for the first time guys.