5 inch display, makes it a sizable presence in the hand, yet it remains thinner than previous generations, while the size means its not easy to reach every corner of the screen. With your thumb, when using it, one handed and those with smaller palms will likely struggle, if not employing both the galaxy a53 is surprisingly light tipping the scales at 189 grams. It doesnt quite feel as weighty as the google pixel 6, and that certainly does help us cope with the size. Samsung has attempted a premium, look and feel with a metallic silver band that runs around the circumference of the device, although the rear is certainly plasticky, not that thats necessarily a bad thing. The samsung galaxy a535g does feel solid and well made in the hand the camera bump is even sculpted nicely with the back of the body, only slightly protruding from the surface of the phone around the front, the display is gorilla, glass, 5 and the handset carries an Ip67 dust and water resistance rating, which means it can survive a drop into water for about 30 minutes up to a depth of 1 meter. There are four colors to choose from blue black white and peach. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of the peach. Look, we kind of love it as weve already mentioned. The galaxy a535g has a large 6.5 inch display which stretches across much of the front of the phone, although there are slightly wider bezels along the bottom edge, a subtle hint that this isnt a top tier s, series handset.

It looks good, though, and the only blemish on the front is a compact selfie camera which sits within the screen itself, a design that samsung calls infiniti o. But we know as a hole punch display. You dont get flagship resolution, but the full hd plus offering here will more than suffice. For most users, plus samsung has introduced a more premium feature to the a53, a 120 hertz refresh rate. This keeps things on the screen running smoothly, whether youre scrolling, social or playing the latest games. The display on the a53 should be able to keep up with the action without any juddering its a super amoled panel, which means that colors are punchy, and the a53 also boasts up to 800 bits of brightness, which should make it viewable even in direct sunlight theres. A fingerprint scanner embedded within the display, as well, which is easy enough to hit with your thumb gone, are the days where mid range phones would pack one maybe two cameras without much need for fanfare these days. Your photography features need to be plentiful. If you want to compete and the a53 certainly doesnt disappoint, it has a quad camera setup in the aforementioned smooth slightly raised camera bump on the rear, its got a 64 megapixel main camera joined by a 12 megapixel ultra white 5 megapixel bokeh for blurry background portraits And a 5 megapixel macro for close up snaps. Meanwhile, on the front theres, a 32 megapixel selfie camera, so theres plenty of options to choose from for budding mobile, photographers and thats before weve explored all of the modes available in the camera app itself, samsung has improved its night mode and the galaxy a53 will capture 12 images in one for better low light results, theres also an advanced portrait mode, which offers a blurred background effect, as well as a range of studio.

Lighting plus samsung has worked with snapchat to build in the social apps popular filters directly into the a53s camera app. So theres plenty going on in the camera app and from our brief time, with the a535g, we found it a solid offering, although we werent wowed, the shutter, felt a touch slow and the macro camera didnt overly impress from our early tests. The galaxy a53 comes with a sizeable 5000mah battery, which samson claims provides two days of use. Theres also fast charging support too, with the phone able to replenish 50 of its charge in just 30 minutes using a 25 watt, supercharger thats, not the fastest charging weve seen, and so, if youre looking for faster, you may want to shop around but 50 in just Half an hour still pretty good powering. The galaxy a535g is samsungs own exynos 1280 chipset, which is the first 5 nanometer chipset to find its way into an a series device. This should provide better performance and power efficiency without getting too nerdy with the stats. It all means that the galaxy a535g will handle top tier gaming and intensive apps without too many issues. For those who require more space than the standard 128 gigabytes of internal storage. The a53 has you covered. Samsung has included a micro sd slot that supports cards up to one terabyte in size, a feature that we find missing on more and more top end handsets. The galaxy a53 also features ram, plus it allows you to select a chunk of internal storage to use as virtual memory to improve an apps performance.

We havent had enough time with the device yet to tell you for sure if it works in practice but be sure to head to techradar.com and read our full updated review when it launches soon. The samsung galaxy a535g is priced at 449.99. That gets you the six gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage model and thats the only available handset. If youre in the uk and australia, the price sees the galaxy a53 rubbed shoulders with other 5g toting mid ranges, including the mi 11 lite. The oneplus note 2, the moto g200 and the new iphone se 22 edition. It may not quite have the best bang for buck offering, but samsungs a series continues to grow in popularity and the a53 is a solid new chapter in that story. Remember if you liked the video give us a like subscribe, if you loved it and head over to techradar.