2021. 2022. I think we have 22, it is uh and uh a15 bionic chip. All those things support the friendly and important gmanon 3 triple camera system and flashlight: dual flashlight and lidar scanners, dot b, vision, a power guiding lock in the even magnetic charger and charger adapter is not included in the box, pin and apple sticker type; c2; lightning, cable. On the no adapter and nothing else in the box, but then mainly from iphone 12 onwards, we are getting the tin box type under not that much stick and also its 128 gb from 13 um iphone 13 pro max iphone 13 pro iphone, 13 13 mini and Yeah starting price is coming almost for 120 gb iphone 13 pro max is around five thousand dirhams four thousand six hundred four thousand eight hundred is the minimum value of price we can get in online stores direct purchase, okay, five thousand dollars, silent pinner volume, rockers pin Sim card, not dual sim apple, only offers one. We can only use single sim and we can have here the magnetic chargers and also here it is a magnetic charging too, plus an on the violet and uh for holding the credit cards and all from iphone 12. It is having the magnetic charging back for the iphone 12 12 pro max 13 13 mini 13. Pro 13 pro cinematic engineer display and im cutting the six point. Seven engineer display one two: eight four into two: seven: seven: eight pixels six gb ram a15 bionic chip.

One of the fastest chip and rm a15 bionic cheaper, iphone 13. Ninety one september fourteen academy say twenty twenty two ella twenty twenty one market announcements actually january february, guys um, now um Music, foreign um max, actually not upgrading the battery health battery time will.