com, the primer site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are back okay. After some delays, we are back with the t4 smartband aware aware: fit 2.0 smart bracelet. So the first video we showed you the menu and the design of this port, smart band, okay, so it is a direct usb charging. Okay, just remove the strap and you can charge your wearable right away. Okay, so this time were going to install the support app for this wearable so based on the user manual here, so it is using the wear fit 2.0 available in android and ios platform, so lets search in our smartphone. Okay. This is the android flat platform lets search for the wear fit 2.0 and lets bind this smart band or the smart bracelet to the support app. Okay, so just open your google play again. This is a step by step process on how to install the support app. So, where fit okay so lets search for the wear feet 2.0. So we already have here lets see if this is the one where fit 2.0. Okay, so lets check. So we have here the wear, fit 2.0 wear fit pro wear fit, wear pro, so lets go for the wear fit 2.0, with five million plus downloads, okay from wake up available in health and fitness category and 45 mb. So lets tap an a on it and open and install and open the support app. So we have here the wear fit: 2.

0, okay, so 5 million plus downloads 47 mb lets check out the details here where fit 2.0 can monitor users, health and data. So we have some mixed review here: okay, more on the positive, but we have a star rating here so seems like that is not a good sign, but anyway lets try and check. So there are some good signs here or the some good reviews, and there are some – not good reviews latest reviews. Okay, so lets start and install. Now we are downloading so lets sweet again. It is 47.47 mb okay. So we have a slow internet connection today. So just bare for the slow download so again lets check here where, where fit points 2.0 can monitor users, health and data mental health, heart rate blood pressure, okay. So there are a lot of features here: over 5 million downloads. Okay. So while we are waiting lets check first, is it available here also in the support app the qr code, so lets check sms lets? Go to the settings seems like we dont have the qr code here available in the smart band. Stopwatch sms find okay seems like its not lets check here. Do we have the menus? Oh no, so there is no qr code that you can scan here in the smart band, so dont lose your user manual or if i were you just remember the supporter for this smart band. Okay, so we dont have the qr code here.

So advise you to please protect or keep your user manual. Okay, dont lose it. Okay, so were almost done here. 99 percent. Okay. We are done with the installation now of the ware fit 2.0. So lets open the support, app tap on open, okay. So here it is asking for agreement for the privacy policy. Just agree. Lets wait if you can skip on signing up okay and go directly to the support app. So here you have some options. You can register third party login or enter directly okay, so lets enter directly and check whether we can connect our variable right away to the support app enter directly. Okay and now we are on the profile here. Okay, so lets just tap on next. We can edit or set it later and personal goal – save okay, so we have here some permissions. Okay, open permissions in order to provide you with accurate data without affecting the use of app. Please enable the following mobile phone permissions: okay turn on lets check enable surf starting background power, consumption. Okay, so lets say we have turn it on okay. So there are some instructions. Okay, so you can lets check if we can connect our wearable without turning those those permissions first, okay, so here on the bottom part with that we have home discovery and your profile here so wheres the location where we can add the device here. Okay lets check discovery. No me settings daily goals there, its okay, so we have an ad here.

This is annoying okay. So here you go to the discovery tap on the management and we have here the device here i think so lets add our device here. Maybe this one part, no connection management. Okay, so here again the steps go to discovery here: management and connection management. Okay. So the app is not connected to your band. Okay, so lets tap on connect band, so it is asking for the permission for gps. We already activated it. Okay lets check Music, okay again, allow where fit2.0 to access this device location, allow fit2.0 to make and manage phone calls and verified 2.0 wants to turn on bluetooth. Turning on bluetooth lets see, so we have the band now. So we have here the t4 lets check for the mac address. Here we have the same address, find Music, okay, db, 42, 6a, e4, okay, so tap on it and lets see. Hey lets, wait so allow airfit 2.0 to take pictures and read record video. This is for the photo, and i think, music, something options or feature just allow it allow wear fit 2.0 to access photos immediately. Files on your device just allow it first allow, therefore, where fit 2.0 to access your contacts access your call logs and view some sms messages. Okay, we just allowed so we are now connected. Are we connected lets? See, okay lets check, although here it says we are connected, lets try bracelet okay, so we can feel some vibration here again.

Okay, so we are connected so lets turn the turn on the smart reminder for sms, okay, call, okay, sms and last reminder app notifications. So here we have some permissions, just a lower fit open your access to access notifications, okay, so lets activated. Okay, okay, we are done so thats it. So these are the supported, apps, wechat, qq, video, facebook, twitter, whatsapp line kakaotalk and snapchat okay. So we have here the health options, blood oxygen fatigue, blood pressure, hearted and sleep monitoring; okay, okay, so thats it we are connected. Oh, we paired the t4 smart band with the wear, fit 2.0 support app. Okay, if you have other wearables that is using the wear fit 2.0, it is just the same process. Okay, so if you have any questions regarding this in installation of the warefit 2.