Sony has discovered a winning strategy in recent years with some of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. Each release has looked fairly similar to the previous, but its been the gradual improvements in sound quality noise cancellation and call quality that have kept the wh 1000 line, one step ahead of the competition. So when i saw the official pictures of the sony wh 1000xm5, i was a little taken aback wondering whether it was a wise move for sony to redesign whats been working for them. So well its a great decision, but has sony broken something that didnt really need fixing in this video? I bring you my thoughts on the new sony, wh 1000xm5 noise cancelling headphones Music. If, at any point, you want to check out sonys new wireless headphones for yourself, i will have a link down in the description below lets get started by talking about that new design. The changes made to the sony wh 1000xm5 are significant. Sony refers to the new look as a noiseless design, which sees them create a slimmer, more seamless pair of headphones by reworking those areas that can contribute to wind noise. This leads to smoother lines and less aggressive edges. Importantly, a number of the joints and hinges that allow the xm4 ear cups to be folded away have also been yeted out of existence. The result, the sony xm5 headphones simply fold flat, similar to the airpods max and the bose noise cancelling headphones 700.

They no longer fold up like the previous versions, now thats bad news for anyone who likes to fold their headphones into a ball and throw them in a backpack. Now i dont personally mind this since i carry the airpods max around and they do the same thing. But i know some will see this as a major downgrade and a few will even see it as a deal breaker when it comes to the xm5. The headband section now employs these abs sliders instead of metal bands to adjust the fit which gives you a more precise fit. The section of memory foam in the middle of the headband helps with support and comfort, and the band itself is completely covered in a new synthetic leather that also covers the memory foam ear pads its soft and smooth to the touch and comfort levels are right up. There, with the best on the market, the sony xm5s provide just the right amount of clamping force, making them feel secure without threatening to obliterate your ears next lets talk about sound quality. A lot of the features of the wh 1000xm5 have carried over from the xm4 sonys dse extreme engine is here to upscale compressed music to near high res quality, at least according to sony. The headphones are also compatible with sonys ldac technology, which allows streaming of high quality audio from compatible devices at bitrates higher than conventional bluetooth. However, theres no aptx or aptx hd support the 40 millimeter driver used in the wh 1000xm4 has been replaced with a new 30 millimeter carbon fiber composite dome thats been specifically designed to be both lightweight and super rigid.

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Next lets talk noise cancellation, potentially the most important feature of the sony. Wh 1000xm5 sonys noise, canceling headphone technology has been consistently excellent after focusing on low frequency noise in previous models. This time sony has attempted to improve noise cancellation. Further up the frequency range in the xm5 to do this, sony has included the integrated processor v1. That first appeared on its wf. 1000Xm4 are the wireless earbuds. It has also increased the number of microphones used on the xm5 to 8 thats up from the 4 on the xm4, and they claim to have improved the tech inside the headphones responsible for identifying noise on prior generations of the wh headphones youd have to run sonys Nc optimizer, before changing locations to make sure you were getting the best noise cancelling possible. Now the xm5 headphones automatically optimize the noise cancelling as you move around its done in conjunction with sonys headphones app and the adaptive sound control feature which track where youre wearing the headphones. Alternatively, you can switch between noise, cancelling and the headphones ambient mode by tapping the corresponding button on the edge of the left ear cup. The result sony did it again making their mark on the noise canceling fronts. These are among the best when it comes to isolating you from the constant noise, but surprisingly, these headphones arent, quite as consistent as the previous generation, when dealing with variable sounds like general traffic noise or background human noise, which i was surprised to see, im hoping thats.

Just something thatll get fixed in a software update though, and it certainly isnt a big enough deal to avoid these otherwise fantastic headphones. Next lets talk about some of the smart features that are built in here. First, quick attention allows you to lower the volume and have a conversation by covering the right ear cup with your hand, while the speak to chat feature lets the headphones sense. When you start talking and theyll pause playback and automatically enable the ambient sound mode and even better the delay between when you start to talk and the headphones switching into ambient mode seems to have been shortened slightly here on the xm5 theres, also sonys, wearing detection feature, Which has also been improved, the headphones detect when you take them off and automatically pause, your music or video and then restart it as you put them back on. This is enabled by a proximity sensor in the left ear cup. This used to be visible on the older xm4 model, but now its completely hidden sony says the updates reduce the chances of playback, starting accidentally when testing. I was genuinely surprised by how quickly the xm5 stop and start and how much this feature can add to the user experience. Okay, now lets talk about a major feature: battery life when it comes to wireless headphones battery life is essential, im happy to say that sony. Definitely didnt disappoint in this area. Battery life is a substantial 30 hours with bluetooth and noise cancelling turned on.

If you turn off noise cancelling, then the xm5 will give you 40 hours of playback thats two hours more than what youd get on the previous gen xm4. When it comes to charging a 10 minute charge will give you five hours of battery life and if you use a faster, usb power delivery charger. Instead, you get three hours of battery life in just three minutes of charging. All in all the sony, wh 1000xm5 headphones feel a little less premium in the hand, in my opinion, but the jump in sound quality cant be understated and the noise cancelling remains up there with the best headphones out there once again link down in the description. If you want to check them out for yourself, if youre looking for a new pair of wireless noise canceling headphones, you should start here thanks for watching. As always guys.