Its got a couple of cheapy node smartphones and also the oneplus node buds, which cost under 50 quid, but do the basics really really well? These compact water resistant, true wireless earbuds boast full touch. Controls youve got some impressive 12.4 mil titanium drivers packed in there and excellent battery life. Just dont expect any kind of flare like active noise cancellation for that 49 pound price tag. Ive had the oneplus nord buds stuffed inside of my head for the last week or so using them as my full time. True wireless earbuds is my in depth review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up design and certainly do not expect any wildly vibrant color options from the oneplus nord buds. Youve basically got this black slate option, otherwise, white marble and one of the things i like about the design of these buds is theyre. Pretty compact, they do have stems, unfortunately, dangling down, but they are only very short theyre, certainly not drooping down all the way to your chin area, like some of them seem to youve, got a selection of differently sized silicon tips to stick on the ends. You can find the perfect snug fit for your lug holes, and i found that the compact lightweight design, the fact those stems dont dangle too much means that these buds dont move around. They dont shift about when you are walking and wearing them.

At the same time and again, the fact that they arent oversized and they are rather lightweight – they only weigh 5 grams. Each roughly means that theyre also very comfortable to rock in your ears all afternoon long until eventually the usual ear fatigue sets in and a particularly great part of the design of the oneplus. Nord buds is the ip55 water resistance as well, because these things have been drizzled on an awful lot. These last few days, in fact, i got caught in a particularly torrential downpour just a few days ago, coming back from a google event. Thankfully, they survived no problems whatsoever and that water resistance also extends to sweat yum. So if youre going to be rocking them down the gym or whether youre pounding the pavement or whatever, then no worries. Now, if you happen to rock a oneplus branded smartphone, well good news, youve got the quick connect feature with one plus node buds as well. So just open up the case and immediately the two will begin to pair up. You just got ta hit done and thats it and theres also no need to download a separate app in order to control and customize the oneplus node buds. All youve got to do is head into the bluetooth settings and then select the nord buds and then hit up earbud functions and from within here you can check the battery life play around with the audio presets mess around with the touch, controls and youve also got A quick start guide and occasionally useful, find my earbuds feature if they tend to scroll themselves away down the back of the sofa, but dont worry yourself.

If you dont have a oneplus branded smartphone, all you need to do is download the hey melody app from likes of the google play, store and youll, be able to once again customize the touch controls and all that good stuff. So lets move on to the controls and, sadly, theres no sensors in the one plus node buds to detect when one of them or both of them have been plucked from your log calls to therefore pause whatever youre listening to. You will have to manually pause and then resume your content. However, these little circular doohickeys up towards the top end of the stem arent, just for sure they are actually touch sensitive panels. Now the touch controls are pretty simple and straightforward, but they do work really really well. Just a quick tap of either of the buds will pause and then resume your audio, your podcast, your music, whatever double tap will skip you forward a track and a triple tap. Will skip you back a track and while some earbuds youve got to spend some time with them to really get used to how the touch controls worked, i found here on the oneplus nord buds. They were perfectly intuitive. I just you know stuck them on my ears and immediately got on with them absolutely fine, perfectly responsive, as i mentioned before, you can customize the touch controls, though only to a sort of minor degree. I set it up, so basically, a double tap of the left bud would skip me back a track and a double top of the right bud would skip me forwards and then just deactivated the triple tap just to save time.

You can also set it up. So a long press v, the bird will activate your smartphone assistant, for instance, but i just left that turned off suddenly theres no way of tweaking the volume up or down uh with any of the touch controls. You will have to do that via your smartphone. Instead, those dinky stems do actually come in kind of handy because it means you can pluck one of the nord buds from your local have a quick chat with someone without accidentally fumbling those touch, controls and skipping tracks and all kinds of carnage. Now its perhaps unshockingly kind of difficult to find a pair of true wireless earbuds under 50, quid that supports active noise cancellation and the oneplus nord buds are no different, no nc here whatsoever, although oneplus does reckon they come packing. Some noise canceling algorithms, although frankly im thinking that these algorithms have probably buggered off for an extended tea break because they seem to do nafal. The one ball lake. For me, using these things, as my true alice earbuds for the past week or so has been the fact that they dont cut down on any of the external camera gold on whatsoever, you dont even really get some proper noise isolation just from the silicon bud being Stuffed inside of your locals, so even when im wearing these, certainly if im not listening to any podcaster music, i can hear absolutely everything going on around me and when i head outside, you know, hitting the high street or in stores or bars or restaurants or anything Like that, as long as im, blaring really loud metal, music, then thats fine, i cant hear anything else im in my own little piece bubble, but as soon as i try sticking on a podcast or an audio book, suddenly all that noise is coming at me again And i find that, certainly if im walking down a high street, for instance with traffic going by me, i have to turn the volume up really loud to hear what is going on, because sometimes the vocals and everything are drowned out.

So if you are out and about quite a lot or youre looking for true wireless earbuds to keep you occupied while youre traveling, then i would say perhaps look elsewhere. I have reviewed some earbuds from the likes of xiaomi, for instance, which do support. Noise cancellation only cost about sort of 20 or 30 quid more than this, so its probably worth bumping up your budget just to save your locals. If nothing else, however, where i was really impressed with the oneplus nord buds was the audio quality, each of these buds comes packing. A 12.4 mil titanium driver the same as oneplus more premium buds pro. So certainly at this sort of price point, the audio quality is fantastic. You know, youve got the full range on sure the highs and the lows dont overpower one another, and when youre listening to more complex tracks, you can generally make out each individual element. Sadly, you dont get a full on equalizer option. With the node buds you cant manually tweak the audio output. If you have a particular preference for the lowers the highs, you do get a small number of presets. I wasnt a massive fan of the base preset, but i did quite like the bold one that just made everything sound a bit more beefy and certainly no complaints with the volume here. These things can hit almost 100 decibels on the maximum volume, so they will absolutely blast your eardrums to bits. Youve got support for the likes of aac dolby atmos support as well as you get that proper surround sound effect with supported contents thats all great to see, and i had no issues at all watching a bit of netflix or youtube any of the video streaming services.

While wearing these, the video and the audio always perfectly synced and if youre planning on making any actual phone calls with oneplus nord buds well, i thought that my voice generally comes through quite cleanly crisply and clearly, if im in a quiet environment like im right now. But as soon as theres, any traffic noise or anything as im now simulating using my smartphone, i found that this does tend to make my voice more sort of muffled and soft and a little bit harder to understand. Even though the traffic noises are mostly cut out. Im guessing thats that pesky algorithm in action on the battery life front. Oneplus reckons you get around seven hours of use on a single charge from the oneplus nord buds, and i found it in my testing that was pretty much bang on so between seven and seven and a half hours is what i tended to get, and certainly one Of the better results out there, especially again at this sort of budget price point, and when you do find that the buds or drain, if you do, need to recharge just shove them back inside the rather bulky case. And you should get just over three full recharges from this thing before the case itself also needs a charge up via type c usb, and this never happened to me. But if you do somehow manage to fully drain the oneplus node buds and you still want to wear them for even longer – well, no worries just chuck them in the case for 10 minutes or so that will give you around four to five hours of full on Playback and thats some crazy, fast charging right there and it does take around an hour in total to fully charge them up, but seriously, if you just want to get an extra few hours.

Out of this thing, no worries. Of course, you can tell just from the case itself that these are budget buds, because it is rather plasticky and not very attractive and also rather huge and awkwardly shaped as well, so very much not comfortable to slip. Inside of the jeans, i found that at least one of these sharp corners would always be digging into my prostate at any given moment. Anyhow, that is my full frank in depth. Review of the oneplus nord buds. I have to use them as my true wireless earbuds for a full week and, as i say, its kind of a shame that they dont really help to block out any of the crap going on all around you, because if they did, i would have absolutely no Problem heartily recommending, then the battery life is fantastic, audio quality, really good for this price as well. I quite like the the design as well, but if youre not gon na, be listening to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts while youre out and about and youre, not really too bothered about having any kind of noise cancellation then definitely go for it. So thats my full oneplus nord buds review, as i say, 49 quid available in the uk right now. What do you guys reckon? Are you tempted? Have you been using the oneplus nord buzz itd, be great to hear from you down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe digging that notifications bell yadda yadda, have yourselves a bloody great rest of the week.