emphasis on the word. Android heres a disclaimer, though i know that there are seven phones in this list, but these seven phones actually share the five spots that are available now. Another very important point to note: this is our list based on our extensive testing and reviewing of these products. There are reviews for all of the products that i have mentioned in this specific list and your mileage could vary and id love to know them in the comment section below with that out of the way, if you dont know me yet, im ershad youre watching traktor Tech, english, your destination for the most detailed smartphone reviews and analysts now before we move on dont, forget to hit that red subscribe button and the bell icon right next to it to get notified. Whenever we put out an awesome, new tech, video also were very active on social. These days, plus, we have a new youtube shorts channel as well so links to all the social networks, basically instagram twitter, facebook. Everything is down below also links to buy. The phones that ive mentioned in this list are also in the description below, go and check that out. Music. The fifth spot in our list has actually been taken up by two phones: the oneplus 10 pro and the ico. 9, pro now starting off with the oneplus 10 pro i actually like the design of the phone, including the camera model. I know that a lot of people dont like it, but i kind of like it and the in hand feel and the way oneplus has constructed the device is actually very good.

Also oneplus has somehow managed to tame the snapdragon 8gen1 for better thermals. It is actually a good performer plus, coupled with you know, oxygen os 12.. It runs extremely fast and smooth, like i mentioned in my review, this feels like oneplus is returned to form, but i still dont understand why there is no ip rating on this phone, which is a huge letdown, but whats. An even bigger letdown is the fact that the hasselblad 2.0 tuning is no great shakes, and it is definitely no comparison to the other phones in this list. The camera performance is actually not up to mark, which brings me to the ip9 pro, which is the perfect alternative to the oneplus 10 pro, if youre looking for great camera performance, because it definitely offers a good set of versatile cameras with which you can, of course, Take great pictures and in typical ico fashion, this phone is great for performance and gaming as well, but my concerns with the phone are that, of course, you dont get ip rating on the ico 9 pro as well, and the battery life isnt very good either. Now i understand that everybody has different needs and different choices, but if i had to pick one phone i would actually go for the iphone 9 pro and the ico 9 pro runs on fun touch os, while vivo has been great with you know: android software upgrades The hero software itself, doesnt feel as polished, as you know, software on the other phones in this list.

Now the two major reasons why the xiaomi 12 pro is in the fourth spot is its absolutely fantastic pricing and its great consistent set of cameras with great auto focusing capabilities as well. Also when i was using the xiaomi 12 pro. I realized that this is one of the perfect phones to showcase miuis animations and how slick they feel when theyre, actually using it. In fact, i felt that it was almost as fast and smooth as the oneplus 10 pro in regular usage, but of course, the thermal efficiency of the snapdragon 801 tuning on the xiaomi 12. Pro is not that great and the battery life definitely could have been better. Its actually the worst of the phones in this specific list. What i noticed with the xiaomi 12 pro in general, is that it feels like a more balanced phone in terms of design. In terms of the way, the cameras are tuned compared to the knee 11 ultra, which was excessive, which was actually ultra. But you know what we just got news about. The fact that xiaomi is collaborating with leica now that partnership has moved from huawei to xiaomi and therefore im really excited for what the xiaomi 12 pro will be in the second up. If youve been following our channel, you know that we already have two videos on the vivo x80 pro once a detailed camera review and once a full review combined with the vivo x80. You guys must check out that video before you listen to what im about to say, and that is the fact that the vivo x80 pro i was genuinely taken aback by how good it is.

The x80 pro started my list because of the hardware inside and how well it has been tuned right off the bat. The camera performance is excellent and the x80 pro also has great uh. You know performance with very little throttling. Of course it does get hot thats. Something that you have to keep in mind for most snapdragon 801 phones, but, more importantly, uh. You know the battery performance of the x80 pro with snapdragon 801 is also very, very good thats, mainly because you get an ltp03 display, which of course, consumes less power, and you get a dedicated v1 plus imaging chip. What that does is basically, it takes off the load for processing images and camera from uh. You know the snapdragon 8gen one itself and therefore helping you save more battery. The x80 pro is a great phone through and through, but there are a couple of problems once, of course, fun touch os and second one is the fact that the x80 pro might be priced higher than what people expected it to be. In fact, even i thought it would be priced at about 70 000 and not at 80, 000., now coming to the second spot in the top two spots, and this part has actually been captured by the siblings, the samsung galaxy s22 and the samsung galaxy s. 22. Plus both are nearly identical packages and for a lower price. You can get the more compact, more handy, samsung, galaxy s22 and i absolutely loved using that phone because, of course, its a compact phone and feels really good in the hand.

A video ive done on the channel already. You must go check that out, but of course, the compromise that you have to make with the compact form factor is the fact that you dont get the best performance from the phone when it comes to the snapdragon agent. When tuning and of course, uh, you know, the battery life is not that great either. However, whats matching with this bigger, you know, samsung, galaxy s22 plus is the camera performance. The camera setup is exactly the same, and the kind of pictures that i got with it were so good that sometimes i actually like the pictures from the s22 and the s22 plus over the s22 ultra now coming to the s22 plus. I feel that this is the most practical android flagship that has launched this year, of course, its expensive, but it offers all the great features that you can expect in that package from the s22 ultra and, of course, the s42 as well. You get a great flat screen display, which is perfect for gaming. In my opinion, i prefer flat displays over euro curve displays and, of course, you get all the other goodies as snapdragon 801 great camera performance. All that not to mention samsungs been ahead of every other brand when it comes to software updates, all the phones, the s22, the s22 plus the s22 ultra are running on the latest me security, patch and, of course, the latest android 12 software as well, and you Get a short four years of software upgrades too samsung is just keeping it with software performance.

The only problem with the s22 plus, not just the s22 plus. Actually, the entire s22 range is the slower charging speeds. They are definitely not as fast as the other phones. In this list, which are at least at a bare minimum 80 watt charging space im pretty certain that most of you folks would have guessed it already. Yes, the s22 ultra is my top pick for the best premium, android flagship phone out there, and you can see that this is of course, my primary device too. Yes, the s22 ultra is expensive and out of reach for many people, but it packs in so much so many features that it feels almost worthy of that price tag. You get a stunning premium design along with a stunning premium display. This is by far the best display on any phone at the moment now, im aware that the s22 series was played with performance issues, but then again thats, you know an agent one problem, but you know samsung acknowledged the issue and made amends with regular software updates. Ive been getting updates regularly on this phone, and the performance has definitely improved, and what i noticed over this period is that the battery life also seems to be slightly better and not to mention you get a great set of cameras to just that. It feels slightly slower to shoot, but you know otherwise, wherever you can get a good shot. It looks very, very good and its been said multiple times already, you get the s pen support.

This is the merging of the s series and the note series this year. Again, the only issue with the s42 ultra, in my opinion, is the issue with samsungs phones in general, is that you dont get fast charging speeds, otherwise the s32 ultra fantastic buy. In fact, i recommended it to a very dear friend of mine, recently too, so that was our top five list and im aware that address every single premium flagship in there. But what matters is the ranking here and evidently the samsung galaxy s22 series is our pick for the best. You know android premium flagship phones out there with the s22 ultra being my top choice and if you cant afford that, i would suggest that pick up the s22 plus or the s22, but to be entirely honest. The first half of 2022 has been slightly disappointing for flagship phones because of snapdragon agent wants teething issues of you, know heating issues, and you know thermal efficiency problems as well. Although i am looking forward to the second half im fairly certain that the snapdragon 8 plus gen 1, based on tsmcs 4 nanometer fabrication process is going to be better, of course, were gon na be testing them out. And i think that the list that we make in the second half of 2022 to look at all the phones. I think that list will give you a fair idea that performance has improved across uh. You know different phones as well, but you we will definitely test it out and im.

Presuming that demand city 9000 will also have uh. You know many takers so thats something that well also look out for again. So what do you folks think of our ranking? Do you guys agree with it? Not let me know in the comment section below until next time.