. On this occasion, I will give you a review of the latest mobile phone, which is booming in 2022.. For those of you who love yesterdays, THR money or those who have bought the latest cellphone, of course, you really have to do this until it runs out. Watch the video hi okay friends, all in front of you, there is a Vivo T1 cellphone, which is a cellphone that just came out a few weeks ago. Dont be arrogant in 2022. This Vivo cellphone offers very interesting specifications and is very suitable for todays millennial generation. Ok, the cellphone is like this, its very supportive. How do you want it to be thin? Now? You can, and also the camera is like a boba camera. It has a triple camera and also the screen is quite wide. Most of you who really like playing games and the camera is definitely very good: here., 3 million now its flashsale friends. If youre lucky, you can get a very attractive price and definitely affordable friends.. Now, every specification offered by Digiposte is this one thats why he watched the video I ll review it in full vivo, t1. 5G. Friends. This is how it looks like for the cellphone right here for every purchase. You get a clear softcase bonus like this. You can use it right, away. Now to fill your own box when you open it, you will find a manual like this and there is also a warranty card.

Yes, its complete here for your new instructions using this cellphone here you also get a simcard for opening and get an original charger. Cable here is the adapter, like this friends lets dissect the cellphone here. If you are looking for a cellphone with 5g network support at an affordable price, Maybe you can make this a reference? Yes, because we really want to be faced with the Febrian network in big cities, its already supported by the 5g network omg. I dont support it in small towns, so, for example, if you travel to a big city, you can get faster in carrying out mobile activities. Yes, the features here are also pretty good.. How about that? This cellphone really follows the times. Yes, here, this cellphone was released in April May Arin, which is sold by Vivo online. You can find it in several e commerce, friends of this cellphone. If you look at it from the front, you can say whats old school right because it still uses the waterdrop design. But if you look at the back, for example, it looks a bit luxurious. Yes, because Yunuss camera has been designed to be placed on the left. Like this, the size is also large and the design is very Vivo. Now the body is quite Its big, my friends, its quite comfortable when you like gaming right, Usually you like it, which is basically big. Friends here. The dimensions are 164 x, 75.9 x, 8.3 mm and the weight is 187 grams.

. On the back of the plastic frame for the color, you can choose between glowing Galaxy or Starlight Black, like this. Here I like black and black thats natural Al now for the other features here you can see where the SIM card is friends. You can open it and hear the brief opening.. Now, here s the volume button. Now here is the time where the fingerprint and power have become one, my friends, so you dont, I m confused. If you want to look for fingerprints, where are you looking Now behind that theres a camera here? Where are the speakers friends. Now here you can connect it with a Type C cable.. Yes, you can also connect it to a 3.5mm audio jack here., its really very thin and very pleasant friends.. Now, for the type of screen itself, it is an IPS LCD with a screen size of 6.58 inches with full HD resolution, which has a density of 401 PPI and has 16.7 million colors Wow very interesting. Yes, where the screen is large enough – and you can remember various colors so comfortably using this cellphone and, of course, this network has been drilled with your fingers only cellular from 2g to 5g and also support for the n40 band Telkomsel. My friends and this cellphone can use two simcards at once with a hybrid type. Yes, the memory capacity is quite large. Yes, with a purchase of almost 3 million. You already got 4GB of RAM and internal memory 128gb.

Now, if, for example, you are lacking, you can buy other variant products, namely with 8GB RAM, but the internal memory is the same as 8. Yes and dont be surprised, you can add virtual RAM as well. Yes, 1 GB for the 4GB variant and also 4GB for the 8GB variant this. If you can still support the use of external memory yes. For the software itself, this cellphone is supported by Android 12 with a fantouch os 12 interface design. Now for its own performance. This cellphone is quite interesting because it has a Soc Dimensity 810, with a chip size of 6 nm, which is already supported, Octa core 2.4 GHz, and this cellphone is also equipped with liquid cooling that can cool your smartphone, an cellphone of 10 Celsius, and this cellphone Also has support for Multi Turbo 5.5 and Ultra mode 5.5, which makes playing games smoother and victorious for the size of the battery itself, its quite large friends, which is 5000mh for the Antutu value itself. It is also quite supportive, namely 330143 friends cellphone. It has a fingerprint that is located on this side, friends, its integrated with the power that has the FC Roger Kompas, although its not a gyro, its, not a hardware gyro, but its a virtual one, theres still a 3.5 audio jack, and it has a dualband Bluetooth Network, its an FM radio and theres also NFC.. Well, this one supports fast charging, 18 watts with type C, with a capacity of 5000mah.

Yes, for the camera itself, the Vivo T1 camera has a configuration of three rear cameras here: the main camera or a wide camera of 50 megapixels, a 2 megapixel depth, sensor camera and also a macro camera of 2 megapixels, so heres, the main camera or capable of Recording 1080p video friends with 30fps and also the selfie camera, is 16 megapixels and is capable of recording 1080p, Yes with 30fps, but unfortunately the video doesnt have Ashiya stabilization because but there is no gyro so lets try the camera right away. Friends like this friends here, it is taken so that whats embarrassing its clear, really surprised. Now for the video it s. Also like that, you can see the results, Sir, in the previous video you admit, to using Pivot S1 for taking pictures right, isnt it in white or what the effect looks like you can set it yourself here. Ok Now for detailed details about the features on the Vivo T1 camera Ill make my own fides. So you click subscribe, so you dont miss my latest video. Thats right. So here I will test the performance friends by playing the game. First, okay, like I said before, friends, if you guys are going to play games here, there will be an Ultra modem. Its up to you, whether youre Amos 7 or not, because its more likely to leave you when youre going to play games., Hey guys, Im, not Activating it here. In Ultra mode, you can see the comparison here because it produces Hedi plus ova it s really clear.

The colors are like this., Hey, I think its quite big, too hi, which presents a variety of very interesting colors.. Of course, when you play games, it becomes more comfortable.. Yes, like that, you can see that it is really stable. It doesnt lag friends, hi hi hi. Now, apart from that lets, try to test the volume of the sound produced on this Vivo cellphone, modern friends its like this isnt, it Ive heard enough friends, Music, So its pretty clear, my friends, you can also listen to music through this cellphone. Hi. How are you friends, I think this cellphone is quite interesting, because the price is below 3 million. The specs are not inferior to the cellphones in 3 million. Yes, the advantages of this cellphone from the cellphone, in my opinion, are clear. It uses a MediaTek Dimensity 810 processor, yes, which is very fast, and the features are quite complete. Yes, the battery is large, 5000 mh hertz. Yes, there is no gyro hardware, it causes no stabilization for videos and maybe the screen design is a bit old fashioned which still uses water drop, but this design is relative. If you prefer the function, the design wont be a problem friends after watching it. My video about the Vivo t1 cellphone, of course, was immediately interested in buying it too, because, according to me, Its very interesting in terms of the camera. Its also good, a little bit of amandit is good and in terms of other specifications, its still very, very supportive.

For daily activities, yes, and also the cellphone is 5G and the price is affordable, so just buy it if you are interested. Well, thank you for watching the video.