This is real mes entry level smartphone in 2022, which ive been using for the past week now and were gon na be talking about some important details about this product that most of you might have overlooked, and this is really good. So lets do this Music right. So lets first talk about the display on the real me c35. This is rocking a 6.6 inch ips lcd display that has a resolution of 1080 by 2408 and a 20×9 aspect ratio, its very rare for me to see a 1080p screen this gorgeous on a budget level smartphone most often than not, if youre looking at a smartphone, That is priced at around 6000 or 7000 or within that range. Usually, the screen is the biggest compromise, and if you wind the clocks back a few years ago, most often than not the smartphones that are priced at this price range are always pixelated, dotted and low. Res, but for the c35, its a totally different ballgame, because the screen is actually one of its major assets. Now it doesnt have the high refresh rate, not even 90 hertz, which is totally fine. Its not a major deal. Breaker ive used different smartphones over the past few months, switching from 60hz to 90hz to 120 and most often than not after using it for a period of time. I would often revert back to 60hz just to save battery so having to use a smartphone that doesnt have a high refresh rate is not a big deal powering.

The c35 is a unisoft tiger t616. This is a 12 nanometer octa core chipset. That is paired with four or six gigabytes of ram. As far as storage is concerned, this is rocking 64 gigabytes of internal storage or 128, of course, price difference, but it is expandable via microsd. Now another highlight of the c35 is the primary lens, which is a 50 megapixel primary lens paired with a 2 megapixel macro lens and a depth sensor at least thats whats stated on gsm arena, but see the thing is when it comes to entry level, smartphones, usually It is a screen or the camera. That is the major compromise when i was taking photos with the roomie c35. I was very much blown away with the level of detail that i was able to capture, of course, its not going to be the fastest processing device on the planet. It would take around one second or half a second to process an image when taking photos, especially in 50 megapixel mode, but ultimately the image output is impressive for its price point now. Another thing worth mentioning with the c35 is the battery you see just like the galaxy a03. It has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, but the one thing that the galaxy a03 doesnt have is fast charging capability. The c35 has support for 18 watt fast charging, which can get you from zero to 100 around one hour now, obviously, for this review, i didnt really focus too much on the gaming aspect, because we all know that entry level smartphones is not exactly the most ideal Device to consider, if youre leaning towards having the most enjoyable experience with gaming, so this is really more of my personal take of using this device generally, i would not really recommend people to get entry level smartphones and its mainly because just by having to add a Few more can actually give you a much wider selection to choose from specifically leaning towards the mid range category, which can do a lot more.

But i understand that not a lot of people actually need that level of power or that level of specifications or features some people just want a working smartphone that is modern and decent in terms of overall performance at the lowest possible price. Now there are other smartphones in the market that is below the 5000 mark or within the 5000 range, but the real ec35 is probably the best value for money. Smartphone you can get in 2022.. This will literally give the samsung galaxy a03 a run for its money and thats pretty much it for this review of the real me c35.