They focus on rugged devices uh, and this is their latest device right here. Man. This is a rugged device with android 12 a 6.52 inch uh display. It is 1600 by 720, so i have some reserves about that. But ive learned that the the resolution on display doesnt technically make the device 48 pixel, megapixel, camera 20 megapixel, infrared night camera and then a two megapixel macro: six gigs and 120 gigs of storage and were gon na, get it open here and ill. Give you my first impressions, uh again, ive done a lot of rugged phones and i have a lot of rugged phones, um, but uh. This one is android 12, and so with with that, you know this rare that you see android, 12 and theres. Some other key things about this device right here. So in the package here it looks like you get some stickers in the manual and you get the uh sim ejection tool right there, nothing fancy, but this phone is supposed to have the worlds loudest speaker on a phone and its a hundred and nine decibels. Thats crazy right there, so uh. Let me get this open here. Wow just take a gander at that. So remember these. These phones are not for everyone, theyre for people who are into the rugged style devices and they need a device thats going to stand up against the test of time. So you got your uh type c cable in here, and youve got some other uh clamps and things, and that looks like what is this services? Oh, these are doors.

These are extra doors, looks like yeah. It looks like they give you some extra doors for the bottom here: thats, pretty cool, an extra door for the side, so thats thats proactive because getting a phone like this, its not something thats on carriers, uh its, not something that you can just walk into a Store and get uh, this is a type c cable, and then this is the charging brick on this side over here, but yeah this isnt, a phone that you can just walk into a store and grab. So the fact that theyre putting those in there theres a chance that you might need them. So this is the phone itself and its such an eclectic design that you know you have to you have to show it you have to. You have to feel this in hand too man um, so heres, the power button heres the volume rocker, and this is obviously a special key button right. There uh i love the black and orange by the way and then heres that door, where you get the extra flaps for your type c and your headphone, so thats pretty cool and obviously with being a rugged phone youre going to have protection like everywhere. So it comes pre installed what the screen protector looks like, and then this is the other door here uh for your f for your sd card and sim tray. So its got a pull mechanism here, looks like you got ta dig deep and then you have an sd card slot and a sim tray buried way down in there.

So i like that they they have that like that. So here is that speaker right here and then theres that labeled 48 megapixel camera uh. This is going to be probably a flash and then youve got the other two cameras there and then youve got another sensor there and it actually has a physical fingerprint. Reader looks like so um 60 gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage. It comes in two different configurations, though, so it comes in a 4 gig 64., but i suggest you just go ahead and get the 6 gig 128 and then, if you want to add storage, you can as well folks. This has a it. Has a 7 000 milliamp hour battery inside this thing. This is just ridiculous. I mean who puts a ginormous battery like this in here thats, just crazy man. It is. It is crazy and its its good to know that they have this ginormous battery in here uh, because youre going to need it with this loudspeaker, you are going to need it. So lets go to start here and were going to skip this and um ill set up offline because i want to get into the device again. This is just my first impressions. All of that can be said later once you get um going here, Music. I like doing um phones like this, because there is a market for them. I am one of the people in the market for this for a phone for a rugged style phone um, but normally i i dont, know what i would that i would shoot for such a massive device like this.

Let let me give you example: uh. The screen is 6.25, i believe, but heres the s22 ultra. You can see how tall it is and how big it actually is so uh, but its its that rugged design that youre paying for here uh thats pretty much what youre paying for um. So this does have a mediatek process. You can register here for your account or whatever so im going to skip that and get into the device. This is going to be a stock android experience, but i believe it does have. A mediatek processor inside lets go to system android 12. there. It is and lets go ahead and go to gestures3 button lets turn on gestures, Music. That is the way you do it. Folks have to have gestures. I want to turn off that quick, open camera, though i dont like that, the operating system seems to be flowing right along um im, going to go ahead and connect to wi fi, though lets see here your android 12 march security patch yeah, you can take a Look at that information right there. You can see android 12, but let me let me just connect to wi fi, real, quick and because i want to um see if i can uh see if theres an update or anything like that, but i think youll. I think uh nice haptic feedback on this thing, man, nice haptic feedback – i will get into um like i would get into the drop test and all that stuff uh, but cenas is supposed to have the worlds largest speaker.

That is just crazy right. There um, i cant, wait to check that out and it is a its got bass to it too man. So let me go to security and its got face and fingerprint unlock so well set up the fingerprint and well do a pin for now, and i think thats thats, pretty cool that this has a physical fingerprint and it gives you the option there um to choose. Yep, i think the fingerprint reader will be fairly good on here, its one of those fingerprint readers where you have to give it multiple presses to um get it in now, some people, you rotate their fingers and put different fingers in and mix and match to get A better grab or when they set up the other finger, but i tend to just do the one finger and im going to add another one. Add this side over here: yeah first impressions are this: is you dont want to wear otterbox you want android. This is an option for you. It is, it is seriously an option, so i mean you can find this phone everywhere. Between 250 and 300. lets check the fingerprint reader yeah its a fairly decent fingerprint reader. I mean it is running android 12, so thats just thats. My biggest thing is that its, if its running android 12 thats a good thing so yeah were on the march security patch, uh and uh its its up to date technically were in may, but its up to date at least its android 12.

. I know android 13 is coming out, but lets get into the uh. Do you have the zello here um? What is this? Oh user defined key okay, so that key can be set to something right here. You can do push to talk. Obviously the most. These phones have push to talk, play audio, led torch. Lets, do led torch, oh see. If you hold it thats going to be the led torch lets see here. I guess i i guess i need to do some finagling, because i definitely didnt uh check to see but im assuming you would hold it down yep there. It is yeah that is a bright bright led. So you hold that button down and you get to the options that you want and i like that, its not buried away in the settings too. Its just right here in the open you can do. Google assistant camera audio play or push to talk, and the torch is something that you can always use with this large battery. Uh yeah, so youve got dynamic, led circle, um Music. You see the light right there. This is when you get some some notifications, so the cool things about this phone. You got spectrum im just going to go through all of them and you got dance where it goes to the sound of whatevers happening. You got warp and youve got none spectrums cool. So little little things like that, you know probably might excite a person, but youve got some uh tabs back here and i would assume thats for a docking something to dock thatd, be pretty cool, find more accessories on it.

But obviously, most of these have that duraspeed thing, and this is ultimately it so theres your storage with nothing on it. I have 115 gigs available uh its using 13 gigs. Let me go back to that and see what the system is using system only uses 5.7 and theres eight gigs, basically for apps, so okay thats, pretty good uh, see here lets go to heres your battery. That is a ginormous battery. I wonder im going to plug this up to a 120 volt, 120 watt charger and also 65, so i probably will never use the charger in the box, but if you had to im sure it would take at least a couple hours to charge this up. This is a thick phone, a rugged phone and its gon na, be something if you know what youre getting into it doesnt feel bad though it feels it was like a phone with a case on it thats what it feels like a permanent case. I mean all the we put cases on our phones anyway, so you know why not just build it into the phone. I remember when oems like samsung and other companies were doing these types of um types of phones, and i guess they just didnt – do well, which, which is strange to me, because people do put a case on their device, its just its its weird that people wouldnt Want a device like this, but i guess i guess its not too weird, because you want to have the option to take it off.

So if you and just check out what im doing here as im talking here, but you want the option to take it off and i get it most – people dont like a bulky case like this, but for those people who actually want a to put a heavy Duty case on you are the people that are looking at videos like this yeah, so it says its got. Some live walls papers lets see if its got not none in there. This definitely has regular wallpapers theres gon na, be probably the google oh its got. Some pretty nice ones in here, okay, so we got four or five wallpapers thats cool uh, sound im, gon na fire up something here. That is a loud speaker. I can tell you that yeah that thats a loud speaker, Music, its a nice, beat Music up. They lost me with that. This is a that thats a loud speaker folks and i i dont know i havent tested the decimals or anything like that, but it is definitely loud it. It is a loud speaker, it might be awesome, it might be almost offensive too um. It might be also almost offensive to some people. Then they have another. Have the sound booster on this? This is why it makes it so loud, uh but wow that that is a thats, definitely a loud speaker, i, i cannot say its not im gon na charge this to a hundred um yeah late man this this is this is a loud speaker.

Let me see if i can find something in here: um with music on one of my channels here: good haptic feedback on this on the keyboard. Obviously its a stock keyboard spelling lets see if i can find something im demo on a speaker. I dont come up anywhere. This mark williams comes up for some reason. All right lets see here lets type in bluetooth speaker that should bring me up there. We are so lets see here you probably wont be so we are those thumbnails from five years ago. Lets see here, those are great man. I got a lot of speakers. Would you believe i still have a lot of these speakers. I still have a lot of them. The downside is that its a backfiring speaker yeah its a its a backfiring speaker. So all right guys welcome back to it thats kind of a bummer, but you know we got a nice set of speakers in here – uh bookshelf speakers and im going to use these for monitoring right here in the office. So my current setup is a bold setup. I want to check these out because these are 50 50, its a its a nice speaker, its not like the most high quality thats for sure really feels these feel really premium in the hand by the way and ill show you the settings and controls on this. One this is like the master. I want to pull the grille off, so i can show you exactly what you get up under here.

So obviously you have this yeah, its not the most high quality set of speakers, but again youre not buying it to for that purpose, youre buying it for phone calls and things like that. So, Music yeah, i mean its a decent set of speakers. Uh im not going to get on here and any kind of false excitement saying its the best, the decimals and speakers that theyre talking about being loud, its more than likely going to be for phone calls or, if youre in an area, i would think thats what It would be for so uh you do have to cut out the top the little they call it. The water drop display, um and uh. This is it man. This is my first impressions of this. I like phones like this. I, like things that are different uh, and this is no exception. It has like this full carbon fiber. On the back, i mean just look at that for a second uh, its actually a good looking phone um. Would i spend 300 on this? I i dont know. I i dont at first glance. No, i wouldnt, i would at least have to have a 1080p display uh, but the display itself isnt its, not bad its, not bad at all its actually. As a matter of fact, lets check out bright lets get the brightness up there. We go thats the real brightness there. You can see android 12 setup in there unless you know its legitimately the android 12.

. This is actually pretty nice. Folks, i mean its its, not bad. If youre a spec head, then you know the display is probably the only thing that you might not like the performance on. It seems pretty good. So far, so um ill do some drop test water tests, throw it across the concrete. Whatever you want me to do. Uh in the next video just leave a comment down below how you want me to test this phone, because normally i will bring a rugged phone onto the channel and ill just do a whole bunch of stuff in one video uh. But this time i want you to tell me what you want me to do: uh with this device, and i will set up videos for it uh and get back to you on it. So its your man jay. I appreciate amg amg agm, sending over the h5 man its a really nice device, theres some mixed things on the specs on this, so just be careful about what youre looking for some places are boasting a 64 megapixel and it clearly says 48 unless theres some different Versions, i dont know of any different versions of it, but it might be. I could be wrong, but this is a rugged style device from agm leave a comment down below and you let me know how you want me to test this thing, and i will do so so. First, impressions im impressed with the build quality im impressed with the way it looks.

The speaker is obviously really loud ill, get into cameras and stuff like that, but i want to do some water and rugged and freeze tests, and things like that. I am going to freeze it uh, so thatll probably be one of the first videos i follow with, but you leave. Let me know in the comments what you want me to do with this thing. Uh and uh well.