. Now you may be a wee bit confused by all of these nord branded handsets that are suddenly cropping up and believe me, youre, not alone. Keeping track of these things is kind of like trying to solve quadratic equations after 10, pints of stellar, while irritated badges nibble at your toes, basically theyre all mid range smartphones. Top of the pile is the 369 pound one plus nord 2t, which replaces last years node. 2., if youve got a little bit less cash to spend, you can always grab the 299 pound node ce2, which strips back some of the specs to get that lower price point and last up is the node ce2 light this phone here, which is 20 quid cheaper? Again, but makes a few more cutbacks, including scrapping that oled screen for a more basic lcd panel and slowing down the charging speed, although it does also offer some advantages, including a bigger battery, so enough, waffle anywhere thats whip, the oneplus nord ce2 light on out of The box and take you on a full tour and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so lets see what you get in the box. Besides the rather obvious inclusion of the oneplus nord ce2 light. Well, you got yourself one pluses, typically shiny red usb cable youve got a still pretty chunky. 33 watt super vook charger bit of pop up action. There youd love to see it its good to see the oneplus is continuing the tradition of its charm and little welcome letter and well hey.

Yes, you do get a condom case, bundled with a oneplus nord ce2 light as well to keep it safe from harm and there you have it thats everything that you get bundled in this here box. So here we have the oneplus nord ce2 light nice, succinct name. There they do officially slap a 5g on the end of that as well, but i simply refuse to add that onto like at this price point in 2022. Yes, you would expect 5g and its pretty typical oneplus design, theyre, certainly not pushing the boat out or anything. This is the blue tide model, but you can also grab it in black. Dusk could have just been black or dusk, but no black dusk, and while i fit a few mid range mobiles around this price point: do rock a glass rear its your bog standard plastic. Back here on the nord ce2 light, and what i do like is the fact that oneplus appears to have actually listened to feedback, because in a couple of previous handsets they had the bottom bit. The bit you actually hauled was a shiny finish, whereas the top half was a matte finish. Then, of course, the shiny bit gets all nasty grubby fingerprints all over it, whereas here in the nord ce2 light, the top bit here is quite shiny and the bottom half has got a matte finish, so that does repel the greasy grimy prints and stuff and ive Got to say, i do rather like this color scheme, its rather fetch and its quite tranquil.

In fact its calm to me right, the down. You can always picture yourself floating in a caribbean sea sipping, a margarita, possibly out of a coconut. I wouldnt want to commit. You do, unfortunately, get all this nonsense, uh printed down at the bottom, but only a little bit of brandon around back and that camera chassis only juts out ever so slightly from the rear end. The edges are also constructed from plastic and then around front. Youve got toughened glass, apparently not gorilla glass specifically, but hopefully you should be able to put up with a bit of punishment without scratching up and you do have a pre installed screen protector as well, and at 195 grams. The oneplus nord ce2 light has a decent heft to it, but doesnt feel cumbersome or anything its a little bit bigger than the likes of the oneplus nord 2t, as well at 6.6 inches. So 100 use can be a little bit tricky, but at least you do have some one handed help chucked in there. This of course comes courtesy of oxygen, os 12, which is slapped on top of android 12. No compromise on the software side, despite the lower price and yeah oxygen os, does have a different vibe to it these days. Now that oppo and oneplus are kind of smushing themselves together like two amorous barracudas, but pretty much all your favorite oxygen. Os features are still packed away in there just generally in a slightly different form and oneplus, as ever is guaranteeing two android os updates, youll get updated to android 13 and then android 14 beyond that, as well and three years of security updates.

So you are set for the future, so you can access the notifications draw by dragging down from anywhere on screen. You can still access the shelf feature, however, by swiping from the right hand side just up at the top there, so at least youve got the option of both and as always, that shelf is fully customizable. So you can add and remove any features that you might like. So you dont use spotify. Well, you can just ditch that and you can personalize your smartphone as well, although there are less options than usual because you cant get an always on display on there. For instance, thats because its not oleds tech, unfortunately no horizon light option either, but you can change up the icons, the ui, colors, etc, and thankfully the work life balance feature is on board as well. I really like that, because it just prevents every single app from pinging you and disturbing you when youre just trying to chill the heck out and then beyond that pretty standard. Android really youve got the likes. The apps tray, your google discover feed and your notifications draw. Sadly, no alert slider on the nord ce2 light, though thats something that has been culled, which you can get on the more expensive, nords ive got to say not a massive fan of this edge mounted fingerprint sensor either, which is built into the power button. More often than not, it does feel to recognize me and it ends up just using the face and lock instead, which does seem to work every time.

At least i tried registering my print on there a couple of times now and it doesnt really seem to have helped much. Unfortunately, as for your storage well here in the uk, certainly the oneplus nord ce2 light comes in one flavor, 128 gigabytes and the good news is not much of that. Space is used up by the system either. Quite a lot of this is just good old, gantry impact, which takes up a whopping 15 16 gigs these days and yank out that sim tray, there is actually space for a micro, sd memory card to expand that storage, something you dont get in more expensive, oneplus Smartphones, although, unfortunately, you do have to sacrifice the second sim slot for that memory card now, one of the biggest sacrifices, if you want to save yourself 20 quid over the nord ce2 and pick up this light model, is the display, because its unfortunately an lcd panel, Not amoled youve still got a full hd plus resolution, so your visuals are still fairly crisp. The viewing angles are still alright as well and on top brightness you can still just about see whats going on, even when the sun is shining directly onto that screen. However, the contrast isnt quite as strong those colors arent, quite as poppy and punchy and delightful. So, overall, if you do use your phone to browse your photo albums to you know, kick back some netflix from disney plus things like that id say: maybe try and spend the extra 20 quid and get an oled panel you can play around with the likes.

The color output here in the display settings, but it doesnt, have quite as much impact here on the nord ce2 light and the one advantage that this phone does have over the standard. Nord ce2 is the fact that you do have 120 hertz refresh support which, as you can see, there is active by default, but seriously my knack at all. People certainly cant tell the difference between 90 hertz and 120 hertz. They both look buttery smooth to me. So, im not really sure its that much of an advantage. As for your audio well, it is a single bottom firing speaker here on the nord ce2, like no stereo, speaker, setup or anything like that, lets see if its actually all right. But if you live in north america sucks to be you im afraid im not coming to you guys just yet so go have a bit of a cry about that one, so thats all reasonably loud for a model speaker output, so hopefully, should be all right for You know just watching better youtube on the go or whatever uh, but quite tinny as well as you would probably expect. Thankfully, you do get a headphone jack down on the bottom bit of the oneplus nord ce2 lights. You can get jacked in if you like. Otherwise, this full bluetooth, 5.2 support and youve actually got full support for ldac, aptx, aptx hd and everything on this phone as well. So great news if youve got a decent pair of headphones or a decent speaker.

So the oneplus nord ce2 light is powered by the snapdragon 695 chipsets, backed here in blighty, at least by six gigs of ram, and the everyday performance seems perfectly smooth, certainly just as slick as other 695 handsets that ive personally played around with the benchmarking results here. On geekbench, pretty much as expected, not particularly hot in the single core, but the multi core makes up for it, and the good news is that any gamers will get a kick out of the oneplus nord ce2 light as well. If you do want to play more intensive titles, like gentian impact, then be warned here on the c2 light you will have to play it on the lowest graphical settings and youll still see some judder and stumbles in that frame rate here and there as well its Playable but its not a great experience, youre, definitely better off with a pubg or a call of duty, something a bit lighter, but at least oxygen os. It does chuck in the usual gaming features, and i quite like the updated version of the gaming menu here. Even though it is slightly more awkward to pull out, you get plenty of great tools packed in there, including screen sensitivity, options. Usual notifications, blockers all that good stuff and yes, the snapdragon 695 chipset – does have a 5g modem bund in there as well. So you do a full 5g support here on the nord ce2 light, hence its actually officially the oneplus nord ce2, light 5g and so far no issues with the wi fi connectivity.

Either it downloaded gentian impact pretty bloody fast, despite the fact its an absolute whopper. As for the battery tech, well, this light model doesnt boast the same. Super speedy charging as a lot of its nord siblings youve got 33 watt fast charger, its still reasonably nippy. To be fair, no, you can bung a cable in its bottom and get it half charged in about 10 minutes or anything like that. But you know if youre just going to be charging it overnight or anything like that job done. Youve got the adaptive charging tech and everything packed in there as well, and the good news is. The light model boasts a bigger battery than a lot of its brothers. Its got a 5 000 milliamp capacity. Battery stuffed inside of that lovely, tranquil, blue shell, so youve got a bloody big battery and also drains really slowly courtesy of the likes of the snapdragon 695, which is really energy efficient. So that means stunning battery life. On this thing, so, for example, you know yesterday i played around with this phone. I fully charged it overnight good to go this morning. Ive had the screen on for an hour and a half so far today, showing off the various features streaming a bit of video for you, etc, etc, and so forth. The battery is only drained to 87, so yeah, if you dont, go nuts youll easily stretch two days of play out of a full charge of this thing, no worries so anywho lets finish up this oneplus nord ce to unbox, some of the squints at their camera Tech headed up by a 64 megapixel shooter.

This does capture 16 meg images by default, but you can swap up to the maximum resolution with a quick tap up here. If you fancy it quite handy, if you want to crop into a shot without losing much in the way of detail, but of course the lighting conditions have to be really good, as this does away with the pixel binning ive got to say, the autofocus seems pretty Reliable, the shutter speed is nice and nippy as well, and its just a few quick examples of sample photos that i shot around the old homestead to show off the c2 light camera capabilities. Of course, as always, youve got the full selection of bonus modes, including a portrait shot. If you want to get a nice bokeh style background effect, complete with the usual retouch and filter options, and you also have that dedicated nightscape mode as well, which can help brighten up a shot when lighting is in short supply couple. Other bits checked on there as well, including a dedicated pro modes. Unfortunately, this doesnt seem to offer the option of shooting in raw format unlike more premium oneplus smartphones, but you do have full control over the white balance, the iso levels, all the usual shenanigans and because you have a basic 2 megapixel macro snapper on the back end Of the c2 light youve also got a macro mode. Now things are quite basic. If you want to shoot a bit of whole movie action, you can only shoot at 720p or 1080p resolution.

Unfortunately, again theres no option for 30 or 60 frames per second, but again heres. Some quick, simple test footage i shot around the homestead just to give you an idea of what its all about just my cats, looking very moist. Indeed, after a sudden, downpour and then last up around front, youve got a 16 megapixel selfie shooter using a sony sensor. I believe its the imx 471 so again should be absolutely fine for your simple shareable shots, and i dont really know how to do it time. After time, just absolute bangers first take theres a couple more selfies i shot when i wasnt actually talking at the camera. At the same time, just for me for comparison and heres a sexy bit of video that i shot using that 16 megapixel selfie camera again tops off at full hd plus resolution and the visuals are okay. For sort of you know an ambient low light environment and all that and youve got reasonably clear, audio pickup and that succulent, we nutshell, is the fresh new one plus nord ce2 light 5g, and i got ta say personally: id rather spend a little bit of extra Cash get that oled panel slightly beefier performance as well, but if battery life is your bag well, this thing can keep on going and going like the friggin duracell bunny be available here in the uk for 279 quid by the usual suspects direct from oneplus, and also Probably the likes of amazon as well uh.

Let me know what you think of it down in the comments below if you like, otherwise dont.